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If AIPAC pays politicians to be Who pays @IlhanMN to be pro-terrorist? 🤔.

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Does anyone care about Omar’s apology!! An apology NEVER negates your true just means you’re sorry you got busted! Hey say there’s no place in politics for this? Then WHY is she still in politics??.

@blysx @NBCNews AIPAC can get bent. Criticizing a foreign government is not antisemitism..

If AIPAC pays politicians to be Who pays @IlhanMN to be pro-terrorist? 🤔.

@paulrubens @AIPAC Why does AIPAC exist? Why does every Dem with higher ambitions bend the knee to AIPAC?.

@TheDCSentinel Check out how much AIPAC ramped up their spend over the past 10 years.


@marcorubio Supporting Democracy in Israel is one thing. Supporting @AIPAC is another. Netanyahu is a criminal to be indicted for fraud & bribery. He & his policy makers have been breaking international law continuing to build settlements, suppression of Palestinians..

@thistallawkgirl Equating criticism of AIPAC lobbying the government on behalf of Israel with antisemitism because the person making the criticism wears a hijab..

@TomCottonAR @AIPAC Why is a foreign country allowed to legally lobby US politicians? Who do you work for?.

@paulrubens @AIPAC Do you just not know about PACs or are you deliberately ignoring them to make a disingenuous argument?.

She’s playing with fire. AIPAC will kill her political career if she goes down the route of anti-semitism in America..

Why is it so hard for Americans to understand that #AIPAC represents the Right Wing of Israel. There is a spectrum of political thought just like in America..

@AIPAC Maybe now American Jews will get it, these liberal Democrats are not your friends Stop putting them in office!.

@bungarsargon What the hell are you talking about? AIPAC is a powerful lobby which spends millions of dollars to influence the US political agenda. That is a fact..

Impossible: everything will be Mossad controlled and AIPAC paid..

AIPAC is after all, a 501c4 lobbying organization. It says so on their website. Not unlike the.

It shouldn’t be controversial to say A) foreign gov’ts shouldn’t wield influence over ours, and B) Palestinians should not be living in conditions subpar to even N Korea. Fact that either statement is controversial just shows AIPAC’s immense power. Also, #BoycottIsrael. :).

AIPAC’s like if the South African gov’t had an arm for lobbying + buying all our politicians in 70s/80s, and is one of the PRIME examples we must BAN lobbying. @Ilhan’s 100% right. Fact is AIPAC spent upwards of $3M lobbying in 2018. That $$ has HUGE influence. #EndCorruptionNow.

@AIPAC Rep. Omar should understand US-Israeli relationship and stop her antisemitic views..

saying the word aipac is watch the lobby..


Top story: Omar ignites new anti-Semitism controversy with comments on AIPAC - POLITICO , see more.

The Israel apologists attacking @IlhanMN for criticizing AIPAC is being unironically antisemitic by conflating all Jews with AIPAC. Just a thought..

@TimesofIsrael So does everyone here deny the existence and/or mission of AIPAC?.

Uh, AIPAC is pretty explicit about how it acts as a vehicle for funding for members of Congress. It is right on its website.

Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Paul Singer, and AIPAC definitely do *not* wield financial power to influence Congress in a pro-Israel policy direction. To suggest this is obviously anti-semitic. Thank you and enjoy your stay in nonsensical fantasy-land.

I’d just like to point out that AIPAC takes absolutely no money from the Israeli government. So she’s quite literally referring to Jews and pro-Israel advocates. This is anti-Semitic..

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