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Being a musician must be hard. Producing a song and not knowing how it will be received by the masses. Putting in all the work…….late nights,early mornings and the song doesn’t get fans constantly asking for a new song. It’s hard..

dual-wield, doubleshot 3k, songxue ☕️ xue yang has two swords. song lan thinks this is probably overkill for a coffee-run ☕️ reincarnating next to your enemy so often they become (or maybe something more?) ☕️ a gift for @sheepandpencils 💕.

@ZAGABOND i went from doing work to debating on dropping everything and going to CRSSD because of your song choice thanks a lot.

Some dude asked whats your fav Em song about love/relationships and I said Stan am I a genius ⁉️.

@walking_on_by Here is a song to listen to on loop while you walk. Also after 50km you will need to at least change your shirt..

Ready to enjoy @eltonofficial at the @WhiteHouse Hoping he plays Your Song as it’s Grace & mine wedding song..

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My son is trying to make up his own lyrics to 1D songs but he’s six so I had to break it to him that there’s not actually a One Direction song about pooping your pants..

Literally Cba with people making noise and sniggering at certain bits of the film. Boring. Your fave song is probably watermelon sugar high x.

K-POP RANKING TOP 10 24 /Pink Venom /After LIKE /Attention BOYS/WHISPER ´ GENERATION/FOREVER1 /SNEAKERS /Your Song /Girls × Sam Kim/Nap Fairy /PLAY #kpop #Ranking.

I’m in Africana Studies rn, and the professor just started singing “this land is your land…” I completely forgot about that song and it’s so weird how we were taught that in elementary and this isn’t even our land fr🤔.

@haleyckurz I grew with a song that says cast me not away from your presence oh Lord, take not your holy spirit from etc.. if we look into such songs I feel like they are emotionally manipulative songs,coined from the scripture but not rooted in our newness in Christ reality.

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