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The #Jets name coach Adam Gase interim GM as they search for a new one. Clearly, Gase will be heavily involved in the new person in charge of personnel..

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@ProFootballTalk @PFTPMPosse Why does Adam Gase have friction everywhere he goes?.

Adam Gase’s career record is 23-26. What the hell has he done to earn so much power?.

#Jets fire general manager Mike Maccagnan as Adam Gase grabs power via @nypostsports.

New York Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan; name coach Adam Gase acting GM..

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@Im_Scoots @VictionaryHD That’s not the problem tho. Your owner just chose a HC over a GM and now 2 of your star players know their HC thinks they’re overpaid. Adam Gase has way too much power now.

@AaronLemingNFL Adam Gase will never head coach in the NFL again after this. You definitely don’t want to piss off the GM circle in this league..

@JonHeyman If the Jets are putting all their hopes on the shoulders of Adam Gase, they are surely in store for a huge letdown. The man simply hasn’t proven anything significant yet in the NFL..

Fucking Jets better have a good season if they fire their GM after all of this. Putting Adam Gase in charge? Might be yikes of the year.


Time for me to eat some humble I’ll admit it I didn’t believe the reports that Adam Gase & Mike Maccagnan did not get along. Not a fan of this move because of the timing but you were right @mlombardiNFL & @TonyPauline. #Jets.

Why are people so scared of Adam Gase .. he has now put fear in 2 front offices @DanHanzus.

Jets Ownership - “I don’t know Adam, feels like a bad time to let Mike go. Maybe we could see how this season goes first.” Adam Gase - “Looooook intooooo myyyyy eeeyyyeeeesssss!!!”.

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Damn kfcbarstool Adam Gase looks super excited to be with the Jets 😂😂 barstoolsports @stoolpresidente #WhenYoureInOverYourHead #WhatDoIDoNow.

Adam Gase has done nothing besides getting an approval from Peyton Manning to deserve taking over a football team and winning a power struggle in a 4 months time frame #Jets.

Woody Johnson and Adam Gase must have the same coke 👀.

Adam Gase has to be one of the worst Head Coaches to ever be given GM Duties as well. Certainly in the last 25-30 years when that’s become less common. Even a guy like Rich Kotite had some 10 win seasons under his belt before becoming a GM..

Jets Fire General Manager Mike Maccagnan, Name Adam Gase Interim GM.

Adam gase didn’t want leveon Bell Hahahahhahaha how do you think Leveon gonna play now.

@Merk256 To be fair, as long as Adam Gase is doing GM duties, I continue to not be worried..

@Taub21 @nyjets Whenever you have the opportunity to hand your franchise to Adam Gase you have to it..

Jets have fired general manager Mike Maccagnan; Adam Gase to serve as acting GM.

Jets doing Jets things. I knew Adam Gase was going to get everything his way. I hope he does not end up making the Jets like he did with the Fins. Smh. #SameOldJets.

@nyjets @NYJetsLife24 Also what had Adam gase done to earn a GM position, nothing but lose..

The Jets fired their GM, so everyone made the same Adam Gase joke. 👀.

The #Jets name coach Adam Gase interim GM as they search for a new one. Clearly, Gase will be heavily involved in the new person in charge of personnel..

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