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Updated: October 15th, 2021 04:44 AM IST

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David Griffin says Zion Williamson said surgeons reviewed scans and he is cleared for the next step. “No fixed timeline”for return to game action. Next scans will be weeks. Zion will not be on the floor for the first week of games.

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Today marks the 200th Anniversary of the historic Zion Lutheran Church in Saddle River NJ. Congratulations and God Bless!

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Creo que Zion le entro a los tamales con todo estas vacaciones 🤣 #GnzSneakersMx #Nba

Zion Photo,Zion Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

It sounds this Pels spaces was something else, and I missed it. What a moment in Pels Twitter history. Also, Zion… 😢

@ElJJJdeBelgrano @husslev para mi ese es el punto. Ja quizas no tenga numeros tan espectaculares como los de Zion, pero en su primer año jugó play in, y este ya jugó playoffs. Se nota que es bueno él y hace buenos a todos.

S2 | 𝗛𝗛𝗦 14 - 7 𝗪𝗙𝗛𝗦 Zion Long goes up for the fast-action KILL for #HeritageVB to put the #HuskiesUp by seven! @ starting to look like a football score?👀

@bombogoon Yeah prolly and Zion won’t want to go if RJ is in it either so we move

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@ElJJJdeBelgrano @MaxiYTBasket Ja es buenísimo, pero Zion lo tiene todo para ser generacional. Es más versátil Morant, pero la capacidad anotadora y eficiente que Zion me parece ridículamente buena.

If you’re not worried about Zion you didn’t live to watch Larry Johnson in his prime

Didn’t get a chance to ask you a question during the space earlier @adaniels33. How many adjustments do you think that Willie has to make now without that hole where Zion would be?

On Mount Zion, there shall be deliverance and the people shall possess their possessions

@zionheadlines Yeah that’s what I mean tbh cause if the fans completely turn on Zion then he’s most likely gonna want out.

@buchi2xtimes @LakerFern i didn’t word that too well, i was moreso talking about his body fat % rather than overall weight/mass. zion can be 280 with 9% body fat which is reasonable for him to maintain, of course that 280 can still be tough on joints that have already undergone multiple surgeries

mano, botava mow fézona no Zion 😪 é muita diferença em pouco tempo e pra um cara que tá voltando de lesão praticamente, o joelhão ai vai gritar. pode fazer o fortalecimento que for, o cara pula pra cacete, gira muito que é outra coisa que exige um joelhão bemmm sadio

@thesoulman57 @adaniels33 The Pels fans in that spaces r something else. They way they r treating zion like Ben Simmons is unreal

BREAKING: Texas Teachers fear being required to keep a copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on hand for balance.

@DidiForDpoy Couldn’t agree more bro. This fan base is completely hating on zion now too. Wat a disgrace

@AD_GQ @HSajwanization Given inflation in the US, it really puts perspective on how weak TRY is.

the same people that ran the wilds cast off social media ran victoria pedretti too and are going to run zion moreno off twitter

@D_Lubofsky I’ll take the under on Zion games played for this year and every year. Regardless of what the actual number would be.

Pelicans fans mad Zion don’t be out in the streets of NOLA. I ain’t never seen RJ at the Rucker but that’s still my guy. Obi had Quick out Dyckman which is great NY energy but I mean it’s a damn pandemic & they mad don’t don’t be out in the streets. They pushing out their talent.

decimated with injuries. This a overall better shooting team than and I believe they’re still gonna be close in some of these games before Zion gets back, but they gonna be fighting for a spot in the end. Not really being negative or positive about them rn, just gonna

Remember when I said Zion will not stay healthy because the way he plays and his size?

@HKhan2K Some FACTS about AD‼️ - 4x Injured player of the year ✅ - 5x Missed the playoffs✅ - 2x lost in the first round - 0-1 in the finals✅ - Carried by Lebron✅ - never scored 60+✅ - Needs a superteam✅ - Worse than Zion✅ ADisney is NOT top 50 all time‼️

Such a tough luck situation. Still feel like he’ll get past these injury issues like Steph did, but having to tie your franchise for the next 4 years to this risk sucks for the Pelicans #nba #zion

@ole_frerks Müssen wir uns Sorgen machen, dass Griffin keine spezifische Jahreszahl nennt? Beim Season Opener 2022 dann: Hey, ich hab doch gesagt, dass Zion rechtzeitig fit ist

When asked for books that offer an opposing viewpoint for the Holocaust, teachers were given examples of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf. That’s a joke, but these viewpoint laws are inviting Holocaust denial into schools.

I saw a Zion media day picture and I must admit I’m a tad concerned. Boy looks like he’s picked up about 10lbs 🤦🏾‍♂️

Hace unos años dije que no me gustaba Zion para ser el escogido para convertirlo en jugador franquicia. Su físico no me parecía una garantía. Atlético, potente, talentoso, pero no creía que fuera duradero y eso también es importante cuando se selecciona. #MiOpinion

@DylanFrew6 @HoopsTalk13 2019-20 is the team that could’ve made the playoffs with a healthy Zion. They still could’ve if the season wasn’t postponed. They had the easiest schedule of the remaining teams fighting for 8th. Last season was a coaching/roster construction problem. Set them up for failure

David Griffin says Zion Williamson said surgeons reviewed scans and he is cleared for the next step. “No fixed timeline”for return to game action. Next scans will be weeks. Zion will not be on the floor for the first week of games.

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