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Danhausen. HOOK. Tonight. Rampage. 10PM. TNT. Watch it or be cursed. #AEWRampage.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by Danhausen,Danhausen on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo
Tony Khan
Tony Khan

Thank you wrestling fans who watched #AEWDynamite on TBS last night! We came in only behind NBA Playoff coverage for Wednesday’s top spot on cable/satellite this week because of you! Tomorrow’s Friday Night #AEWRampage is one of our best 1 hour cards ever @ 10pm ET/9pm CT on TNT!.

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Nahhh I just remembered Swerve lost… @TONYKHAN, WE COMING FOR YOU… NIGGA! #AEW #AEWrampage.

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Same energy 😂 @DanhausenAD @730Hook #AEWRampage #hookhausen.

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Nothing is done until nothing is done. #AEWRampage Illustration by @Jeroen_denOtter.

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Kkkkkkkkk o Orange Cassidy é o GOAT não tem jeito po #AEWRampage #AEWSpaceAoVivo.

Well, that was another fun hour. Hell of an opener and honorable closer. The HOOK…… hmmm. Well, that ends another all elite week. #AEWRampage.

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Samoa Joe retains the ROH World Television Championship against Trent Beretta! #AEWRampage.

Good match between Joe & Beretta I like how they made Beretta pass out & not tap out. This was a better #AEWRampage then last week good 1 hour of a show..

That Samoa Joe Vs Trent Beretta Match Was Dope the fact that the @ringofhonor World Championships are Getting the Mainevent Spotlights On #AEWDynamite and #AEWRampage is Great TV.

The baddies are badass Loved that entrance and their presentation #AEW #AEWRampage.

I got to hang out in @dudefelice’s thing with Fightful (still somehow managed to dodge ALL spoilers) and now I get to watch Rampage. Darby opens it with Swerve and I am happy. #AEWRampage.

I really wanted to see HOOK destroy Dorkhausen so badly until Tony Nese ruined it 😞 Eh, maybe another time lol #AEWRampage.

Still count myself SO lucky that I got to see Keith Lee just before he went to NXT. He’s an absolute magnificent specimen of a man and his athleticism is just crazy! #AEWRampage.

Solid match. Red Velvet is embracing being a heel. Glad Willow got her moment to shine. Wish Trish got to do something but they only got an hour on this show. #AEWRampage #aew.

The result tends to be, while not especially ground-breaking, clean-cut and strong. #AEWRampage #Ozark.

Oh snap Santana came for revenge? Jericho had to know that was coming. Excited for that match on Wednesday. #aew #AEWRampage.

See how Joe tried to save Beretta even though he overshot him on that second rope springboard moon salt to the outside of the ring. A pro protecting the person he’s working with on #AEWRAMPAGE what happened on #AEWDynamite main event??.

Good opener. Darby escapes again. Ricky is such a hater lol. That stare down tells me this ain’t over. I feel these two have a better match in them. But this was a nice first chapter. #AEWRampage #aew.

Black Sabbath ~ War Pigs New theme music? 🙏🏻😜 @RealWardlow @TonyKhan #AEWRampage.

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