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@cd_hooks No surprise a creepy bottom-feeder like Ted Nugent, who wrote a song like Jailbait, would make a hateful statement like this at a @GOP rally soon after a white supremacist picked a black majority zip code in Buffalo to shoot dead 10 people in a hate crime. Constant incitement..

Kid Gravity Beyond @TheKidGravity is live right now, discussing the white⚪️ supremacist extremists murder spree in Buffalo, NY. Catch up with it, y’all! 👇🏿👉🏿 [BREAKING] MASS SHOOTING IN BUFFALO! 10 DEAD, SUSPECT IN CUSTODY! via @YouTube.

buffalo is a terrible reminder that violent white supremacist terrorism is confined to the american south.

@JoeRoss1776 And/or perhaps the Buffalo White Supremacist slaughter lines up exactly with what the FBI has said for a long time now that the #1 domestic threat to the USA is radicalized nationalist White Supremacists..

let’s get ready to hear the excuse for the buffalo shooting this time it’s not mental illness definitely when that 18 year old boy planned it for weeks live streamed on twitch and himself admitted he’s a white supremacist i don’t even have words to describe how shitty im feeling.

@CryptoInfoMeta Less than 1% of murders in this country are acts of white supremacist terrorism. Ok. What’s your point, son? What was this act? We’re talking about this particular act (of terror)..

@cameron_kasky Who where the Semitic people he killed? This is the pivot when Americans deflect to guns an anti Semitism to obscure dead Black Americans in the streets at the hands of white supremacist civilians or police..

@mpukita Nothing could be more terrible look than the dementia ridden white supremacist, Jim Crow Joe currently, illegally occupying the oval office..

In case anyone is wondering why she’s praying for law enforcement after 10 black people were murdered by a white supremacist, here’s this..

White Supremacist Photo,White Supremacist Photo by 🥀🌹Roseney Spears🌹🥀,🥀🌹Roseney Spears🌹🥀 on twitter tweets White Supremacist Photo

18 years old and he’s already a “WHITE SUPREMACIST” Was the old Black man who shot all the innocent people on the subway last month called a “BLACK SUPREMACIST” Or how about the Blacks who committed horrible crimes against Asian? Is that considered act of “BLACK SUPREMACIST”.

White Supremacist Photo,White Supremacist Photo by ProudBoomer2,ProudBoomer2 on twitter tweets White Supremacist Photo

Payton Gendron, Proud White Supremacist, filmed himself, committing live murders. @Potus and ⁦@SenateDems⁩ must act now. Dump, “Institutionalist” Merrick Garland, Now..

@notcapnamerica I am white. What do these white supremacist not understand that we have never been a majority colour on this planet. White skin was last to evolve. We make up less than 1 third the world population. So they can get off their high white horse and go to hell..

@xoRedz @Qryszn well if your going to shoot people bc your a white supremacist wouldnt you make sure out of anyone the first person was black?.

@TheRightScoop If they don’t want to be blamed for it, they shouldn’t be out there giving a megaphone to the white supremacist “great replacement theory.”.

@RMFDAX1 @RadioFreeTom Crypto bro on Twitter calling for understanding of white supremacist massacre. Film at 11..

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