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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:09 AM IST

Willem Dafoe Top Tweets On Twitter

  • you, dumb: the stormy daniels sketch looks like tom brady me, an intellectual: the sketch looks like willem dafoe.

  • This could legit be Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Willem Dafoe, Kevin Bacon, Chris from Team America and/or any white dude in Hollywood ages 20-50..

  • Thanks to Stormy Daniels, there is now an APB out for Willem Dafoe.

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  • Twitter goes over Stormy Daniels thug sketch.

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  • @glitterandtwang @girlsreallyrule Or Willem Dafoe.

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  • @zerohedge @DividendMaster Willem DaFoe?.

  • I think I missed is Stormy Daniels saying that Willem Dafoe threatened her?.

  • Willem Dafoe is Tom Brady in "The Stormy Daniels Story.".

  • @KatyTurNBC Interesting sense of humor you have there Ms. Tur. Willem Dafoe, Fifty Shades of Grey and Special Master. Just what is in that head of yours girl. Lol!!.

  • @JimNorton Willem Dafoe? Do you have time machine glasses on?.

  • @JimNorton Lol Willem Dafoe wishes he was that handsome..

  • Willem Dafoe also told me to leave trump alone #meToo. :).

  • Am I the only one who thinks this looks almost exactly like Willem Dafoe?.

  • :.

  • @Bears5968 @Breaking911 Stormy Daniels sketch looks like Willem Dafoe; Lady Got Sucked half out a plane window; North/South Korea may officially end the war..

  • @FoxNews Or a young Willem Dafoe. There is no harasser..

  • @jemelehill It looks like Willem.

  • @Alt_FedEmployee.

  • @justinjm1 So it was Willem Dafoe!.

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  • @KatyTurNBC YESSS!! That sketch DOES look like Willem Dafoe!! I said the same thing when I saw it! And has nothing to do that Dafoe is one of my fav. actors. lol.

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  • Looks Dafoe!.

  • @AIIAmericanGirI @gatewaypundit Looks like Willem Dafoe to me. Had no idea he was a Trump fan..

  • Willem Dafoe denies being anywhere near her..

  • Willem Dafoe or Tom Brady, @KatyTurNBC ?.

  • BREAKING: Stormy Daniels threatened by Willem Dafoe.

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