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Be with the people who bring out the best in you. BB16 ICONIC PLAYER SHIV Vivek Keshwani.

Let go of the old you if you want to become the new you. BB16 ICONIC PLAYER SHIV Vivek Keshwani.

@VivekGRamaswamy Vivek, you are correct. The establishment GOP hates Donald J Trump for not towing the line, exposing Deep State Corruption for all to see. They cannot make us unsee what has happened for the past 7 years, in fact decades of corruption..

@vivek_damn @palakh_khanna Aadhi se jyada movie toh hoti nahin hai 🌚 No Metadata .

@GayatriiM चाक जिगर के सी लेते हैं जैसे भी हो जी लेते हैं.

@VivekGRamaswamy @GOP That’s right. Crap on the most popular governor in the nation. Makes total sense. He doesn’t have to say a damn thing especially after the way Trump has treated him. Take your inevitable L, Vivek. I’m really not sure why you’re wasting resources real candidates could be using.

@VivekGRamaswamy Vivek probably thinks holding trump accountable is being WOke. Remember he hates all things woke.

@Vivek_Veteran @Uday_T2 Our cast system follows customs culture traditions of their own&all United as single as per our dharma because of this structure ours was intact even though as slaves for 1200yrs under savage barbaric blood thirsty foreign idealogists Jai Ho bharath that was India Dharma.


@Vivek__Arya बेज़ारी के अँधियारे में जीनेवाले जी लेते हैं.

#हिंदी_शब्दालय #सुकून_ऐ_जिंदगी।.

Vivek Photo,Vivek Photo by Kshatriya Vivek Singh Sainthwar,Kshatriya Vivek Singh Sainthwar on twitter tweets Vivek Photo

Trumps fate has nothing to do w/politics, & waving a flag over his DESERVED fate is disgusting. No one belongs on a pedestal, & NO ONE is above the law..

@vada_pav1966 @palakh_khanna Bhai Bhai😂😂 Esa nahi chalta yaar, batana padega tuje kon hai👀 Mein to turrant bata deta hu🤌.

Introduce your toddler to the alphabet through playful songs and rhymes! Singing and reciting nursery rhymes is a great way to build phonemic awareness. #AlphabetSongs #PhonemicAwareness.


@Vivek__Arya हम ने माना कि तग़ाफ़ुल न करोगे लेकिन ख़ाक हो जाएँगे हम तुम को ख़बर होते तक.


@VivekGRamaswamy @GOP Congratulations on letting an old, fat, narcissist pull your strings Vivek..

@mitchellvii Pence and Vivek took the bait 😂. Neither is qualified for the office of President..

@CricCrazyJohns ye padamjit sehrawat aur ajay mehra ko nikalo unki dono ki jagah sirf ek vivek razdan ko hi le aao @StarSportsIndia and thank you for removing nikhil and akash chopra.

This is exactly why I am happy Vivek is running for president. He is 100% right and we are losing our country with the Democrats vision of a one-sided government and a banana republic. You will own nothing and like is the Democrat mantra..

@afficasm Issne to nafrat faylaya hai, or apke pyare print & electronic media nee kya Kiya hai? Hai himmat unke against jaane kii?.

@viveklodhi19 Dear Vivek, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We would like to inform you that our team is working on your concern with utmost priority. Please be assured that we will provide you with a resolution at the earliest..

@BrendonLeslie Vivek is running for a cabinet position in Trumps next term. Just a grift..

@FizzaRizvi92 Agr jayda knowledge naa ho too kisi chij kii justification se bachna chahiye.

@FizzaRizvi92 Oo usne too bihar mee nafrat faylaya hai too yee print or electronic media nee kya Kiya hai? Unhone 2 state ke bich koi achaa relationship develop karwya hai kya? Tumlog kii utni awkat nhi ki unke against bol Sako samjhi..

So put Vivek Ramaswamy in the category of criminal sympathizer..

@Shobhitcool2001 @TheVivekSinghal Vivek Sir has blocked me for this, do you need further proof that this man is a fraud?.

Vivek Photo,Vivek Photo by Nifty_Fifty,Nifty_Fifty on twitter tweets Vivek Photo

@mitchellvii You said a lot about We all said something about it. Some more than others. Unfortunately, Vivek said the most and likely the loudest ... but, in his defense, what more could he go with? This was should have been reliable info coming directly from a relevant participant..

@OscarVReuenthal Vivek is a quality person. he believes in America & Americans. i don’t think he stands a chance, but i have confidence he can move the needle. he is unafraid. it’s refreshing. 💪🏼🇺🇸💪🏼🇺🇸💪🏼.

Every day you wake up is another BB16 ICONIC PLAYER SHIV Vivek Keshwani.

@VivekGRamaswamy @GOP “Jumped the shark” a little bit Vivek? Turns out you were played by Donald Trump - the pathological liar & charlatan. He’s walking back his comments about the arrest & indictment. Sad bc your message is a good one. But you are not ready for the big leagues.

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