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Difficult to imagine DOJ prosecutors leaking to the media that they’ve recommended to their superiors that Matt Gaetz not be charged, and leaking to the media that their own cooperating witnesses aren’t credible. Makes you wonder about the legitimacy of WaPo’s sourcing in this..

WaPo journo blames @LibsofTikTok for failing to correct Taylor Lorenz before WaPo published bald-faced lie about @LibsofTikTok.

The disappearance of María Belén Bernal, a 34-year-old criminal defense attorney, shocked Ecuador, a nation reeling from rising violence against women..

Joel Greenberg’s attorney is now casting serious doubt on the WaPo article about Matt Gaetz supposedly having been let off the hook. Not that you can just take Greenberg at his word. But it’s yet another reason this WaPo article must be scrutinized, and not just accepted as true..

@AmoneyResists @duty2warn is questioning this WAPO article about Gaetz. They think something is off. So do I..

@duty2warn @marsmanalaska Stopped subscribing to WAPO after many years. Don’t miss it..

@TimInHonolulu On the other hand, it appears that Matt Gaetz was not only the victim f an extortion plot but also a political investigation. Perhaps WaPo is merely calling attention to those facts..

Yes, if I had five dollars for every time some WAPO op-ed writer said Trump was done for, was finally going to get his comeuppance – then I would be richer than Trump.

@RpsAgainstTrump I’m hoping the WaPo is off the mark, reading they have dubious sources. And it’s unlikely DoJ under Garland would be leaking. Time will tell. I’m 50/50, jury still out on this WaPo scoop on Gaetz. Fingers crossed🤞🏽.

@capitolhunters @AlderFish I tend to trust WAPO more than NYT in terms of Trump-friendly stories, but now that you point it out, it does seem much like his other story..

GRACIAS @ProfeTuro por este Zacian Shiny tan wapo lo conseguí a las 22:59 último minuto jajajaj (foto borrosa de la emoción XD).

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Twitter whistleblower who foresaw the violence of Jan. 6 reveals her identity with an omen for the future of US democracy #SmartNews.

The queen’s final journey: mapping the plans for the coming days The queen’s final journey: mapping the plans for the coming days In life, Queen Elizabeth II traveled a great deal, logging 285 state visits abroad. In death, there is one last and highly ....

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washingtonpostさんからRT: Commanders Chief Operating Officer Greg Resh to leave the organization   09月24日7時07分台のニュースでした.

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