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Updated: July 29th, 2021 10:36 PM IST

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No wrestling company on the planet is creating the type of live excitement that #AEWonTNT is. #AEWDynamite @BustedOpenRadio

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Insanely moment from last night was The Beaver Boys doing an offensive combo I’ve seen at E-Haze more times than I can count in front of 10k people to a HUGE reaction. One of the best tag teams in the world! #AEWDynamite

Thank you everyone who have listened to, subscribed and supported me and my podcast @WithinTheRopes! I’ve been rocking solo pushing out reviews every day and it’s been fun. The best is yet to come stay tuned! New #AEWDynamite review available now!

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People might not like him or his style of wrestling. But you HAVE to give Nick Gage credit. @thekingnickgage wrestled a main event on TNT against Chris Jericho in front of thousands of people. He’s has done it his way. Major respect. #AEW #AEWDynamite

CHILLS!!! This will go down as one of the greatest @aew entrances! #AEWDynamite #FightForTheFallen

Can we all just appreciate how good, bell to bell, promo, the look, everything, @SilverNumber1 is. @AEW #AEWDynamite

Wer hätte das gedacht? Team Hangman Page und Dark Order vs Team Elite in einem spektakulären Match, aber mit einem für viele überraschendem Ende! War es das für Hangman Page? Was steht für Kenny Omega und die Young Bucks als nächstes an? 🤔#AEWFightfortheFallen #AEWDynamite

the fact that the elite va hangman & dark order is the opening match fucking fantastic. #AEWDynamite

I love one thing about AEW that they talk about the history of pro wrestling and bring in people like Haku. #AEWDynamite

Junge dieser Main Event ... du liebe Zeit. WARUM @ThumbtackJack?! #AEWDynamite #AEW

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This was the moment I’ve been waiting for, hearing the crowd sing this in person was transcendent. This was the greatest moment in my life. #AEWDynamite

Lance Archer retains IWGP US gold as Hiroshi Tanahashi issues a challenge: #njpw #AEWDynamite

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y que vayan acercándose a P&P mediante Konnan. preparando lo que viene, muy bueno el largo plazo de #AEWDynamite

How does it feel to dog on deathmatch wrestling for months because it’s “a disgrace” and then it main events #AEWDynamite on national cable and everyone loves it

AEWマットで、USヘビー級王者のランス・アーチャーがヒクレオを迎撃して初防衛!  なんと“次期挑戦者”にメッセージVTRで棚橋弘至が名乗り! 新日本プロレスの ロス大会でタイトルマッチ実現か? 結果はコチラ ⇒ #AEWDynamite #NJPW

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So if I remember my Attitude Era history, #AEWDynamite will be airing on a 5 minute delay in Canada on TSN from now on.

@IAmJericho WINS! Tune in to the MAIN EVENT #AEWDynamite #FightForTheFallen LIVE on @tntdrama!

Haku still kicking ass man. Maybe he should be facing Archer 😂 #AEWDynamite #FightForTheFallen


ハクさん、アーチャー吹っ飛ばしたんですが… #AEW #AEWDynamite

I always knew Tana would show up to AEW someday but I didn’t know it was gonna be this soon I’m so hyped #AEW #AEWDynamite

So after everyone got excited for Tanahashi on AEW, its not happening in #AEW its in NJPW? #AEWDYnamite

No wrestling company on the planet is creating the type of live excitement that #AEWonTNT is. #AEWDynamite @BustedOpenRadio

I gotta say I love the formula of regular television specials. Makes episodes feel exciting and unpredictable #AEWDynamite

And The Elite coming in hard with the NBA Finals entrance!?!? Nice! This episode of #AEWDynamite is already off to a legendary start!

Bueno, la presentación de The Elite no se queda atrás, al mas puro estilo de Basketball #AEWDynamite

Also @theAdamPage is wearing purple, I REPEAT HE IS WEARING PURPLE!! #darkorder #AEWDynamite

The elite squad jersey’s are cool I can’t lie lol #FightForTheFallen #AEWDynamite

That Hangman/Dark Order video and entrance was DOPPPPE! Made Page look like a mega star and made Dark Order look like big stars also. Great stuff #AEWDynamite

I am loosing my mind!!!!!! That Hangman & Dark Order was 🔥🧨 but that entrance blew me over the top!!!! Chills!!! Chills!! #AEWDynamite

If there’s no “MDK… all f*n day” call and response tonight, what are we doing here? #AEWDynamite

Ok, I take that back. The Elite Squad basketball entrance is EVERYTHING #AEWDynamite #FightForTheFallen

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