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Denying a women’s right to choose is not freedom. Criminalizing a woman’s choice is not brave. And I thought we were all about freedom and bravery, #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #AbortionRights.

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ریاکاری پدرسالاران و ضدّزن های فکل کراواتی امریکایی را ببینید که به بهانه‌ی حفظ جان انسان، به‌جای ممنوعیت خرید و فروش آزاد اسلحه، حق سقط جنینی که هنوز انسانی تکوین یافته نیست را از زنان می‌گیرند. کدام یک قربانی می‌گیرد؟ بیزنس شما یا حقّ میلیون‌ها زن؟ #سقط_جنین #AbortionRights.

Denying a women’s right to choose is not freedom. Criminalizing a woman’s choice is not brave. And I thought we were all about freedom and bravery, #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #AbortionRights.

Women should unequivocally have the right to choose what happens to their bodies. MY BODY. MY CHOICE. FUCK THE PATRIARCHY!!! #AbortionRights.

if a person can only survive by staying in my womb for ~9months i am in my right to refuse allowing my body to be used even though they will die. they are not entitled to my body and you cannot force me to. what’s your counter argument #AlabamaSenate ? #AbortionRights.

This has to be an infringement on human rights. #AbortionRights #Alabama women we stand with you..

Four years ago I was lambasted for this very tweet. But it is the truth. If stand against the rights of people to have an abortion, you are giving womb-bearing people less control over their bodies than you would give a corpse. #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #abortionrights.

Make no mistake this is an all out war against women. We must unite. We must fight! #AbortionRights.

An inescapable fact that the less concern a state has for education, medical care, social justice the more likely it is to oppose #AbortionRights. #Alabama has one of the highest levels of child mortality and cervical cancer in the US..

My 📌📌📌 thread 📌📌📌 on how many states have restrictions on #RoeVWade and what they are. Know your rights, share the details. #AbortionRights.

@Morning_Joe one in 4 woman have had or will have an abortion. Someone you know and love has had an abortion. #AlabamaAbortionBan #AbortionRights.

These 25 men, who will never be pregnant, just legislated more rights to rapists than to women, girls & victims of rape/incest. This is some backwards, archaic, intentionally repressive crap. Now’s not the time to be complacent. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS! #AbortionRights #Alabama.

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I’m a mom and nurse who never had an abortion. If abortion is banned, women will die. #AbortionRights These 25 white men – all Republicans – just voted to ban abortion in Alabama.

The Alabama Senate approved a measure on Tuesday that would outlaw almost all abortions in the state, setting up a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the case that recognized a woman’s constitutional right to end a pregnancy. #AbortionRights.

This is outrageous. A woman should have all power as to what happens to her body. A woman will know if she’s financially stable, prepared to look after another human being or is even ready. And when she knows those answers can do what SHE thinks is correct! #AbortionRights.

I just heard about the near-total abortion ban THAT WAS ACTUALLY APPROVED by the Alabama Senate. This is unbelievable. I’m not from there but I would really like to know how we can stop this rubbish from happening. #alabamaabortionlaw #AbortionRights.

99 YEARS ?! HOLY CRAP ALABAMA HOW CAN YOU BE ALABAMA?!?!? 😳😳😳😳 Roe was 46 YEARS AGO. But really Alabama, pass this barbarous law and all you guys will have going for you anymore is your football that’s right they lost. Welp. #AlabamaSenate #AbortionRights.

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Think America, especially #Alabama is sniffing some serious glue at the moment in terms of its #AbortionRights.

I wonder how many of these men had to A) Give birth in general B) Give birth after being raped #AbortionRights.

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So disheartened to read about #Alabama this morning. What a significant step backwards. #AbortionRights.

Regressive. Draconian. White male privilege at it’s absolute worst. #Alabama #AbortionRights.

Dear #Alabama you are you meet go back to factory settings #AbortionRights.

hi I’m angry & you should be too #AbortionRights.

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@ErynnBrook @celticriverside Most of these men, have only been taught by their peers in their teens, the Wombat method, of female sexual relationships! That style taints their relationships for life, and u have th attributes of American male politicians, who pass these laws.#AbortionRights.

If this scares you, donate to the only organization in Canada dedicated to abortion access: @AbortionRights.

This thread is making the rounds, so just a reminder that Canada has ONE national organization dedicated to abortion advocacy & it has been fighting CCBR on a shoestring budget for yeaaaaaaars. So maybe the thousands of people who RTed this could donate to @AbortionRights?.

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