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19 QBs have been selected in the past 2 NFL Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe are currently the only two with winning records. (h/t r/nfl).

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That’s my QB. All you Real Housewives of Foxboro who were chanting for Bailey Zappe should be shunned by society.

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Llevo dos semanas anunciando que Bailey Zappe retoma la titularidad. Cuando creo que Mac Jones crece, nos regala la basura de partido que está jugando esta noche. ¿Es hora de volver con Zappe? #ForeverNE.

@DJ_Bean Zappe started 4% of patriots games during this span of 44 games but accounts for 8% of their passing touchdowns and 13% of their passing yards #KenjacStatOfTheWeek.

Bailey Zappe ordered to remain hooked up to his Mike White machine for at least the next 72 hours.

@TheBg_12 I can’t wait for the day when the zappe meat riders will realize that your starter can have a few bad games and that’s ok. Because eventually mac is going to play like he did tonight every night and I have a lot of confidence in him to do that.

Zappe isn’t the answer. Y’all forget that when Brady took over for Bledsoe the Pats had just signed Bledsoe to a 10 year, $103 mil contract. Once he got hurt, Brady came in and kept the job. Zappe didn’t keep the job. Argument done, you’re not smarter than Belichick..

Hand up- I gave patricia a lot of flowers for the Zappe games and he has put a lot more bad than good calls out there since. Time to hand that over to somebody else. The OL needs the attention anyhow with all the rotation and injuries..

Patriots fans for 20 years: “That’s what I love about Belichick, he always plays the best player, no matter what.” Those same Patriots fans after Mac almost throws for 400 yards: “Put in Zappe!”.

@Patriots He’s not the solution. We should ride with Zappe for the remainder of this failed season then take a one-year stab at Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady. Then go searching for the longterm solution..

Mac threw for almost 400 yards and played a clean game (with a couple meh plays) and Zappe is trending lol.


@TheDTSB hell yeah, Zappe single handedly stopped the Lions from scoring, just like Tom Brady.

@morandiniblog Minable cette émission avec cette debile qui trainait au milieu du plateau, on a zappé, Cyril Announa débloque complètement,.

@NFL_TIJ Zappe would have dropped 40 on MIN with the kind of protection Mac got tonight.

Mac is regressing, maybe? I don’t know what the Pats’ deal is. Is it as simple as the complaints against Patricia suggest? Offense is tepid. I don’t think Zappe is the answer but I certainly miss the magic he brought for those beautiful few minutes..

@deuce249 @MarkDanielsPJ can he do? so many of the passing plays called tonight especially the deeps one were covered extremely well & when nothings open and you have routes running into each other what do you expect? he doesn’t have a noodle and zappe isn’t ANYWHERE NEAR mac..

@Zappe61048062 Moin Zappe-sagst wenn de da bist 😂😂Schick dann nen Träger vorbei 😉😂.

@Ironhead334 There is no comparison between Zappe and Mac. Zappe can be a solid backup in the league or maybe even lower echelon starter. That’s my opinion of his talent. Mac can be a top 8-10 starter imo..

@mariana_morales Hizo un buen partido, y entiende que es El qb de 1ra Ronda y bb lo respalda, pero yo me la jugaria con zappe, Mas dinamica, Mas vertical, y mejor tecnica en su brazo.

@NacaoPatriotsBr Se a arbitragem não tivesse prejudicado tanto nós estaríamos vivíssimos para os offs, que.

@Patriots Did you watch the 2nd half? When was the last red zone td? Yeah, I want Zappe. Jones had his chances. He’s worse than last season. Let’s try Zappe. If he doesn’t work out, get a new qb for 2023..

@TheBg_12 one day mac might go to another team, zappe stays and mac is gonna go for 476 5 tds against us and not play the whole 4th.

Bailey Zappe: 1-0 in the red uniforms Mac Jones: 0-1 in the red uniforms Tells me all i need to know 🤷‍♂️.

@PatriotsMX_ Y menos mal que no está jugando Zappe, porque cuando lo pongan y sigan los mismos problemas lo vana a matar también. Pesa mucho más el dúo Coordinador Ofensivo + OL deficiente que el QB en turno.

Deberían dejar jugar a barrosito Zappe. La neta ya no tenemos nada que perder. #ForeverNE.

@rossfromboston Zappe record. Same O Line, surrounding cast & play calling. At the very least he couldn’t possibly be worse than this deer in the headlights. Jones can’t decide if he wants to freeze up or run for his life. Get him out of here..

@iJordanMoore What’s he supposed to do when no one is open? Like seriously what’s he supposed to do? Don’t give me the Zappe crap bc he faced the same thing against the bears..

@ericfisher They really need to use zappe over Mac Jones. The offense actually moves with zappe leading.

@ulisesharada @mariana_morales La gente coreaba Zappe varias veces en el estadio, después de abuchear a Jones..


@Gersh4444 @barstoolsports Fire Patricia. Yes. However, Zappe is definitely not the answer. Mac is more than serviceable when their is competent play calling, a line that doesn’t collapse in under 3 seconds, and when his receivers are able to get separation. All 3 being consistently inconsistent rn..

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