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I know Cowboys can rush the passer, but Cousins can’t even get to the top of his drop and he’s getting sacked. Vikes OL been this trash all season or picked today to not show up for wrk?.

Pats beat the Jets cuz of special teams and now they’re blowing this Vikes game cuz of special teams. So frustrating..

Thanksgiving SKOL call! When you see this tweet add a #SKOL         Happy Thanksgiving! SKOL VIKES.


Happy Thanksgiving friends 🦃🍂 Beyond grateful and forever in debt to you for following my journey and supporting all these years 🤝 Hope you have a day filled with family, friends and great food Reminder that: - Vikes will beat the Pats tonight #SKOL - Turkey is mid.

We are going to find out what this team is really made of starting Thursday night. Are they going to let this loss get into their heads or are they going to show resilience like they have all season. The Patriots offense has been subpar but their defense is no joke..

@Vikings My voice is toast!!! Was my girlfriends first ever Vikes game!!!.

Vikes Photo,Vikes Photo by Brandon Bettschen,Brandon Bettschen on twitter tweets Vikes Photo

My voice is gone. Fuck bill belichek that cheating scumbag. Mac jones is ass water skol vikes fuck the pats. Foxborough is stupid at dumb and poor.

I was forced to eat my words about Kirk this evening and I hope to continue to do so every Sunday as the Vikes march to the Super Bowl #SKOL.

2021 Vikes identity: dominate defensively until the clock read 2:00 then melt like an ice cube in hell. - 5-6 thru 11 games 2022 Vikes identity: be rather formidable offensively but Swiss cheese on D until suddenly pulling it together in crunch time. - 9-2 thru 11 games..

@dallascowboys y’all shouts be upset that CBS chose to switch to the Steelers/bengals game in the third quarter. Screws all@of us outta state fans outta watching our boys maul the vikes…..

Great thanksgiving. A lot to be thankful for. Vikes onto the Jets. Timberwolves got the hornets 330 tomorrow. Resisted the conversations of buying $tsla stock or the dogecoin. Stock market opens 8:30 tomorrow. Everyone should be buying Tesla. $185 a share.

@TheDannyCage As a Vikings fan I wish I can agree with the Dallas deal. They will screw up when it matters, but this week they at least humble my Vikes..

After last week’s win the league decided the Vikes were to be taken seriously. After this week, the league is gonna force them to go to the CFL. #Vikings.

@5thyearcody You’re dumb You’re ugly Kirk is a fraud Your oline sucks Diggs clamped JJETTAS Dalvin Cook has ashy lips The vikes are fraudulent HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!.

@shmooty_ The line still made no sense prior to this game, but after this game I don’t think the Vikes will get a lot of big spreads the rest of the way..

2020 Bucs lost 38-3 at home. Spend 5 mins doing research before we just doom the Vikes in week 11..

@johnkriesel Vikes 31, Pats 17. Dalvin 2 TD’s and Jefferson gets 6 grabs for 113 and a TD. Harrison gets an Int..

@shayne_davis21 Whew! What a game! @JJettas2 is insane! Finish now Vikes🤞🏻💜🏈.

@allypetersnews Get a refs jersey. NO PI call in end zone on Vikes. An OBVIOUS hold on the kick return and the reversal on the Hunter Henry TD a complete joke. One of the worst called games I’ve seen in 35 years of watching the NFL.

Outstanding work @NBCSports heading to break after Vikes score with the @MotionCityMusic bumper tune. Yes, Everything is Alright!! #SKOL.

@kimba23455 Missed holding calls. Horrible post play flags and a taken away TD. 2 if u count the one where the vikes dB was playing WWE 2k on our wr.

happy with the outcome, not something i want to go through again #vikes #gambly.

Vikes Photo,Vikes Photo by donovan fefos jones,donovan fefos jones on twitter tweets Vikes Photo

Vikes are 9-2 after a Thanksgiving night win! First time hosting. 🏈.

9-2 vikes. Im glad its a “good” season so far and this was a good team win but I don’t think you can count on a kickoff return or an 80 yard dalvin run type of plays. Defense needs to change and needs an upgrade.

@mondy___ Feel that, definitely not good d for the vikes either. But shocked about the pats defense.

@chichotorres Es que neta ve los comentarios. No se que por fin dio un buen partido Mac Jones y al parecer el también fue el que fue a golpear al pateador de Vikes jajaja ahora resulta que se perdió por quizá los otros jugadores de Pats fueron perfectos y yo no lo vi..

@patsdowney Game had ton of bs calls and non favoring Vikes , end of day stupid play trying to block the kicker on 4th and 15th cost them this game..

@KubaKazula @ZadaFCB Ja wiem Jakub, że jesteś ostatnia osoba która zwala na sędziów i pierwsza jak Gutka w przypadku Vikes który ich pociśnie za głupotę, to była ironia xd.


@wejuststanding Rare take I don’t hate the pats a lot of my buddies are massholes but that was a must win for the vikes given last week just for our reputation this year alone.

@Pullthepocket I liked his post-game interview at the turkey table. These Vikes might be a tough out in the playoffs..

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