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  • SK Brijwani of Jaipur lost Rs. 1.20 lakh to an Aadhaar linking scam -

  • Aadhaar services disrupted in Pune -

  • 10,767 lose pension in Faridabad because #AadhaarFail -

  • The monster called Aadhaar that the morons in the government have unleashed upon us.

  • @nixxin @livemint @NandanNilekani #Omg so another cartel exposed the amount used to create and implement #Aadhaar is far more than money saved by it that is the reason UK destroyed their citizen biometric data a decade back..!!.

  • #AadhaarAlerts #Aadhar #Aadhaar Delink

    #Aadhaar twitter.
  • @UIDAI @Shailen_Bhyan Mil toh fir bhi jayegi jaankari kisi ki bhi, aadhaar is not secure at all. Secure it first. Kindly tell me if all the flaws showed in this video are true

  • Is Aadhaar database safe for of those who r taking subsidy? Ration , LPG, Farming etc. subsidy with Aadhaar only : So more than 90% of population already under Aadhaar Then why SC allowed d exemption to 10% of citizens who holds more than 2/3 of wealth of the country #Benami.

  • When Modi wants you to link everything with Aadhaar.

  • 10,767 lose pension in Faridabad because #AadhaarFail via @AadhaarFAIL.

  • Deadline for linking #Aadhaar with bank accounts and mobile phones extended

  • @Paytm Stop fooling people. Your agents are not accepting any ID except Aadhaar and biometrics. Shame on you, @Paytm.

  • Deadline for linking #Aadhaar with bank accounts and mobile phones extended

  • @gopisharada Hi, As per the new guidelines, Non-KYC users cannot send money to other Paytm users or bank account. Now you can complete your Paytm KYC through Aadhaar based OTP, by going to your nearest center or by scheduling a home visit (limited service).>>.

  • @NSDLeGovernance I am getting this error (2 failed tries) "Your e-KYC based request has failed due to length of address present in Aadhaar exceeds the maximum length of address accepted in PAN Application form." suggest me what to do?.

  • Aadhaar linking still needed for these services

  • @shamnad This tweet you pointed to shows how this system is absolutely nuts. No reason they couldn’t give her the grain if another citizen vouches for her, put a note in the file to resolve her identity later. Aadhaar very poorly thought out..

  • Aadhaar data: French hacker exposes flaws in its Android app, asks ... - Business Today - Noticias hacker

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  • @fs0c131y @UIDAI @ceo_uidai @UIDAI Do you really think that linking your #Aadhaar card with the bank account should be done, trying to simplify things leading to maybe over complicating them. @deja_hmz.

  • बन्दर के हाथ में नारियल दे दिए अब आधार से जोड़ के देख रहे हैं, काम करता है कि नहीं!!! 🤔 अरे! ये तो मज़ाक था!!! #Aadhaar.

  • #Jama #MutualFunds #Investment Have You Linked Your Aadhar Card To Your Portfolio Yet..? Read more..

    #Aadhaar twitter.
  • महाराष्ट्र : कुएं में सैंकड़ों आधार कार्ड फेंके हुए मिले, जांच के आदेश:

  • SC extends deadline to link Aadhaar to mobile, bank accounts - Star of Mysore

  • Download AADHAAR How to Download AADHAAR CARD Without Any Details in telugu -

    #Aadhaar twitter.
  • Linking #Aadhaar to everything (phone, bank, PAN, birth, death, kundli, chai ki dukaan ka udhaar, shaadi ka invitation) now is indefinitely extended. This means that the messages prompting us to link will continue indefinitely. #JaiHind.

  • @ikrsankar Please check this..

  • @fs0c131y are you secretly Indian? 😀 "Given the vigilante’s focus and interest in India and the Indian system, it’s highly probable that the “French researcher’ identity is just a diversionary tactic, which is commonplace among the hacker community"

  • @vinod_sharma Probably they were busy linking #Aadhaar to what not, searching at least one operational ATM, finding out how much extra money from their salary will go off this month due to @narendramodi cess etc..

  • Aadhaar Hearing [Day 17] Subjecting Human Beings To Biometric Authentication Not Different From Experiments In Guinea Pigs: KV Viswanathan To SC | Live Law via @livelawindia.

  • @Warrior_7774 Hi, you can complete your Paytm KYC through Aadhaar based OTP, by going to your nearest center or by scheduling a home visit (limited service). Click on KYC icon in your Paytm app to get started>>.

  • Media coverage of one of the most important SC cases (#Aadhaar) which has impact on every Indian has got superficial coverage in Media. @IndiaToday @ndtv @republic

  • @shubHASHISH via @CounterviewNet.

  • Aadhaar services disrupted in Pune via @AadhaarFAIL.

  • “I Look Pathetic in Aadhaar Card”- Priya Varrier Confesses | Roshan | Oru Adaar love....