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Wrong Aaron Twitter

A Yankee named Aaron hits a dinger for his 8th round tripper of the year. Righteous hit, but the wrong Aaron..

Apple broadcast is horrible and the wrong Aaron hit the homer. But at least the Rays have our 2-0 over Toronto again #Yankees.

@YESNetwork Love ya, Hicks, but wrong Aaron in this spot ... this is when it really gets tough, Judgie ... just chill and SWING, BABY!.

Lol wrong Aaron hit a home run. (Also, glad for Hicks. Yankees are obviously better if he is competent.).

@pinstripealley it’s literally a tease at this point. the wrong Aaron hits it. And 2 long fly outs from the correct Aaron last night and right now. Baseball gods are fucking with us.

Ngl im pretty sad that the wrong Aaron just hit a HR, but hyped at the same time for Hicks. He needed that so bad.

Baseball on @AppleTV is the worst, especially with the Aaron Judge HR record in play. Wrong vibe, wrong garbage..

Oh no the wrong Aaron homered! Wasn’t sure if the Yankees fans would ever cheer Hicks again..

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