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The best place to celebrate #PiDay is always in my beloved adopted city of St. Louis. #314Day.

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Thank YOU and @soulsofliberty for making it happen. ✨ For those that missed the #314Day conversation, you can still listen to it online 👉.

I had no idea that I lived in a world where some people celebrate Pi Day with PIZZA pie!?!!? How could you!? I *le sigh* #PiDay #314Day.

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happy #314Day 💛💙💛💙 there’s nothing i love more than st. louis, my home 🏡.

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If you see this go subscribe to my YouTube channel I would really appreciate it! #bo4 oh & its pie day make sure u eat a pizza today! #314Day.

Is it true that people in Wisconsin put cheese on top of apple pies? 🤣 #314Day #PiDay.

314day so I threw a discount code on the site 4 the ppl. 22% OFF Code: 314.

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✨✨My new single #Stars prod by @AkedaKeyz is out now lovelies. ✨💜🧚🏽‍♀️ I hope you find some peace this mornin 💞 I hope you find it here. ✨ #314Day.

The best place to celebrate #PiDay is always in my beloved adopted city of St. Louis. #314Day.

Happy Pi Day!!!! Post a picture of your favorite pie to celebrate. Pecan Pie #PiDay #314Day.

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Yesterday I discovered that while the rest of the world celebrates #PiDay St. Louis celebrates #314Day and I guess I’m about to find out what that entails..

happy #314Day STL! we straight coined a whole ass holiday that our parents didn’t even know about! that’s so tight to me!.

Im from where temporary tags don’t expire 😁 #314Day.

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Zamówiłem sobie takie kości za 449 zł, dzięki @xkom_pl 😀 #314Day.

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Luckily I took this snapshot on what happened to be one of the few days a year that the sun sets behind the Arch when viewed from Monks Mound. Sold it to a postcard co. on the basis of a caption about how the confluence of two great rivers sustained two great cities-Happy #314Day.

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#HappyPiDay #314Day.

@ksdknews My favorite thing in the #STL is our @GatewayArchSTL Have a great #314Day St. Louis!.

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#314Day is an actual holiday for all the hating ass people saying its made up 😒😂 Damn dummies.

It’s #314Day I’m from the Lou and I’m proud❤️❤️❤️.

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こんな日に限って人身事故で電車遅れてる( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ^ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀  ) 中野サンプラザが遠く感じる•́ε•̀٥ ホワイトデーだけど、私にしたら長年特別な日!! 早くつかないかなぁ~ #中野サンプラザ #314Day.

How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after that heavy lecture involving quantum mechanics. Happy Pi Day! #314Day.

Happy #314DAY | to help me celebrate I hit up some homies and made some dope music. Not to mention I just love this city so I did it for the hell of it. Get a half order special with a….

All praises to The Most High for blessing me to see 22 today 🙏🏽😊🎈 I owe everything to Him, simple as that. ESPECIALLY for getting me through the toughest point of my life up to this point last year. Super thankful 😊 s/o to @StephenCurry30 & @Simone_Biles as well ! #314Day.

In honor of #314Day , I’m getting me some Chinaman & a fruit punch vess 🥰.

All y’all country ass Kansas City mofos better keep y’all mouths shut #314Day.

@totaltroutmove and @sarahkendzior are responsible for trending #314Day in America. I make no mistakes..

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