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A black supremacist took a vehicle and plowed it into a group of white people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha. A white supremacist carved the name of one of those white parade victims onto a rifle and livestreamed a mass shooting in a majority black neighborhood. (Cont’d).

MEDIA BIAS 11/21/21: Black man drives through Waukesha Christmas parade, kills 6, injures 62. Facebook posts praised Hitler, supported BLM and called for violence against whites 5/14/22: White man in a Buffalo supermarket shoots and kills 10, injures 3. Posted racist manifesto.

Waukesha Photo,Waukesha Photo by Larry Elder,Larry Elder on twitter tweets Waukesha Photo

The shooter specifically attacked Fox and conservatives in his manifesto. But if news outlets & political parties are responsible for mass killings can we blame your crowd for Waukesha & the NYC subway shootings?.

@secupp Would it have been fair to say CNN & Democrats caused the violence perpetrated by the Brooklyn and Waukesha murderers, since they publicized left wing racial narratives before their attacks? Would that be reasonable to do 2 hours after their terrorism?.

The entire Wikipedia page for the perpetrator of the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre that killed 6, ages 8 to 81, and wounded 48 does not mention the race of the attacker (a Black Nationalist)..

Meanwhile, the FBI still can’t determine either motive in the terrorist attack on the Waukesha Wisconsin Christmas Parade..

Biden saying negatives of bail reform are vastly overrated. Spoken like a man who’s never been run over at a Waukesha Parade. What a dirtbag..

Tim Wise
Tim Wise

1/ Comparing the white terrorist in Buffalo to the Black guy who ran over people at a parade in Waukesha or the Black guy who shot up the NYC subway is absurd. Nothing suggests the WI parade was targeted for racial reasons. Or the subway victims..

They were silent on the Waukesha Christmas parade attacker because he was a radical leftist and now they’re trying to falsely assign a right wing political motive to the Buffalo shooter. Rest In Peace to all the victims and prayers to their families. They don’t deserve this..

Being pro-life means being pro-baby AND pro-woman. Read my column in the Waukesha Freeman:.

Waukesha Photo,Waukesha Photo by Rebecca Kleefisch,Rebecca Kleefisch on twitter tweets Waukesha Photo

I am not giving up my 2A rights because of some mentally defective shitstain. No one gives up their cars because of a mentally defective shitstain in Waukesha.

@CNN Did the FBI launch a hate crime investigation for the Waukesha car plowing incident?.

Just a reminder that Joe Biden never called Darrell Brooks a domestic terrorist or cared that he killed a bunch of white people because he hated them for being white..

In nearly every single mass killing case, the solution would have been to enforce laws already on the books. Waukesha killer was out on low cash bail for a violent attack. Buffalo killer made terroristic threats but wasn’t charged..

Same media that forgot about Waukesha in a day is gonna spend the next decade talking about Buffalo.

> ‘White terrorist’ > ‘Black guy’ Do you see the hypocrisy & minimization? The Waukesha Black supremacist explicitly said he hated White people then targeted them. The NYC subway Black supremacist explicitly said he hated White people then targeted.


Whether it’s a white supremacist in Buffalo or a black supremacist in Waukesha & Brooklyn, hate is hate! Don’t let the media spin divide us more! Killing innocence is wrong! Period!.

@Breaking911 Watch the way the media covers the shooter here as compared to the black terrorists who attacked the New York subway or the Waukesha X-mas parade….

so the subway black supremacist wasn’t investigated nor was the #waukesha Christmas parade terrorist by domestic fbi terrorist unit? How do they know all of this already? Why weren’t the others on the subway!? That was a hate crime too! #buffalo.

@HellBentVet Where was this kind of tweet during the Waukesha parade killer, the Brooklyn subway shooter, or the congressional softball shooting??? Save your fake angry for someone who gives a fuck.

And yet I can point you so many black shooters who have surrendered and our alive in prison today. The DC snipers come to mind. Not a shooter but Waukesha comes to mind. Frank James last month comes to mind. Get your head out of your ass..

@Candidus00 And yet I can point you so many black shooters who have surrendered and our alive in prison today. The DC snipers come to mind. Not a shooter but Waukesha comes to mind. Frank James last month comes to mind. Get your head out of your ass..

Black man drives SUV through Christmas parade in Waukesha, killing 6 and injuring 62 whites… no one bats an eye White man shoots 10 blacks in a supermarket in NY and it’s the end of the world again..

@tariqnasheed Like this racist piece of shit killer,the Waukesha WI mass killer and lasts months Subway mass shooter in NYC,who were both Black ALL had racist rhetoric on their social media pages n shoudve been red flagged. So like ALWAYS Tariq isnt being fully transparent. Just race baiting.

@Breaking911 Why can’t they say that when the mirderer is black with a history of racist posts? Ala Waukesha and NYC subway..

@dolphin_4life Same happened with the Subway shooter and guy in the Waukesha massacre. Stop making things about race that don’t exist. That’s what racists do..

@NiyumiVT @AP Until they give the same attention to the Waukesha massacre this is a non story. Cherry picking..

@RealNyhiem @JabariJudah Also had the victims names on the side from the waukesha massacre by vehicle..

Waukesha Photo,Waukesha Photo by ▄︻┻═┳一꧁𓊈♛Tunda Birst♛𓊉꧂,▄︻┻═┳一꧁𓊈♛Tunda Birst♛𓊉꧂ on twitter tweets Waukesha Photo

@ArthurSchwartz Yeah, I’m sure the Waukesha dude got all his ideas from Rachel Maddow. 🙄.

@sluggahjells @jpcarew4 You mean like the one running over a christmas parade of white people with his Suburban in Waukesha..

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