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.@Takesoup has a message for @The_MJF! It’s #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!.

An open challenge has been issued for the TNT Championship & KUSHIDA has answered the call! TONIGHT at #AEWDynamite LIVE from Fresno, TNT Champ @DarbyAllin defends the title against former #ROH World TV Champ KUSHIDA at 8pm ET/7pm CT on @tbsnetwork.

#AEWDynamite Photo,#AEWDynamite Photo by All Elite Wrestling,All Elite Wrestling on twitter tweets #AEWDynamite Photo

#HangmanAdamPage is ready to mend some fences that have needed mending for a long but with who? 🤔 Tune in to #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS right now!.

stop blaming Tony Khan for not airing a tribute on #AEWDynamite .. those decisions are WBD. there’s plenty you can fault him for if you need that just ain’t one of ‘em..

Orange Cassidy continues to roll out of the way. #AEWDynamite.

#AEWDynamite Photo,#AEWDynamite Photo by Mr. Wrestling VI,Mr. Wrestling VI on twitter tweets #AEWDynamite Photo

🚨 Thread do que rolou no #AEWDynamite de ontem Já tá na hora do MJF fazer alguma coisinha… #ThreadWBR.

#AEW “were not allowed” by Warner Media to do a Jay Briscoe tribute show on #AEWDynamite on Wednesday. This is why Tony Khan decided to tape an ROH tribute show in memory of Briscoe after Dynamite – which will be available on YouTube and Honor CLUB soon. - per @davemeltzerWON.

#AEWDynamite Photo,#AEWDynamite Photo by PW Chronicle,PW Chronicle on twitter tweets #AEWDynamite Photo

3) Um vídeo emocionante sobre Jay Briscoe foi exibido #AEWDynamite.

A couple of big-name AEW players seemed to have had enough of babyface life on #AEW #AEWDynamite.

#AEWDynamite Danielson vs. Bandido was tremendous. That was a PPV quality match. 👏🏻 Overall a fun Dynamite show with lovely tributes from the Bucks to Jay and the Briscoes. #AEW.

6) Samoa Joe avisou Darby Allin que ele vai atrás do TNT Championship #AEWDynamite.

2) Sammy Guevara venceu o combate com uma ajudinha de Daniel Garcia #AEWDynamite.

1) O show começou com Chris Jericho e Sammy Guevara enfrentando Ricky Starks e Action Andretti #AEWDynamite.

Here’s my prediction for Blood and Guts 2023 🩸 #AEWDynamite.

#AEWDynamite Photo,#AEWDynamite Photo by Cody Nichols,Cody Nichols on twitter tweets #AEWDynamite Photo

Darby is able to switch between conventional and technical wrestling and extreme elements at any given moment, which is what makes him so tough of an opponent. #AEWDynamite.

That Kushida was pretty good, not seen many of his matches. WWE really left him to fester in NXT? Bruh. #AEW #AEWDynamite.

NOTA DO ADM: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ O show teve um sentimento de que faltou star-power. O que achou? #AEWDynamite.

@UndisputedNik Bandidos Charakter oder auch Gimmick in dem Fall ist auch einfach cool. Hoffe, er kriegt eine/n Manager/in oder so, damit man ihm auch Geschichten erzählen kann. Aber das macht Tony Khan ja nur selten. Also Geschichten erzählen. Wäre bei Takeshita auch #AEWDynamite.

There’s a reason why Tony Khan tweeted the “First” Jay Briscoe tribute show would be free. There’s more to come #AEWDynamite.

⚠️SPOIL⚠️ Aimez vous le heel turn de #Saraya lors de #AEWDynamite.

#AEWDynamite Photo,#AEWDynamite Photo by Catch Avec Passion,Catch Avec Passion on twitter tweets #AEWDynamite Photo

Ich hasse Aktionen vom Top Rope, bei denen man schon im Ansatz sieht, dass sie abgefangen werden. Haben sowohl Cassidy als auch Lethal schlecht umgesetzt. #AEWDynamite.

Absolutely Ricky Starks will be @AEW world champion before the end of 2023. Bank on it. #AEWDynamite #AEWonTBS.

Tonight @TonyKhan, @AEW did a beautiful thing. Thank you. Thank you to the locker room for coming out and Mark, not sure how you did it but appreciate you more than you will ever know. #AEWDynamite #JayBriscoeForever.

こんなん最高すぎやん MJF 挑戦絡みの試合じゃなかったら、もっとおもしろかったのにな~ 日本で観てぇ~ #AEWDynamite.

That was a mark out moment right there. Danielson is just amazing. #AEWDynamite.


Eu me emociono vendo Bryan Danielson lutar. Impressionante como nenhum outro lutador consegue despertar isso em mim. #AEWDynamite.

Danielson and Bandido putting in an absolute clinic .. wow! .. this is truly, awesome #AEWDynamite.

There should be NO commercials during Bryan Danielson matches come on man #AEWDynamite.

Danielson or Bandido would definitely be able to carry a singles Best of 7 if the company ever decided to do one #AEWDynamite #AEW.

These 2 former @ringofhonor World Champions are delivering!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #AEWDynamite.

#AEWDynamite Photo,#AEWDynamite Photo by WrslnBadJedi🧹Ω💜🍪,WrslnBadJedi🧹Ω💜🍪 on twitter tweets #AEWDynamite Photo
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