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120 CBs were on the field for 300+ snaps this season 6 had a lower PFF grade than Pro Bowler Xavier Rhodes.

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@GoesslingStrib Xavier Rhodes replacing Sherman is like replacing Porsche with a beat up 87 civic.

The simple and sad fact that both Kirk “Panic in the Pocket” Cousins and Xavier “Open” Rhodes were added to the #ProBowl rosters tells you how badly they need to stop playing this game. #skol.

If Xavier Rhodes was able to get into this year’s Pro Bowl, I believe I have firm chances of getting into the Hall of Fame. #astros #vikings @XavierRhodes29_.

Absolutely deserved but Jaire Alexander not getting the call over Xavier Rhodes is such a disservice to a young player becoming a star. Rhodes was legitimately one of the worst starting CBs in football this year..

120 CBs were on the field for 300+ snaps this season 6 had a lower PFF grade than Pro Bowler Xavier Rhodes.

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How dare y’all add Xavier Rhodes to the pro bowl. This gotta be the worst joke ever..

Also, Xavier Rhodes is in the Pro Bowl and I have no idea how that’s even.

😂😂 Rhodes?? Dear lord the pro bowl has officially reached an all time low. So no Anthony Harris (tied for league lead in INTs), but Xavier Rhodes, who was arguably one of the worst Corners makes it. I usually don’t care about that fake game, but come.

If Xavier Rhodes is going to the Pro Bowl so should Josh Norman. Something ain’t right there.

agree with the first 4, but how the hell did Xavier Rhodes get added? Did these people watch football? Great in the past, but ROUGH year this year..

@Zirksee Xavier Rhodes hasn’t been relevant since 2015 and Devante Parker should in the Pro Bowl also but got snubbed bc the NFL hates us Dolphins fans and players..

Congratulations to the 5 Vikings who were added to the #ProBowl yesterday: QB Kirk Cousins, DE Everton Griffen, FB CJ Ham, LB Eric Kendricks, CB Xavier Rhodes!.

Xavier Rhodes being a Pro Bowler after the 2019 season he just had is galaxy brain stuff..

Orlando 8 is enough! Kirk Cousins Everson Griffen Xavier Rhodes Eric Kendrick join Harris Smith Danelle Hunter and Dalvin Cook in the Pro Bowl-NFC..

@AroundTheNFL LMAO!! Xavier Freaking Rhodes?? Somebody please put together his 2019 highlight real. That dude got worked over on a weekly basis..

Xavier Rhodes in the Pro Bowl?! All credibility is gone. That guy stinks out loud..

@SeanBormanNFL How the freaking heck is Xavier Rhodes in the pro bowl? The guy literally ranks dead last as a CB.

We live in a world where Xavier Rhodes makes the Pro Bowl over @chosen1_47 in one of his worst years of his career😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Them people put ANDRUS PEAT in the pro bowl but y’all mad they gave Xavier Rhodes the nod?.

Also Xavier Rhodes going to the Pro Bowl shows how utterly worthless the Pro Bowl really is. #Vikings.

Guys Xavier Rhodes is going to the Pro Bowl because his coverage skills were already in Pro Bowl form..

Lmfaoooooo Xavier Rhodes made the Pro Bowl🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ #thatsbad.

Rhodes was ranked the 125th-best cornerback this season, according to Pro Football Focus..

Kirk Cousins, Xavier Rhodes among NFC Pro Bowl additions.

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Five Vikings players were added to the Pro Bowl roster: QB Kirk Cousins DE Everson Griffen FB CJ Ham LB Eric Kendricks CB Xavier Rhodes.

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