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Getting nervous that your many, many crimes are about to be exposed, Milstein? #TheNoticing #Ye24.

#YE20 presidential campaign was funded and pushed by Jewish Jared Kushner to take Black votes away from Democratic #YE24 campaign is pushed by anti-Semite, White Nationalist Nick Fuentes ...to do what? Take self hating Black votes away?.

Electabros gonna have a hard time electing to get out of bed tm, knowing DeSantis will get overshadowed by Trump and Ye for the next two years. #YE24.

@kanyewest ye literally went through all his contacts and added “YE24” to their names.

@Mersh But yes I obviously agree with the pardons, and we can wrap that up to knowing Trump’s boundaries. He obviously doesn’t want to get JFK’d and do something like try to end the fed lol. I guess #YE24.

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