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Know how to hold a camera and press play? Barstool is currently looking for camera guys. Not enough camera guys. #zillonbeers

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i don’t ever tweet. but @DanaB_Number3 and this #zillonbeers week has been the most joy i’ve ever seen on the internet. congrats to you bud.

Danielle ()

Making sure my kid is on the right side of history. #zillonbeers #viva

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Alberto Valdez ()

@DanaB_Number3 bought some merch #zillonbeers merch on Wednesday and thought if it’s close on Sunday I’ll buy more. But after seeing the generosity you’ve shown, I can’t help but not buy more merch. Congrats on hitting that 1 mil #MillionOfZillions

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Jamie Gallagher ()

I hope @DanaB_Number3 sells a zillion dollars in #zillonbeers merch. All while bringing that dude’s girl to a Vegas penthouse before he kicks his ass at RNR. A cause I can get behind.

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Paul Bissonnette ()

@DanaB_Number3 OMG what is going on ????? This is getting insane. I’ve been away for like a day from this whole #zillonbeers thing. So much has happened. I feel like I missed a fucking month.

Chad Case ()

I’m trying to explain #zillonbeers to my wife and she couldn’t give a fuck less. But I feel the magic. She’s a grown up they can’t feel magic. @DanaB_Number3 #ZillionBeers

Corey W. Smith ()

This run @DanaB_Number3 is having on #zillonbeers on the content/marketing is just unreal.

Andrew Marro ()

I clicked on @DanaB_Number3 profile expecting to see a few hundred thousand followers. The man is 2,000 followers away from 100,000k. Let’s get him to 100,000 he’s earned it. #zillonbeers @barstoolsports #BrickByBrick

Landyn Van Winkle ()

Zillion beers has been an incredible ride. Just what this country needed. @DanaB_Number3 #zillonbeers

Bob248002 ()

@DanaB_Number3 Seeing you do what you did should inspire everybody in the world. Through hard work and determination anything can be done. Well done sir, congratulations! #zillonbeers to the moon!

Jeff Ross ()

I’m trying to explain #zillonbeers to my fiancé and the further I get the more I can’t believe this is all actually real. Congrats @DanaB_Number3 and shoutout @stoolpresidente galaxy brain marketing by you two.

Cody Cameron ()

The #zillonbeers race to a million is easily the greatest human accomplishment in the modern era @stoolpresidente @DanaB_Number3

Joe ()

This whole movement is one of the craziest things I’ve seen. This is why I fucking love @barstoolsports #zillonbeers

Justin ()

@stoolpresidente Fuck. This company seems awesome. Let’s make video game podcast. I’ll figure it out over a #zillonbeers

Daniel Ripple ()

In the name of true love and charity @DanaB_Number3 #zillonbeers

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Matt Ste Claire ()

@DanaB_Number3 Have a good time in Vegas! 🎯🍻🤘🏼#zillonbeers

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Hunter J LaBat ()

@DanaB_Number3 marketing classes will teach about this week for years to come. Congrats #zillonbeers got me to come back not once, but 2 more times #ToTheMoon

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Pat Lane ()

Dana just smacked the Internet around and made it call him Daddy all week. Now he’s donating all the money he earned from that to charity. How can you not root for the kid?? @DanaB_Number3 #zillonbeers #ToTheMoon

Ricky Nelson ()

Watching the #zillonbeers campaign has been unbelievably entertaining. Pure legend moves.

Cory ()

True Life: I bought a zillion beers shirt. @DanaB_Number3 @barstoolsports #zillonbeers #ZillyZilly

Russ ()

@darrenrovell dude sells $1 mil + in #zillonbeers merch at @barstool in 7 days, gets a tattoo of a beer can, and then Bud Light makes a six pack of his tattoo as the can Legend

AK ()

The #zillonbeers movement has been so amazing to watch. Sitting in bed on Valentine’s Day watching @DanaB_Number3 life become the American dream. Love it!

TomDom ()

From humble beginnings to zillionaire. @DanaB_Number3 has proven he is an American treasure. #zillonbeers

SoreLosersLock$ ()

Not sure how many of you are following #zillonbeers from @DanaB_Number3 thing but I think @sznraymundo needs to release a Zillion Claws shirt.

Joel Vendittelli ()

How could you not love @DanaB_Number3, Congratulations on hitting 1M$ Had to grab a piece of history. #zillonbeers

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Tim Breau ()

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life #zillonbeers

Simp ()

Let’s fucking gkooooooo!!! #zillonbeers to the god damn moon!!!

Jane ()

Can you imagine being this douche Keegan? He legit is trying to get clout off his ex girlfriend. Does he not know everyone supports @DanaB_Number3 #zillonbeers #ZillyZilly

Brandon ()

Unbelievable. congrats @DanaB_Number3 What a fucking week. @roughnrowdy is going to be amazing. DollarStoreDana is gonna get wrecked by #zillonbeers Dana

Kmarko ()

Know how to hold a camera and press play? Barstool is currently looking for camera guys. Not enough camera guys. #zillonbeers

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