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The Aaronson pressure makes it happen 💪 🎥» @NBCSportsSoccer.

I’ve never been so nervous for a @LUFC game before. Good first impressions go a long, long way so I’m really pulling for Tyler Adams and Brenden Aaronson to put their stamp on things in their first-ever starts in the #PremierLeague today versus Wolves. LFG! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

Rob Usry
Rob Usry

I love it when Twitter accounts with Brenden Aaronson profile pics rant about how trash and useless MLS is.

Leeds midfielder Brenden Aaronson laughs as debut goal in 2-1 win against Wolves is taken back.

2 - Two pairs of American teammates (A. Robinson & T. Ream for Fulham, T. Adams & B. Aaronson for Leeds) are starting Premier League matches on a single day for the first time since April 19, 2008 (Convey & Hahnemann for Reading, Dempsey, Keller & McBride for Fulham). Buddies..

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Aaronson is going to be some player for us this season. Adams was great as well. Still would love another striker and we could win the league 🫢 #lufc.

Penny for the thoughts of Roca, Adams, Aaronson and Kristensen. Cacophony of noise inside Elland Road..

👏 Brenden Aaronson (MID - £) has been absolutely balling for Leeds United in the first half against Wolves. 📈 The American’s work rate is on a different level especially in the press. Unreal in his Premier League debut. #FPL || #LUFC.

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There’s only been one half of football & it’s daft to take too much from it but Brenden Aaronson already looks like a bit of a bargain. Certainly better than he has any right to be at 21 years of age. End product not quite there yet but his relentless pressing is great. #lufc.

Good 45 minutes New signings look solid Aaronson. Looks tricky We look dangerous Rodrigo is going to come good.

HT Budget Watch: Harrison lively and good feet Bamford good positioning Aaronson on set pieces (but not great for #FPL imo) Most Wolves attacks coming down their right - Podence, Hwang (oop FWD), and MGW all looking more involved than Neto Avoid both defences haha ❌.

Really excited to see both Tyler Adams 🇺🇸 and Brenden Aaronson 🇺🇸 make their Premier League debuts momentarily. All aboard the Leeds train 🚂 💨.

I just opened the fridge, and half expected Brendan aaronson to be in there, he was everywhere #lufc.

5 - Leeds win it high up the pitch, Bamford looks to find Aaronson in the area but the pass is cut out. 0-0.

The other big Leeds take-away from the first half, aside from Aaronson being the second coming of the messiah, is that Meslier is a legit game changer at GK..

@LUFC @Boost_Drinks Has to be aaronson or adams. Both didn’t stop all game , another level today..

Seeing Aaronson and Adams on the same side with Jesse Marsch managing.

Aaronson Photo,Aaronson Photo by Weezy ⭐️⭐️,Weezy ⭐️⭐️ on twitter tweets Aaronson Photo

@siempresosa That was my initial inclination. But I wanna see how the lads Adams and Aaronson do. 🇺🇲.

Let’s go Leeds!!! Adams and Aaronson both starting!!! 🔥 🇺🇸.

Wappingers Falls’ native and #USMNT star Tyler Adams makes his Premier League debut with Brenden Aaronson for @LUFC right now!.

Score Prediction for Leeds vs Wolves Leeds 5-1 Wolves Bamford x 3 Aaronson x 1 Kristensen x 1 #lufc #leedsunited.


@TheSquareBall Bamford’s pressing, Rodrigo’s goal, Aaronson’s over all play, all good. Rasmus looking more lightweight than anticipated. Think we’ll get murdered on the break down the wings by better teams. Glass half full..


Liking what I’m seeing. Bit of rustiness, but energy’s good. Aaronson - more please Adam’s - quietly mopping up Defence a little suss, at times, but feels like Wolves Are here for the taking.

@Leeds_Untied Aaronson is a guy isn’t he??? Best player on pitch for me so far. Roca and Adams need to communicate a bit better, if one goes the other has to sit. Missing Cooper but think him and Koch will be solid, Koch and Llorente too similar and the neither smell danger..

@beckycllns88 Aaronson looking good. Pick of the debutants for me so far. Was a good 1st half, just the defensive frailties coming up to roost again. Something that needs to be sorted ASAP by Marsch and his coaching team 💙💛💙💛.

@HiMyNameIsSeton I LOVE watching Aaronson play… it looks frenetic and high energy, but he’s sneaky intricate and has such a high IQ and feel for the game. One of my favorite young players..

@ryanjohnd83 Still need a left back that 100%shows all at sea at the back with balls over the top crhristiansen sold himself for the goal ...Harrison just Harrison Aaronson looks outstanding.

Football is BACK and Leeds have WON and Brenden Aaronson is BEAUTIFUL and life is GOOD #lufc.

All we see is a goal from Aaronson don’t care what anyone says 😆 #USMNT.

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