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Yoan Lopez has arrived in the Mets’ clubhouse. David Peterson had been set to be the 27th man for the doubleheader, so we’ll see if there’s another move or if Lopez is here just in case..

Mets roster moves: * Tommy Hunter to the IL with what the Mets call “low back tightness” * David Peterson called up * Yoan Lopez added as the 27th man.

Just a terrible display by Yoan Lopez there, putting the game in jeopardy and forcing the Mets to burn Edwin Diaz.

Mets 8, Braves 5: With a six-run lead, Yoan Lopez was able to get just one out in the ninth. So the Mets had to turn to Edwin Díaz to close it out. New York is 68-39. Their lead in the NL East is games. In a couple hours, Max Scherzer pitches..

Dansby Swanson vs Yoan Lopez #ForTheA Flyout 💢 Exit velo: mph Launch angle: 37 deg Proj. distance: 346 ft This would have been a home run in 14/30 MLB ballparks ATL (2) @ NYM (8) 🔺 9th.

Yoan Lopez Photo,Yoan Lopez Photo by Would it dong?,Would it dong? on twitter tweets Yoan Lopez Photo

Weird how the reliever market was robust and the Mets are still using Yoan Lopez in meaningful games.

Billy Eppler continues to show how much his allergy to relief pitching hurts this team in situations like this. No way Yoan Lopez should be pitching games after the trade deadline. Getting only 1 RP is simply unacceptable..

Yoan López was overall ineffective in holding an 8-2 lead in the ninth. He retired one, and now Edwin Díaz is in to shut it down with two on and two across..

Yoan Lopez can never pitch another game for the Mets. That was absolutely embarrassing #Mets.

Mets bullpen trust list 1. Edwin Diaz 2. Adam Ottavino 3. Adonis Medina (why is he in AAA) 4. Seth Lugo 5. Trevor Williams 6. Trevor May 7. Mychal Givens 8. Tommy Hunter 9. Drew Smith 10. Joely Rodriguez 11. Stephen Nogosek 12. Yoan Lopez.

Pensé que ya habían puesto en DFA a Shreve ah no!!! Es su versión cubana Yoan López #LGM.

@mikemayer22 So when Peterson is needed and we don’t have a reason to send him down again, can we please keep Medina up and send Yoan Lopez down? I don’t understand why he’s up over him. Median’s been better the entire year.

METS WIN AND IMPROVE TO 68-39! There was never a doubt even though Yoan Lopez came in!.

Yoan Lopez Photo,Yoan Lopez Photo by nick,nick on twitter tweets Yoan Lopez Photo

@KFCBarstool @KFCBarstool What did Adonis Medina do to get this treatment. I don’t understand why he’s not up. He’s SIGNIFICANTLY better than Yoan Lopez.

@EvanRobertsWFAN The same bullpen that shut ATL down last night? The same pen that had them on the ropes today, UNTIL the 9th, when Yoan Lopez was brought in? 1 bad outing by 1 pitcher and the entire bullpen gets indicted..

@Mets @_David_Peterson That was really needed today. What wasn’t was more Yoan Lopez. I think we’ve seen enough. Bring back Medina!.

@MeekPhill_ Really not sure why that wasn’t the play in the first place. Yoan Lopez is a DFA candidate if I’ve ever seen one.

Should of been a blowout but yoan Lopez sucks and we didn’t acquire another bullpen arm.

@reach_baseball @MattEhalt And you think yoan Lopez sees the field to gift you runs in a close game? 😂 Quit whining.

Adonis Medina would be the solidified 7th inning guy in Diaz outings / closer in non-Diaz outings but this organization loves to bring up “Yoan Lopez”.

Agreed. Yoan Lopez has only ever contributed to hitting batters. Which is what I thought he was specifically brought in for..

Yoan López forgot he’s not on the diamondbacks anymore as he gives up 4 straight hits and 2 runs. Now Diaz has to come in to finally close out the game #Mets #Braves.

Back to Syracuse for Yoan Lopez, for the rest of the season. Nogosek and Medina are both better. #LGM #LFGM.

Absolutely unacceptable from Yoan Lopez there. The ripple effects of needing to use Diaz in what should have been an easily closed out game are big, especially this series on a DoubleHeader day..

If Yoan Lopez knew how to do his job, we could’ve saved Diaz for the night capper. With an 8-2 lead going into the 9th, there should be zero reason for Diaz to be in the game. Except, Lopez was horrible..

@Metsmerized En una espectacular presentación de David Peterson y la mediocre llegada de Yoan López,Mets no debe confiar en este mediocre relevista.

@KFCBarstool Adonis Medina>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yoan Lopez.

The fact that we have to burn Diaz because Yoan Lopez can’t protect a 6 run lead makes tot feel like a loss.

@lukakurjak You use May he fucks up and you’re bringing Diaz in anyway to save his ass then who do you have for game #2? Yoan Lopez? Mychal Givens?.

@CaseyStern Yoan Lopez should be packing his things. That kid belongs nowhere near this team..

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