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Champion vs. Champion. Raw Women’s Champion @WWEAsuka is set to battle #WWENXT Women’s Champion @MsCharlotteWWE next Monday on #WWERaw!


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Drew McChamp ⚔🖤 ()

Champions always lose their championship during last chance matches.

Bill Richy ()

Velveteen Dream is kind of an unintended beneficiary of the empty arena shows. I don’t know what true and what’s not about what he may or may not have done, but a super-smart, Twitter-addicted Full Sail crowd would have turned on him big time. #WWENXT

Kenny McIntosh 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Just started #WWENXT Yassssss @WWEMaverick won! So glad he’s sticking around!

WWE en Español (#EpytaNdeRogape🏠) ()

Está cumpliendo 34 años una de las caras más importantes de WWE en la actualidad. Primer campeón de #WWENXT, Universal, WWE, Tag Team, Intercontinental, Estados Unidos, #MITB, Royal Rumble y un sin fin de logros más. Feliz cumpleaños para el futuro padre, @WWERollins 🎉🎈


Charlie Beckett ()

Jericho and Tyson, Cody with the TNT championship and The Bucks and FTR finally face to face on @AEWrestling Drake Maverick story, The Garganos in general and the Riddle vs Thatcher fight pit match on @WWENXT Wednesday night wrestling is really spoiling us

Martin ()

What an enjoyable episode that was for #WWENXT! Cannot wait for #NXTTakeOver: In Your House!


Alejandro Gómez ()

Apuntes sobre el main event de anoche en #WWENXT: ▫️Estipulación Fight Pit, primera vez en la historia de WWE ▫️Timothy Thatcher, un debut inmejorable (4 combates: 2 por el título por parejas y 2 ‘main events’) ▫️Posible último combate de Matt Riddle en NXT ▫️Cesión del testigo


Matt Ryan/Ozzy Dead ()

Only presuming until we see it but it would seem it was the final appearance of Riddle with #WWENXT with seeing him going to #SmackDown

Matt Ryan/Ozzy Dead ()

Her stock and star power grew and is going to continue to do so @ImChelseaGreen #WWENXT

The Four Sweet Horsemen Podcast ()

Thatcher v Riddle was outstanding but what was the point of Angle being there besides trying to pop a rating? #WWENXT

Matt Ryan/Ozzy Dead ()

No better person to officiate the fight that Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle would commence in #WWENXT

Wrestle Royalty ()

The latest #WWENXT blog is live. Come and see what the black and gold had for us this week. #WrestlingCommunity


Wrestling Count & NASCAR ()

¿Se viene otro squash? #WWENXT Pues casi, ha durado más de lo que esperaba. 😂😂

Tom ()

Hopefully this duo doesn’t break up because it’s something different. If they’re broken up, I’d have him set his sights on Aliyah.

Hector ()

For some reason, I REALLY loved @Lady_Scarlett13 being at ringside. There was just something about it! Also, her entire outfit. *muah* Perfection! #WWENXT

Ricky Rico ()

The only thing i have liked about all these wwe shows during the pandemic is that wwe has really been creative and tried out new ideas for example the cage in this match I like the design and how it is unique to regular cage matches #WWENXT

Joseph Sorensen ()

Timothy Thatcher leaves the #FightPit victorious and more dangerous than ever. #WWENXT


Joseph Sorensen ()

No bro. SuperKingofBros and Timothy Thatcher are absolutely 𝐒𝐋𝐔𝐆𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐈𝐓 𝐎𝐔𝐓 in this #FightPit! #WWENXT


EXCLUSIVE: After a huge win tonight, @ImChelseaGreen drops a bombshell on @RobertStoneWWE. #WWENXT

Shivang Dogra ()

#FightPit is such an improvement over Steel Cage Loved it Would love to see more of this more often #WWENXT

Alex Monroe ()

Just watched tonight’s NXT - best show from them in a LONG time. Top to bottom great show from the black and gold brand. #WWENXT

Scott Fishman ()

The visual of Timothy Thatcher losing teeth, bloodied, checked by doctor and kept going. May be one of the most hardcore things on #WWE TV in some time. #WWENXT


Ok, I haven’t even watched Hockey. But I know for a fact that those barriers can easily break. If you go back first.

⚡️Kevin Ølvera⚡ ()

@WWENXT @shirai_io Charlotte’s title reign or whatever you want to call it. It’s ending very soon, we’re going through hard time right now with the android. #WWENXT

James L. ()

@RealKingRegal @WWENXT I got worried reading this at first, was wondering where you were going.

XRebel_Heartx PS4 ()

That Fight Pit on NXT was absolutely incredible. It was brutal and very fun. Great stuff #WWENXT

Flyin Brian ()

for those wondering what the black armband @shirai_io is wearing on #WWENXT is for? its for Hana Kimura & to honor her

$ajizzle ()

This women’s tag is fine but all of these women are missing something major. #WWENXT

J McLean ()

The triple threat will more than likely be the match of the night next weekend. These ladies are great #WWENXT

WWE ()

Champion vs. Champion. Raw Women’s Champion @WWEAsuka is set to battle #WWENXT Women’s Champion @MsCharlotteWWE next Monday on #WWERaw!

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