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Sem mais Spiderman no MCU. A Sony não mensurou a perda dela. A Marvel não precisa do Spiderman, já vai ganhar rios de dinheiro com X-Men, F4 e Deadpool. É a Sony que precisa do MCU pra vender a personagem..

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@L_Homme_En_Slip C’est juste un exemple mais j’avais 11 ans pour X-Men. 13 ans pour SM1. 18 pour SM3. Qu’est ce qui m’a lancé dans les comics? Iron Man 1..

@ManaByte No one went to see Dark Phoenix because the previous movie X-Men Apocalypse was shit.

Es decir, Disney comprando la FOX ya ha recuperado X-men. Les falta tiempo y les sobra personajes para fase 4 y no van a invertir en un personaje que no les pertenece..

MCU: *starts out without the rights to Spider-Man, Fantastic 4 or X-Men, still plays a blinder* *acquires Spider-Man, gets even better* *acquires rights to Fantastic 4 and X-Men* *immediately loses Spider-Man*.

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@btrain0013 @Sony How about boycotting Disney for not making a deal? I hope they get X-Men too and make more movies rather than shelving them like Disney is doing..

@JGJonny_ 1. Sony is making millions off this anyway. 2. Disney owns every other Marvel IP including the X-Men. 3. Sony fuckin trashed spider man twice already. 4. They could renegotiate instead of saying fuck you lololol like a four year old..

No spiderman means more time for the x-men and the fantastic four..

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As much as I enjoyed most of the MCU movies I do miss the days of Blade, Tim Burton’s Batman films and the first few X-Men movies There was just something different about them.

I really hope this Sony thing doesn’t effect the Spider-Man comics like it did with Fox and The X-Men/Fantastic 4. I just got back in 😔.

feel like Disney have too much pressure to not miss so they can’t take risks. while the other franchises dk what to do so they can try more things like the X-men don’t even care about how time works and that’s :’).

Cronología para el autoestopista mutante: el mejor orden para disfrutar y entender las pelis de X-Men.

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@SonyPictures @Sony go fuck yourself, spiderman and x-men universe should have never belonged to ya’ll in the first place.

I finally read the Dark Phoenix saga in the X-Men comics and all i can say.

@tommorris The comics themselves may not have been that popular here, but the 90s Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons were.

@JeromeZhao1 @the_moviebob Except Disney doesn’t NEED Spider-Man. They just got X-men, FF, etc. And while it would be nice to keep using him in the MCU, it’s not necessary. Not to mention they’ve proven they can tank the comics until it’s a useless property (see X-Men and FF) until they can buy the rights.

Totuus elokuvasta: X-Men: Viimeinen kohtaaminen (2006).

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@malek86 Just the movie rights. Way back when Marvel was near bankruptcy, they sold the movie rights for their characters to various companies (X-Men to Fox, Spiderman to Sony, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, etc). Spiderman made lot of money to Sony that they refuse to give back the rights..

Und ich dachte Venom könnte endlich mal alle Avengers und die X-Men besuchen :( Stattdessen bekommen wir wahrscheinlich wieder nur ein Co-Existierendes Universum zwischen Spider-Man und Venom 🙄😒 Wenigstens bleibt Tom Holland!.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) // reż. Bryan Singer.

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@jesuskensin Lo he dicho. Su plan era recuperar derechos de personajes que ya no podía usar en otros medios fuera del cómic y mientras le sacaron partido a otros. Con 4F y X-Men en cartera desde el principio en el UCM, no habrían dado la misma cancha por ejemplo a los Guardianes.

So far masih X-Men: First Class. Semoga setelah 29 Agustus nanti Gundala..

michael fassbender and james mcavoy as erik lehnsherr and charles xavier in x-men: first class (2011) dir. matthew vaughn.

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Sem mais Spiderman no MCU. A Sony não mensurou a perda dela. A Marvel não precisa do Spiderman, já vai ganhar rios de dinheiro com X-Men, F4 e Deadpool. É a Sony que precisa do MCU pra vender a personagem..

Also the MCU history/plot/continuity is going to be more confusing than a ‘90s X-Men comic when they pretend Spider-Man never existed..

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