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Would you have already left? #90DayFiance.

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I can’t stand watching Angela abuse I don’t care what he did wrong it’s not right and shame on @TLC for condoning it and not putting up a 😡😡😡 #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Day #90DayFiance.

#90DayFiance Darcey accepted! Not a proposal 😂🤣 Just a follow from Chrissy Teigen🤭.

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Darcey, SHUT THE FU*K UP with all the marriage it’s so very off-putting, desperate and downright embarrassing. Give it a rest and grow up 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄#90DayFianceBeforeThe90Day #90DayFiance.

I feel sorry for Avery’s mom 🤧 I wouldn’t be able to watch my child be so naive #90DayFiance.

Please @TLC No More Caesar and the phony story. #90DayFiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days.

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I honestly wish there was some way to get Michael a visa on his own so he doesn’t have to put up with Angela smh #90DayFiance.

Something is very off about Rebecca. She is clearly unwell mentally. #90DayFiance.

#90DayFiance What gets me the most is people in foreign lands on this show think ALL Americans are RICH? Boy are they in for a surprise! Bahahahahaha.

Less than an hour until Pillow Talk. Not watching the pregnant teens. #90DayFiance.

Would you have already left? #90DayFiance.

@chrissyteigen Why do I feel like you’re talking about me? Smh I don’t even shop at Kohl’s. 😂😂 #90DayFiance #BeforeThe90Days.

Ok I know everyone loves Angela but she is abusive and controlling. If Michael was a woman people would be begging her to get out of the relationship. #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #90DayFiance.

This ad really captured the Johnson Family Essence: 1 - An empty bottle of JB w/accompanying mug. 2 - The latest in SWern home decor. 3 - A cat w/a tray of toys. 4 - Debbie’s killer brows. 5 - Colt’s infamous red shirt. 6 - Cause wouldn’t that be some shit? 🤣 #90DayFiance.

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#90DayFiance Is 90 Day Fiance Jenny & Sumit catfish and married storyline a lie! Rumors outed by alleged cousin.

It’s hard to believe there’s a twin to who can deal with twice the annoyance. #90DayFiance #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Days.

I feel like people who dont watch #90DayFiance or any of its spin offs are really missing out on life..

Hmmmm. Call on my cellphone from Tunisia. Zied??? Dat you??? #90dayfiance.

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#90DayFiance When one small gift could have changed Shoutout to @90daydumpsterfire for this amazing meme..

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The truth comes out! Tune in to #90DayFiance: Before the 90 Days Sunday at 8/7c..

caesar should be on catfish. neve would get to the bottom of this foolishness in one #90DayFiance.

I’m not trying to be shady but these two are such an odd looking couple. He looks like the chick and she looks like the dude. Something is just slightly off about 🤔 @theducator23 #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Day #90DayFiance.

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When you find out your bank account and fiancé are both #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Day #90DayFiance.

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My poor WHY!?!?!?#90DayFianceBeforeThe90Day #90DayFiance.

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Of course Angela is involved in a street brawl within 10 minutes of arriving. We definitely are not sending our 🤦🏼‍♀️ #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Day #90DayFiance.

These memes and comments are funny as Hell. It’s more fun reading the comments than watching the train wreck of a show. #90dayfiance.

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