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Everyone talking about Yung Berg rebranding to Hitmaka and applauding Ummm am I the only one who remembers his domestic violence charges from the first season of Love and Hip & Hop???.

Ray J brings out Yung Berg for ‘Sexy Can I’ during #Verzuz battle! 🔥.

Y’all must’ve forgot yung berg is hitmaka…nigga got his chain snatched and rebranded himself.


@dopelikcoke Oh and I learned that Yung Berg didn’t die he just became Hitmaker. Had no idea until this Verzus.

@PrettiMika Pleasure p got ped0 cases & yung berg is a woman abuser , they dont even needa be anywhere but behind sum BARS !.

@Vh1 pick and choose who and what people do to terminate When yung berg abused @masikakalysha in that hotel room with no cameras he got fired, when lil scrappy hit Erica Pinkett IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS they blacked the screen out and kept scrappy😒.

@Dwaaynie Haven’t seen the whole joint, eye only seen Yung Berg and Ray J performance 😂 Who won?.

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