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Fear The Revolt F*ck The Rest This is For The Revolution #FTR #AEWDynamite

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Tiffany Castagna ()

My brain is thinking all sorts of long term after last night’s #AEWDynamite, but that’s the best thing. Watching & continuing to think about it & come up with theories. IF Cody were to lead a modern Four Horsemen, imagine if we got Blood & The Elite vs The Horsemen. 😳

Pocket Enthusiast ()

Oh my god, Sammy Guevara got everyone participation trophies. And gets The “Hit Me Up” mobile. Amazing. #AEWDynamite

Reece Kelley Graham ()

million YouTube views in under 24 hours. A huge spike on Google Trends. Almost every major sports website taking notice. Mike Tyson’s appearance on #AEWDynamite gained the promotion massive mainstream attention that could help expand its casual audience. That’s the goal.

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Alejandro Gómez ()

El análisis de #AEWDynamite se reduce a esto: Mike Tyson. Ya está. Es el ejemplo de cómo tirar por la borda un buen show. Quincuagenario, exconvicto, presuntuoso, desnortado y abyecto. Un ‘main event’ lamentable desde todos los ángulos. Vergüenza ajena.

Tobias Enke ()

VERDAMMT @ThumbtackJack - wie ist uns der denn entgangen? #AEWDynamite

Authors of Wrestling ()

#AEWDynamite had 827,000 viewers which is way up from last weeks 701,000 viewers. ⠀ #WWENXT brought in 731,000 viewers which is way up from last weeks 592,000 viewers.

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All Elite Wrestling on TNT ()

The #ExplosiveMomentOfTheWeek from #AEWDynamite: FTR made a statement on their first AEW appearance. What do you think the future has in store for them? 😏 Watch the latest episode on the @tntdrama app:

NoDQ.com: WWE Backlash 2020 news #AEWDON ()

Chris Jericho comments on if Mike Tyson can do a match in #AEW #AEWDynamite

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Stephen Jensen ()

LIVE RIGHT NOW w/ @jessithebuckeye to talk FTR, Tyson vs. Jericho, #AEWDynamite and more! JOIN THE CHAT!

🧞‍♂️UndeadAustin🧞‍♂️ ()

Mixed feelings quite honestly, I wouldn’t be upset if he wasn’t on #AEW but at the same time I’d LOVE to have him on #AEWDynamite this dude just knows how to get over. Plain & simple.

WellsMania Podcast ()

My takeaways from #AEWDynamite last night: The Revival pulled a Scott Hall denim and all on the 24th Anniversary of Hall delivering his “You know who I am, but you don’t know why I’m here” promo. Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho are pulling a Tyson-Austin 1997! #AEW is WCW Reborn!

Alexsi (Lex) ()

This Dark Order stable went from a channel changer to a game changer. This right here is one of the most interesting things in pro-wrestling #AEWDynamite #ImWithAEW

NoDQ.com: WWE Backlash 2020 news #AEWDON ()

Video of Chris Jericho and Mike Tyson hanging out backstage after #AEWDynamite #AEW

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Cageside Seats ()

Check out anything you may have missed from last night’s #AEWDynamite - right here!


Epic to see @CashWheelerFTR and @DaxHarwood finally on AEW. And what an entrance! #FTR #AEWDynamite

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هروج المصارعة | HMWP ()

الاسبوع القادم في عرض #AEWDynamite سيواجه جنغل بوي بطل TNT كودي !!

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If The Inner Circle wants the best heel heat every week, keep Vickie as their personal announcer. #AEWDynamite

Kenny McIntosh 🏳️‍🌈 ()

TYSON! JERICHO! What an angle. Brilliant stuff! #AEWDynamite was tremendous this week!

Alejandro Gómez ()

¿Cómo ha ido #AEWDynamite? ¿Interesante? A ver si saco un hueco esta tarde, entre trabajo y exámenes, para verlo.

Alex McCarthy ()

What did you guys think of the Mike Tyson/Chris Jericho brawl on #AEWDynamite? Jericho was wildly entertaining, as always. Is the idea Jericho Vs Tyson in some capacity? Was it a one-off? Questions are a good thing I guess but I’m not sure on it.

Mundo Deportivo (🏠 #yomequedoencasa) ()

Mike Tyson arma una bronca en el último show de @AEWrestling ✋ Se las tuvo con @IAmJericho 🥊 Prometió regresar a #AEWDynamite para patearle el trasero

Serg T Channel ()

Jungle Boy does it. He is the #1 contender for the TNT Championship. Great job young man, go get that title! #AEWDynamite

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Kenny Majid - The IWC “Anti-Bully” ()

Shoutout to @MikeyRukus who apparently has written a theme for like 20 different versions of Matt Hardy 😂 #AEWDynamite

JCB BAY BAY!!!!! ()

Sabian/Havoc win after a little distraction by Ford. As much as I hate the distraction finish I do like they are getting the next title shot. I assume SCU will be ok. 1st tag champs in the company will be able to bounce back. Might have to be patient for that #AEWDynamite

Tim Regal (pushing forward, no matter what) ()

“This is where the fun begins.” @CodyRhodes just did it again, that’s the main reason I’ve been #ImWithAEW since day 1. #AEWDynamite

Get The Tables ()

Add Hangman Page & Shawn Spears. Make this the new 4 horsemen. #AEW #AEWDynamite

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Zack Heydorn ()

FTR look at home in that #AEW ring. A well done and nuanced debut. That had to feel good for them. #AEWDynamite

Duck Van Klondike ()

Here’s what I’m worried about. Like Brodie and like Archer, Cage is going to be another monster they’re bringing in to lose their first “big” match. #AEWDynamite

Gary Cassidy ()

First half of #AEWDynamite was amazing. Second half of #WWENXT was amazing. If you could create the perfect cut-and-shut Wednesday wrestling

Dax FTR ()

Fear The Revolt F*ck The Rest This is For The Revolution #FTR #AEWDynamite

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☚ #FestaDellaRepubblica #exposedcg ☛
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