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There is nothing like playing at Davis Wade. - @dak #HailState🐶.

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@Shauncore Although I am in the camp that 2017 was nonsense. We didn’t save money by trading wade davis. And we suck now. Why not just go for it. Dumb trade- if we make the playoffs that year - the money would not matter..

@PurpleRow Save? Save situation? Wade Davis given a save opportunity? Not bloody likely!!.

Rockies Lose Finale: It was much more of a #coors type game today between the @Rockies and Cardinals however it did not favor the Rox. Tim Melville gave up 5 ER in just 3 IP. Wade Davis gave up 4 ER without recording an out. Final Score 10-3 St. Louis.

@psaundersdp If I am Wade Davis, and have any pride in my performance and future stats, I would immediately go to management of Rockies and say I will renegotiate my contract to get a trade done.

@dbk301 @Shauncore And was good w/ the Cubs, which prompted the Wade Davis yeah, otherwise (which consisted of the first couple months this season), he’s been terrible..

So Wade Davis has a ERA 😳I’m wondering how Colorado likes that big contract now.

Ah yes, good to see Wade Davis is still on our roster providing no type of relief or value🥰 Amazing, signings Bridich! Truly amazing!.

Replacing Wade Davis with Jake McGee is like having the same shit sandwich on white bread rather than sourdough. @Rockies @BSNRockies #Rockies.

Wade Davis threw 17 pitches today. 5 of those were strikes. 1 one of those 5 pitches was not a foul ball or a double..

If you translate Wade Davis into Albanian, it comes out as Shkodran Mustafi. Who knew?.

@JohnReidy303 the better question is Where my Wade Davis likers at? or Where my Wade Davis sufferers at?.

Cmon #Rockies. Wade Davis needs a 1 batter leash. Keep him in as long as he makes outs. Walk? Take him out for gods sake..

The #STLCards have never hit a HR off of Wade Davis - what a time this would be to break that record! #TimeToFly.

Bud Black has brought in Wade Davis to ensure the OV covers 😡 bases loaded without a hit allowed !.

Fans booing #Rockies Wade Davis. He loads bases with #Cardinals in the 9th with 2 walks and a hit batter. No outs..

Base runners have now stolen 27 straight bases off Wade Davis. Dates back to 2016 (Eduardo Nunez was the last to be caught)..

Wade Davis has reached a level of washed I have never seen before from an athlete..

@L4MMORCE J’ai Davis améthyste et tmac rubis en backup du coup je suis pas convaincu de l’intérêt de passer des heures et des heures à monter wade. GG en tout cas pour la persévérance.

@BravoMilagro1 @YouTube Some time ago Wade Davis was speaking at University of Victoria, British Columbia with a Yanomami man beside him. They are incredible people and Mr Davis as always seemed honoured to have him there. The chap got on and rode a bicycle even though he had never seen one before..

@daveyoung84 @ESPNChiCubs Let’s talk about trading Soler for one year Of Wade Davis, whom they replaced with Morrow. 😂😂 Soler has 43 HRs. 🤦🏽‍♂️. Is that on Maddon’a lack of magic? Zobrist getting divorced. Not signing Kimbrell in January. The list is endless..

@maxkellerman if KD reversed his greatness by making GSW unbeatable what did Lebum do when he joined Wade & Bosh, then Kyrie & Love? What is Davis doing by joining Lebum in LA? You come @KDTrey5 for absolutely no reason. How about that narrative. #MediaFanBoy #BlindWittness.

@cubs Jorge Soler on fire might hit 50 bombs this year and we got 1 year of Wade Davis for him 🤬 what you think @thekapman??.

Take a trip down memory lane this #TBT to the last time the Bulldogs took on Kansas State at Davis Wade! #HailState🐶.

🚨 Attire Update 🚨 Check out our new “What to Wear” guide for the rest of @HailStateFB season. This week and next week, just put on your best Maroon or White and join us in Davis Wade. #HailState🐶.

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There is nothing like playing at Davis Wade. - @dak #HailState🐶.

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