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#YouMightHaveAValentineBut you don’t have me on top of

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Lia Lando ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut He doesn’t notice you’ve been giving him the same card since 2017 🙄😂😂👌

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Flowers for Algernop ⏭ ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut be as kind to each other every day as you are on Valentine’s Day.

The Waka Waka Diary ()

What did you hear about ladies from Abia state? #Anita #YouMightHaveAValentineBut

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We Are PatriotCane.com ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I have a wife and a private gun range. Get married, have a family, then enjoy the money you made when you go shoot up migrant worker buses in the middle of one of your fields! #America

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Andy O. A. ()

To be the best, is to give the best. To give the best, is to think the best. To think the best, is to have the best mind. To have the best mind, is to have a positive mental attitude. #YouMightHaveAValentineBut

Gem justice for Vic M and Johnny D ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut i get to save my money for a new game because I didn’t have to break bank for someone for one day

Lexi Theriot ()

When you take a pic with the most badass pupper & realize he had a boner the whole time 🙃🙃🙃 #YouMightHaveAValentineBut @barstoolsports

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Carmen Valentina ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut you don’t have me on top of

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JayLa Inc ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut you still need to see this beauty at

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AmericanRebel ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I’ve got a French Bulldog that’s like Velcro to my butt. And I’ve got weed lol!

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Gladson0fficial🔥 ()

@Ms_Ahua @toolzbabe its better your alone an happy than in a relationship an sad #StayWoke #YouMightHaveAValentineBut

Cake Haven and Pastries ()

To all that reposted and patronized us ....we say a very big thank you We are readily available to take your orders #SaturdayMorning #YouMightHaveAValentineBut

QueenofCreepsville ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut my Valentine is my husband ❤❤❤❤❤❤ ALWAYS!!

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Demma Vega ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut they in my DMs and cheating on you. 👏🏾💁🏾‍♀️💅🏿

Ιηκ_DΞmση__ ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut really you don’t. *crawls in the corner of my room and cries *

Nina ✨ ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I spent the day comfortably in my room and then ate dinner with a close friend with no pressure 🥳💛

Mari Hamill ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut We all know how that’s going to end.

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⁰⁵ liv ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut youngjae hasn’t posted on instagram

Luis Rosales ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut your selfishness, childish, non sensitive, cheap, jack?ss, moody, alcoholic, mean attitude won’t let me.

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𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐲 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐢𝐬 ♡ ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut but do you stan Louis Tomlinson and are you streaming #Walls every hour of everyday?

Alison Hager ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I got the gym and workout gainz 💪 #ValentinesDayGifts

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K is really missing stray kids ()

#youmighthaveavalentinebut Stray kids has THE Minho so who’s the real winner here

Melissa Seaburg ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I have this song to keep me crying for the whole night via @YouTube

Catie ()

Just heard my neighbors break up in the stairwell. What a magical evening. #happyvalentines2020 #youmighthaveavalentinebut

Bosley ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I have 2 hands and a bottle of whiskey, neither of which complain! 😂❤️Me

Monty Del Luca (I live on the second floor...) ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I have this coat. If rolled up tightly and left on the floor heater for about 18 minutes, it makes for an excellent makeshift vagina.

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Mistress Hu ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut how much does that matter when you’re locked in chastity?

Peter Schenectady ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I’m about to have a threesome with anxiety & depression. So, my night is clearly full.

SW CO DragonX ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut I’ve got a couple of sweet rides 🌊

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Medic Dave ()

#YouMightHaveAValentineBut love and affection never created great art. I’m getting close to DaVinci levels of angst and isolation. Caio Bella

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