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Justin Wrigley 🤝 Iconic Chicago Fields

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Jules 🏒
Jules 🏒 ()

@stromesquad First hide and seek with Wrigley and now baby cuddles and head kisses?? Goodbye do not try to reach me for i am deceased

Charlie Marlow
Charlie Marlow ()

Tough loss for the local 9 But seeing a Friday packed house Cards-Cubs matinee at Wrigley was a thing of beauty. Hello normalcy, I’ve missed thee. Now #STLFLY , go get like 4 pitchers.


@obvious_shirts thanks so much for the shirts today as all employees wore them to Welcome Back a full Wrigley Field😎⚾️

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Another sign things are returning to normal: Bill Murray singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame in front of a packed Wrigley Field crowd. (via @TMZ, @TMZ_Sports)

Monkey Knife Fight
Monkey Knife Fight ()

The legendary Bill Murray sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at Wrigley today with a full set of fans! 🗣👏 Feels like a normal summer setting again! #CubTogether

Super Nintendo Chalmers
Super Nintendo Chalmers ()

No matter how much I hate the Ricketts, I will not let them ruin Wrigley Field for me and today felt good from a catharsis standpoint.

Bill Haller
Bill Haller ()

@burneystweets I remember being at Wrigley in 1994 and the Cubs had these super nice commemorative cups in memory of their loss in the NLCS to the Padres in 1984. I thought that was the oddest thing to commemorate. My point is, they create their own reality in the Windy

Gregg Palermo
Gregg Palermo ()

Thanks to @MeghanAnnDwyer for pitching in on our coverage of Opening Day 2 at Wrigley. #NexstarNation

🇵🇷🇬🇹 ()

Still a White Sox fan 4L 🧦I just fw Baez cause he’s PR 😂💯🇵🇷 @ Wrigley Field

Gina ☮
Gina ☮ ()

Bucket list: be @ wrigley & sing the stretch with bill murray

Bob W. Dych
Bob W. Dych ()

@mhead2009 @amber_dych Wrigley at 100% for the first time in a long time, that one team is in town, 1:20 game on Friday, Rizzo ties it with a homerun after a double digit pitch at bat. Romantic?

#FlyTheW es Marsden
#FlyTheW es Marsden ()

@BarstoolBigCat When I was at Wrigley a few seasons ago a girl literally went into a crying fit a few rows ahead of us when John Tumpane was announced as the home plate ump. Unreal

CW3 ret Anderson Apprentice Baiter
CW3 ret Anderson Apprentice Baiter ()

I heard the crack of the bat. The roar of the Wrigley crowd looked up to watch Carlson catch a can corn in CF

California Stop.
California Stop. ()

@RobScallon I know you threw out the first pitch at Wrigley but I don’t think your piece of lumber is regulation

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Just Blew In From Stupid Town
Just Blew In From Stupid Town ()

Is there any fanbase in baseball worse at judging fly balls than Cubs fans at Wrigley Field? #STLCards #STLFly

Katie Woo
Katie Woo ()

@msp8c7 It depends on the series and the location (and the media outlet), but I am on the Wrigley trip this weekend, as are three other STL-based reporters.

Ryan Mix
Ryan Mix ()

I am extremely jealous of everyone at Wrigley today. The federal landmark looks incredible at full capacity once again. @Cubs

Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs ()

Justin Wrigley 🤝 Iconic Chicago Fields

MLB ()

.@justnfields received an ovation from the Wrigley faithful today ⚾️🤝🏈

🏔🚲 Jon 🦭🐺
🏔🚲 Jon 🦭🐺 ()

It’s so nice to see a lot more fans back at Wrigley Field. I need get back there. Been way too long. Lets Go Cubs!!! 💙❤️⚾️🐻 #CubTogether

Frank_Andrzejewski ()

I won’t go to another game in Wrigley after what they have pulled.

Bill Dozier
Bill Dozier ()

@Dylan_Dinger Not to defend Cub fans, but the sight lines at Wrigley are terrible for most. #wrigleyisadump

DaDonDato ()

It’s amazing to see Jim Anixter aka Pink Hat Guy back behind home plate in his seats at Wrigley. Been an absolute minute but Wrigley is back baby

Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson ()

I liked the under entering the game and still do. With that said it’s a Wrigley Field day game so we could see a random touchdown cause by errors at any point, lol!

🌲Charlie🌲 ()

day 1 of full capacity, I am with 35,000 of my closest friends getting infected with what will soon be known as “the wrigley variant”

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Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson ()

Wrigley Field day games are always strange, through 2 1/2 innings, no reason to think this one won’t be any different.

Matt McClure
Matt McClure ()

Gotta get these bats going. A packed Wrigley for the first time in a year and a half did NOT show up to see a goddamn shitbirds game!!!!!!!! @Cubs #CubTogether

Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams ()

Me going to bed tonight knowing that tomorrow we are finally at 100% capacity at Wrigley

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Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs ()

Making its Wrigley Field debut this Saturday. #All77 Grab your gear now:

Wrigley Photo,Wrigley Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs ()

Wrigley Field: The ultimate home office. #CubTogether Turning it up to 💯 TOMORROW:

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