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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 08:48 PM IST

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“I believe in science” is such a perfectly weird sentence for our moment. So much going on in those four words!

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@CenTexAg This just happened to me last week. Weird Science and Bull Durham references that no one caught. 😭

This is the first movie that crosses my mine. Weird science was good, but what other movie can you find with this much Ice? 😂😂

Weird Science Photo,Weird Science Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@Veronique956 But…Aliens, and Titanic, and Weird Science. All movies I’ve seen DOZENS of times.

@Abraxsys Oh but you asked for what movie comes to mind…. That would be aliens, first movie I saw him in would be weird science

@RyanIsSweet @RyanErbe Weird Science Twister True Lies Titanic Vertical Limit Edge of Tomorrow

Finished season 1 of Picard. That ending was a I guess I should be used to Star Trek presenting us with an unsolvable problem and then solving it at the last minute with space magic science words, but I was not ready for this

@BoringNerdyKate I’m a computer science major who really likes nintendo weird indie games and super heroes. Also I masturbate a lot. Am I qualified?

@Jezzerat If not weird science it’s the holy trinity of aliens, terminator and predator 2

if u said Weird Science its time for you to go get your AARP membership grandpa

All these weirdos saying Twister didn’t grow up with Weird Science playing every Saturday morning for 3 years on Comedy Central

Weird Science - not by Oingo Boingo - for a Thursday morning.

Interesting dating game -- especially for those who believe in exercise @maxxgrouch

Twister was Top Gun, but with tornadoes. Chet from Weird Science is the only correct answer.

@bayesianboy plant science This latest chapter in the Marvel universe took a weird turn.

Weird Science is the Then True Lies, then 🙏🏻

Weird Russians! They launch rockets for science, not billionaire

@twatemperor @ClarkeMicah To be able to spread so much misinformation, and cry when people point it out to you is weird. I think you’ve got to be a little more ballsy if you’re willing to constantly say things that fly in the face of science, driving the pandemic. Or at least have a laugh at yourself!

How young people choose what to study in the later years of schooling is fascinating, and important. I did a weird combo of physics, geography and French (and loved them all!). In this article @TAPalmerScience focuses on choosing #science (or not) @ConversationEDU

@Abraxsys woah, it’s kinda weird science i was randomly thinking about the movie weird science yesterday lol but i wanna say a tv show: big love.

@that_skeletor @Catarchist Huh…that’s weird…

My friend came over to watch a movie and I suggested pulp fiction and he was like yeah cool I’ve seen it and then we started it and he was talking about the plot to weird science, and I had to explain to him that weird science is a completely different movie.

@geolrobinson @Abraxsys How can anybody remember anything in Weird Science except Kelly LeBrock.

@Abraxsys Weird Science, hands down. I probably quote Chet at least 5 times each week, for starters.

okay so i literally lost weight after regretfully eating a bit more than usual today? i didn’t binge, but i consumed more calories than usual and felt so out of control. but i lost more weight than i usually do. i know the science behind weight loss, but this is just so weird.

@Abraxsys Twister! No, Weird Science! No, True Lies! No…it’s Twister. Definitely Twister.

So basically, Dr. Mengele Fauci mass murdered four million people around the world, with his Weird China Science. 💀 But he remains the highest paid American government employee. 🇺🇸 🙄 No wonder he gets so pissed about it.


@DrWitnesser @tiktok_us It’s weird how some people claim to be all about science and facts but then deny biological facts about sex

@ericarhodes Weird how Inertia was pretty easy for science to figure out, unlike a mutating virus.

When it first formed, the moon orbited our planet much more closely, causing bizarre effects like extremely quick rotation and a weird shape

“I believe in science” is such a perfectly weird sentence for our moment. So much going on in those four words!

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