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the completely broken 2k12 & 2k13 over the masterpiece that was 2k11 is crazy! 2k11 was the only sports game I remember that was nominated from pretty much every game of the year award.

2k11 is in its own class 2K16 and 2K12 are a tier below 2k17, 2K15 below that then rest.

Finally dropped this NBA 2k11 Banger!.

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@NBAMemes Half the people here never even played 2k11 so they have no say. I’ve played all and hands down that’s the best. It went downhill from that. It sucks ps+ went down for a couple months during that game.

@NBAMemes It actually goes 2k16 2k11 2k14 2k20 then whatever you want to put for the rest of the list..

2k11 is probably on the list of top 100 games of the entire decade stfu nba memes.

2K11 and 2K12 tied for first. Everything else is competing for second.

2K11 was the greatest basketball game of all time 13 2nd… 90s kids know😤.

2k11 was the best because you could continue a players career in my player instead of making a player yourself. Never added it again.

Hell nahhhhh. 1. 2k17 2. 2k19 3. 2k16 pre speedboost patch 4. 2k15 5. 2k11 6. 2k14 7. 2k13 8. 2k12 9. 2k20 10. 2k18.

2k11, 12, and 13 was peak 2k for me. After those, it just kept getting worse. You best believe I had the Larry Bird cover of 2k12 tho..

@SplashEdition 2K11 gotta be number 1 fr and Yeah 15-17 were good for the time being but if it was released today mfs wouldn’t like it cause after few months glitches and exploits hella stuff was broken 💯.

2k11 is the best 2k of all time and it’s never gonna be topped.

1: 2k16 2:2k11 3:2k14 4:2k15 5:2k12 6:2k13 7:2k17 8:2k19 9:2k20 10:2k18 This the only correct list.

@NBAMemes 2k11 is by far the best just because it’s the foundation for every 2k since. Before 11, 2k was a completely different game and 11 is the reason NBA Live is dead and we’re all playing 2k.

Horrible list🤦🏽‍♂️ 2k11 is by far the best one & I’ve never met somebody that actually played 2k12.

@NBAMemes 2K17 is straight ass wtf. i’ll fix it rn 1. 2K13 2. 2K14 3. 2K11 4. 2K12 5. 2K16 6. 2K15 7. 2K20 8. 2K19 9. 2K18 10. 2K17.

My all time fave 2K is 2k11. First 2k to integrate the Making a Legend feature. But honestly the order could be chronological because it’s gotten just a tad bit worse with each year..

None of the games in the top are better than 2K11 so why is it listed like that.

Obviously 2K11 should #1 but why is that atrocity 2K18 even on this list 🤢 Then to have it above 2K19 is blasphemous 🤦🏾‍♂️.


2K11 was one of the greatest games ever. I wish I could go back and play it for the first time again.

this list is absolutely atrocious. 2k11 not being number 1 automatically disqualified this list from further contention..

Yoooo that 2k11 where you replayed Jordans memorable games was awesome AF. @KSMedia13 @HicksEric7.

Disrespectful to put 2K11 at 4th place. My view may be skewed cause I played that one the most, but I know what I said.

No. Because 2K11 was the best one. Also, the 2000’s is the reason why the world isn’t playing NBA Live instead, 2K1 was important..

Ain’t no way 2k20 last 2k18 is last 2k16 or 2k11 is 1st to me.

@NBAMemes Y’all must not remember how good 2k11 was or was too young to play it lol.

Y’all really put 2k11 at #4 cuz y’all wanna be different so bad 😂. 2K11 greates of all time. Check the cover 🤷🏽‍♂️.


@NBAMemes 2k11 was literally the greatest, blacktop, celebs in the game, Jordan moments, the my player draft was random instead of just picking your team,.

2K11 was the best by far. They nailed the MJ mode, the dribbling/post mechanics was the most satisfying. I played the hell out of franchise mode with D Rose and the bulls. Lol Boozer, Noah, and Deng were great! I played this game even when 2k13 was out..

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