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This is Kiran Patel, a Gujarati conman. He visited Kashmir posing as a high ranked PMO officer, he was provided a Z security cover, a 5 star stay at The Lalit Srinagar and also held several key meetings for months. The consistency of Gujarat in producing frauds is amazing 🙌.


Scott Styris (in Jio Cinema) said I think it was 2011-12, Father of Albie Morkel had never visited India so CSK decided to pay for his father in a business class to watch Albie play for Chennai..

This is not just a case of fraud but also a threat to national security. Conman Kiran Patel posed himself as Additional Director in PMO, roamed Kashmir with top security cover. He even visited locations of strategic importance in Kashmir. Fake visiting cards recovered from him..

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When I first visited Ithaca, in the 80s, a restaurant advertised in bold: “The best Indian restaurant in town”. Then it spoilt it all with the next line: “The only Indian restaurant in town.”.

I just discovered who visited my Twitter profile! ⠀.

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@BFujer @frankiecullen18 💯 Birgit, the UK needs to wake up !! Having lived in Germany and Near Belsen and visited other Camps. I know the History !! The Racism and Xenophobia in this Country is out of control !! They aren’t Tito a ‘Blind Eye’ they are Fuelling it 😡😡.

@litterfeller Oh yeah? Break down this pose (This is my friend from 2 summers ago who visited me 2 nights in a row, his name is Freddie Mercury).

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@kentishsal @Kilkeerock Love Palma. Stayed in the marina a few times and cycled along the coast. That said. Visited Ibiza last year twice. My new favourite island!!.

Putin visited Mariupol in his first known trip to territory taken by Russia since its invasion of Ukraine last year And 👉 Putin Arrest Warrant.

@ZulfiqarAhmed69 I have visited a bio gas plant on band road near Lahore which was energizing a rerolling steel furnace and witnessed the ground breaking ceremony of a huge bio gas plant on GT road near sheikhupura tool plaza perhaps Punjab pipe mills. The ROI of the plant was just 7 months.

Feel blessed to have visited the Swami Ayyappan Temple in Mumbai - also known as Mini Sabarimala today. Delighted to have met & interacted with people of Kerala origin in Mumbai. It was Blissful listening to the recital of the sacred hymn-Narayaneeyam by over 30 teams..

@iotukoya Welcome to Politics my man. Obi visited the entire 36 states of the Federation twice, with Adamawa as the only exemption because of respect for Atiku. As a matter of fact he was the only candidate that had the right to make it about ethnicity and religion. APC is a virus..

We visited @115yms to surprise the 🤟🎤rockstar nominees🤟🎤 for Fostering our Future. Congratulations to: 🏆Meghan Kerr, Assistant Principal, nominated for Educator of the Year 🏆Nikole Jones, 8th Grade Teacher, nominated for Educator of the Year.

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@BeliloNoni @DeviGib Which city? I didn’t explore Glasgow all too much but Edinburgh I have visited many times. Nearby areas to both worth a look are Balloch for Loch Lomond, Stirling for the castle and tower, Linlithgow. Edinburgh has so much to see and do, even a monument for Nelson.

I just discovered who visited my Twitter profile! ⠀.

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I came home to find the Liberals had visited, and this is where THEY left the literature. The mailbox was right there. The medium IS the message. Lol!!! #peipoli.

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We visited @115yms to surprise the 🤟🎤rockstar nominees🤟🎤 for Fostering our Future. Congratulations to: 🏆Margaret Scheuneman, LBS1 Teacher, nominated for Educator of the Year 🏆Megan Johnson, Science Teacher, nominated for Educator of the Year.

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@vishnuguptuvach @Uppolice This is I assume 2-3 yrs old video because last time when I visited Gzb station, it was removed altogether. The most funny thing about it was, it was on the roof of a room which means Mazar on First Floor.

BDO,AEE,JE and Sarpanch jointly visited to different villages to redress the greivances of the people..

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32. Falkland Islands 🇫🇰 - Sightings of the islands are attributed to Ferdinand Magellan or Estêvão Gomes of San Antonio, one of the captains in the expedition, as the Falklands fit the description of those visited to gather supplies in 1516..

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@5nakePliskin You have no proof to back up your dodgy posts all clearly made up 😂😂😂. I love the Russian people visited many times too 👌 but peado Pootins Russia 🤢🤢🤢🤢 stop moaning on here and go fight for your peado hero ? Yeah thought not 🐓🐓😂😂😂😂🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦.

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@AndrewPRLevi @Telegraph Tell us all Andrew, what is it you didn’t like about Rwanda when you visited? Or is it just racism and bigotry you are spouting about a country in which you have never set foot. Everyday racism is alive and well..

KyivIndependent: According to Russian media, Putin traveled to Russian-occupied Mariupol by helicopter on March 18. On the same day, Putin also visited Russian-occupied Crimea – nine years after the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula..

All sessions were so enriching, engrossing, delegates forgot lunch time till @Tejasvi_Surya asked to hv some . He too must hv been hungry but see his leadership quality- he visited each table , met each delegate, asked if food is fine… loved it @BJYM #YouthParliament.

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I’ve gained weight kwa Gogo but I’m not complaining, I’m glad that I visited 🙂.

@_HenryBolton If you don’t want to tar all teachers with the same brush then don’t. When was the last time you visited a primary school actually?.

Growing up in East Lancashire, @OldhamColiseum was a theatre we visited numerous times when I was a theatre obsessed child/teen. Had the absolute pleasure of making The Life & Times of Mitchell and Kenyon there in 2014. Such a loss for Oldham & the theatre industry. #MyColiseum.

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@Katy_primary97 We did the lot at one of those. The only other place I visited was IKEA for the furniture as it is way cheaper, more practical and often more robust than the posh (rip off) baby centric places.

@SuellaBraverman On a separate matter, did you know that the Nazis beautified Theresienstadt when the Red Cross visited, entertained them with a football match & gave them a nice meal..

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