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Danny Ainge says we got two “terrific shooters” in Aaron Nesmith and Payton Pritchard: “We were just trying to take the best players available and we felt like we got two really good players – great people, mature kids.”

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Tre Jones & Devin Vassell fan
Tre Jones & Devin Vassell fan ()

Boston fans getting mad at Hayward for leaving like Ainge isn’t the most unloyal GM in all of sports. What he did to IT, kyrie leaving, throwing around Kemba & Hayward’s names in trade talks. There’s a reason why these star players come for a few years & then want to leave

Corey B
Corey B ()

Hahah these are the Cs fans who try to say they “know basketball” they would’ve been willing to trade Brown/Tatum for rental of Kawhi/AD/George then cried Fire Ainge when they walked for nothing and we were stuck at a bottom barrel team

Caleb ()

Appreciate my fans tagging me in these, here is my take. Craig would be a nice piece off of Boston’s bench and I really think Ainge should at the very least look into it.

βÊñ MøRTøñ
βÊñ MøRTøñ ()

@RockStoneAW @Timi_093 Ainge needs to go? I would argue if he pays our 4th option 30 million dollars, that’s a sign he needs to go

Max Lederman
Max Lederman ()

Imagine being this dumb. I have zero impact on Danny Ainge. Nothing I say or do will ever weigh into a decision he makes. Just admit that you like being angry on the Internet.


Rondo and Millsap off the market now too and Danny Ainge is looking even more useless

Winston ()

It’s so funny to me seeing Boston fans on this app complain about Danny Ainge & Belichick. Y’all wanna trade 🏀 GMs & football Coaches😭

CeeOHemPteeOHiN Cem
CeeOHemPteeOHiN Cem ()

Danny Ainge has been damn near worshipped for being a “GREAT” GM. When Lakers were languishing in lottery hell, Celtics were supposed to “win a chip or 2”. Pelinka put a team around LeBron and leapfrogged every deal Ainge has made since 2016, delivering #17

Corey B
Corey B ()

Shhhh people don’t want to believe it could’ve been Hayward and not Ainge

Stephen St🏀ne
Stephen St🏀ne ()

@StoolGreenie It’s gonna rock when someone offers a 33 year old Kemba with decaying knees 3/$85 million and everyone on Twitter crushes Ainge for letting another one go for nothing lmao

CelticsBlog ()

Things Ainge can be blamed for: - not adding bench depth - not consolidating picks better - misses in mid to late picks Something I can’t blame Ainge for: - not giving Hayward $120M

Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell ()

If Ainge doesn’t take that original offer I’ve lost all hope

Daniel ✊🏻🇧🇷🏴
Daniel ✊🏻🇧🇷🏴 ()

@chrisgrenham @celticsblog Damn, if the Celtics somehow get both Turner AND Baynes, Ainge should get a nobel prize

Olheira Lakers
Olheira Lakers ()

Danny não vale à pena dar o Jaylen Brown pelo Anthony Davis Ainge segue trabalhando.

The Quiet Storm Boxing
The Quiet Storm Boxing ()

@ChampagneChino The Pacers are willing to give up Myles Turner. Danny Ainge is just being Danny Ainge.

Nolan ()

@drewlewis9 @ATWilder15 Hayward’s playmaking puts him a notch above Warren imo. But Ainge does seem like he’s asking for more than he should be. I would be happy with Turner for them

Champ Cole aka JC6Ringz | Lakers 2020 NBA Champs
Champ Cole aka JC6Ringz | Lakers 2020 NBA Champs ()

One day we’re gonna have a truthful discussion about Danny Ainge since the 2007 offseason

Vote ()

@TheHoopCentral @GwashburnGlobe Ainge is delusional and the Pacers execs should be fired if they even consider this

CelticsContent ()

Anthony Davis? You’re seriously gonna criticize Danny because someone would rather play with Lebron in LA and Ainge didn’t waste picks and players on a rental? And oh yeah idk KD joined a ready made DYNASTY type team Talk a walk my guy

Onur ()

Danny Ainge sign-trade için Haywardı ikna etmeye çalışıyor

Depressed Pats fan(4-5)
Depressed Pats fan(4-5) ()

@SavageBoston Danny Ainge on some crack thinking we’re getting Victor Oladipo and Myles turner🤣🤣

Charlie Kip
Charlie Kip ()

@RealTKoBoston We don’t entertain Ainge criticisms anymore, it’s just never in good faith

Kevin Barrios
Kevin Barrios ()

It is amazing how Ainge tries to ensure he gets nothing from his assets.

Ricky ()

@Tie_Ron Ainge better take whatever Indiana offers cause otherwise Heyward leaves in FA and the Celtics get jack shit in return.

Celtas Brasil
Celtas Brasil ()

Tá aí o motivo do Ainge tá pedindo! Hayward ainda pensa em voltar pra Boston

TKo 🦃 (Understands dialectics)
TKo 🦃 (Understands dialectics) ()

It’s gonna be annoying when the Celtics end up with like mcdermott turner and a future top 5 protected first and all the people saying ainge was being dumb for asking for so much are gonna be like “HAHAHHAHAHA AINGE COULDNT GET WARREN OR OLADIPO”

Magic Botson
Magic Botson ()

@DBoumaiza2 @RustyBUCKETS321 Exactly. But holy shit, warren going there would make Ainge the 1000% GOAT GM

Stefan Bondy
Stefan Bondy ()

As an aside, I think it’s time for Danny Ainge to assess why the Celtics keep losing free agents.

Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics ()

Danny Ainge says we got two “terrific shooters” in Aaron Nesmith and Payton Pritchard: “We were just trying to take the best players available and we felt like we got two really good players – great people, mature kids.”

Dan Greenberg
Dan Greenberg ()

Celts crap pants in the playoffs: People say they need shooting Celts draft one of the best shooters in the draft: What a terrible pick! Ainge blew it again!

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