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Updated: January 23rd, 2022 12:41 PM IST

Tight, tight game. Some things to figure out and improve on. We get the ball first in the second half.

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The Bengals played 8 games this season vs teams that made the playoffs. Their only 2 loses were in OT to the Packers & Niners. One won away from #SuperBowlLVI. If you can’t win sacking Burrow 9x then u probably can’t beat em. #WhoDey

Nobody sacks Joe Burrow 9 times and gets away with it. NOBODY! @JoeyB #Bengals #WhoDey

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The last time the @Bengals went to the Super Bowl we had to cancel our family party because I had strep throat and I almost burned down my bedroom hanging pom poms in the light fixtures. I was 7. #Forget1991 #WhoDey

ASDFGFKKWOSJFNOQDIEMQOFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #WhoDey

The Bengals have won two playoff games in my lifetime and I’ve been to both. Unreal. So blessed #WhoDey #RuleTheJungle

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nobody, i mean NOBODY wants this energy next weekend. They don’t want to see us! Love my Bengal family. #WhoDey

@Bengals replay on @nflnetwork right now if you wanna rewatch the magic #NFLPlayoffs #whodey

Odell Thurman would be proud #WhoDey #TheSeattleWhoDeyConglomerate @BengalsCaptain

#WhoDey Photo,#WhoDey Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I shed a tear watching this😭 I really can’t believe this shit mane‼️#WhoDey

Congratulations Bengals Fans!! I know you have been waiting for a long time for this!! #WhoDey

@teehiggins5 Go enjoy the win with the team. Fuck what everyone on Twitter has to say about you. #whodey!

Despite our offensive line being DEEP FRIED ASS…we have the lead, the ball, on the road vs the number 1 seed…can’t ask for much more really. 1 more half cmon boys!!! #WhoDey

@theblockspot Hello?! True statement! When Steelers and Saints do it they are good!! Lesson Learned!! WhoDey!🧡🖤🏈

Hey @Bengals, we know this McPherson guy is good at kick ball. Let’s score some tudders now 😂 #WhoDey #RuleTheJungle

Great first half, figure something things out at half and let’s finish this game off #WhoDey

236 yards passing for Burrow in the first half and we score 0 touchdowns. Oline has to get this shit figured out and let this man EAT #WhoDey #Bengals

One more half like that and we’re a game away from the super bowl, come on @Bengals! #WhoDey #RuleTheJungle

Have the lead going into the half, and first possession of the 2nd half. This next drive is HUGE. Gotta come out aggressive. #WhoDey #RuleTheJungle

@btvbets @BtcNitrobetting Not the best first half offensively but we have a lead and get the ball. #WhoDey

@WhoDey_UK We’d have taken leading at the half. If we can get the offence going it’s there for the taking

The Bengals have done a pretty darn good job of moving the ball just enough to keep the Titans O and Henry on the sideline. And, the D has done well while on the field. Whodey!!! 🐅 🏈

Could not have played worse and we’re up 3. I’ll take it #WhoDey #SeizeTheDEY @Bengals

#Bengals give us 2 more quarters just like that! #WhoDey it might not be pretty, but the object is to outscore your opponent

The o line hasn’t showed up yet today but hey we up at half I’ll take it let’s finish this game and shock the world #WhoDey


@WhoDey_UK Massive play that. He catches that I reckon we would have come out with a FG

Tight, tight game. Some things to figure out and improve on. We get the ball first in the second half.

@thedraftsmanFB Dude I was listening to it right before the game started and there DJ reeder was doing DJ Reeder things! #WhoDey

My entire life I have only watched divisional round games on tv but I’m on the 50 yard line behind the @Bengals bench! #WhoDey #RuleTheJungle

@WhoDey_UK Jesus. Stick as many men as we can in that line and just run the 3 wide outs

If the Bengals win the SB, Josh and Justin need to either call the Ben Maller show OR do a Bengals rap or something. I demand content from the Cincy Bros! @Titans @Bengals #WhoDey #WHODEYNATION

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