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Hearing the Wrigley Field crowd explode when something crazy happens increases the joy of that crazy thing by a solid 50%. That Yadi throw into the outfield felt like an early-innings grand slam last year.

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La Maga de Jos 🏳️⚧
La Maga de Jos 🏳️⚧ ()

mejor no pregunto a nadie con quién estás, no creo poder soportar ni una herida más

Flip Courter
Flip Courter ()

Not sure what I enjoyed more in the Cubs game today: Rizzo’s 14-pitch AB ending in a homer or Yadi having a passed ball and a throwing error in the same inning gifting the Cubs 2 runs.

La Maga de Jos 🏳️⚧
La Maga de Jos 🏳️⚧ ()

mejor ya no digo tu nombre porque guarda palabras, miradas, momentos que viven muy dentro de mi

Evan Coler
Evan Coler ()

@Cardinals Yadi had a great day at the plate, but the bullpen tho. Time to bounce back tomorrow on primetime television.

Stan Miller
Stan Miller ()

@MJMcElwee Did you know Yadi has been paying Buster a lot of $$ to keep saying he deserves to be in the hall of fame even though he doesnt?

C ()

@mitcHbryson I agree. But I do think (especially you cardinals fans) overrate the shit out of yadi. His batting metrics are very very very avg, at best. But I also don’t care as much about defense as most do. Give em the best 8 hitters/athletes. Im sure theirs a cubbie you guys say the same

Desipio.com 🥏
Desipio.com 🥏 ()

Like hundreds of millions of Google users, I too, often wonder where Yadi went to college and who wears him.

Yadi Photo,Yadi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Caballero11 ()

@yadiragris Igual a mi Yadi, me aparecen hasta el dia siguiente!🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Craig ()

The best players in baseball Mike trout Ronald Acuna Mookie Betts Brandon Crawford Yadi Molina

Kohlmee ()

@therealjoko @Cubs Dude the combo of everything. Being down 5-1, Yadi making 2 errors, rizz AB, that Joc AB. Amazing lol would kill to be there

Cody Rupp
Cody Rupp ()

@youngman_42096 I 100% get the trolling, and he’s good at it. But his obsession with Yadi is very strange to me lol

Chunky ()

@DOM_Frederic You said lower career WAR than Jason Kendall like anyone thinks Yadi was better.

Nisei Lounge Chicago
Nisei Lounge Chicago ()

From fist bumping 1 fan when Yadi throws a pickoff into LF to high fives for the whole damn section after 14 pitch Rizzo dinger? #NiseiCares

Josh Hayes
Josh Hayes ()

Yadi GW HR in the bottom of the 7th last month: not curtain call worthy according to @SHReedlater Rizzo game tying HR in the 6th today: curtain call.

Desipio.com 🥏
Desipio.com 🥏 ()

Apparently I will. Yadi kept acting like he was going to chase them. I wanted to get a full view of his fake hustle.

Klwillis45 ()

Throwing error AND a passed ball by Yadi?! Guess they really are cracking down on the sticky stuff.

Andy ()

@CardinalsConvo Yeah but yadi had some bad blunder there that dident help him at all

Adam Stein
Adam Stein ()

Yadi Molina really working on his Hall of Fame case in the 5th inning against the Cubs.

Jeremy ()

When was the last time Yadi had a passed ball and throwing error in an inning? #STLCards #STLFLY

TheLibertarianLeft ()

Loving all the Cub fans with the IQ of a tree stump calling Yadi a prick and thinking he’s “broken.” Your ball park smells like piss and Old Style. Just stop talking. #STLvsCHC

CreamFriche ()

@_BigOldBuck_ Rewatch the pitch. It missed completely to the wrong side of the plate. I’m not saying yadi isn’t responsible but both were fault there. Also almost hit the batter

jacqueline conrad
Jacqueline conrad ()

Oviedo deserved to get a win. That was on Yadi. Two errors. Ryan Helsey needs to shut it down.

Jmiller_cubs2016 ()

@BleacherNation The cardinals r imploding and it’s lead by yadi!!! Wrigley is ROCKING!! Gotta love it!! #GoCubsGo

Alex Kennedy
Alex Kennedy ()

@CardinalsConvo To be fair, lead off walk wasn’t on him, missed calls. And Yadi with the the uncharacteristic pass ball and error really hosed him.

BigOldBuck ()

@Cream_Friche Passed ball isn’t on the pitcher man sorry lol Yadi has more than a few this year he gets lazy at times . Love him but that’s facts

DC ()

@WWLTD1 @Cardinals Here’s a Cards/Cubs moment that bridged the divide. Do you remember that WBC game when Yadi gunned down a runner throwing to Javy Baez. It was an awesome play. & Baez knew it the sec he threw it. He pointed at Yadi & smiled while the ball as still en route.

Alex Kennedy
Alex Kennedy ()

@bschaeffer12 Boy that lead off walk to Contreras (with two missed calls that should’ve been strikes) really put Oviedo in a tailspin. Kinda the whole team considering Yadi’s pass ball and dumb throwing error.

CardinalsPolska ()

Oviedo trochę się zaciął i schodzi, ale Yadi też mu nie pomógł passed ballem i nieudanym pickoffem na trzeciej bazie, 5-4 dla Cardinals, ale tylko 1 out i Cubs mają biegacza na 1B #mlbpl

Bleacher Nation Cubs
Bleacher Nation Cubs ()

Hearing the Wrigley Field crowd explode when something crazy happens increases the joy of that crazy thing by a solid 50%. That Yadi throw into the outfield felt like an early-innings grand slam last year.

Bucket Hat Monk
Bucket Hat Monk ()

@NBCSCubs JD: The only thing better than a Friday win is a comeback Friday win. Yadi: Let me help you with that.

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