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RIP xxxtentacion. Legend and one of the Greatest ever. Meaning in his music grows stronger by the day. Truly timeless.

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A Tale Of Trouble
A Tale Of Trouble ()

@Akademiks a bitch lmao what do you expect to get from a father of 2 then begin to get insecure and bring up numbers that dont matter to him nor his fans???

Manny AA
Manny AA ()

@Akademiks @FreddieGibbs No one is literally scared of you either man you a bitch your snitch friend a bitch as well get off Twitter before them goons come knocking to your momma’s door you ain’t hard dawg joe budden ain’t gonna protect u no more.

#WootExclusive§ ()

@Akademiks But dumb ass rappers are supposed to get scammed for they go there to drop a big bag on some bullshit. Fuk u gonna start, The fare act of rappers jewelry union 001?

El Ba-ta-ta BLM
El Ba-ta-ta BLM ()

@angerissuesx @Akademiks He’s a fucking corn ball. I’ve been point this shit out for a while now. He does a lot of creep shit like this.

Yo momma smokes mid
Yo momma smokes mid ()

@freebezzii @Akademiks Imagine writing paragraphs and screaming on Twitch on Twitter beef


😂😂😂 this nigga talking RECKLESS to gangsta Gibbs. That henny & clout dangerous.

**$** ()

Akademiks said out his own mouth “ billboard is about selling that’s facts “

BLM ()

Woke up to Lame ass akademiks getting blazed>>> it’s about time y’all got on his ass

Bení🔥❌✊🏽 ()

@Akademiks I wanna rap diss you so bad because you’re a literal stain on hip hop culture none of your takes are good all your jokes are corny and you can’t even sit the same bathroom as @FreddieGibbs you’d need balls for that which you don’t have you’re a bitch boy 2000%

Beezy🌻 ()

Akademiks always been hot garbage 🤢 idk why people keep him so relevant

Goatmilk ()

@Akademiks @Hiphop4life15 Waited for Vic to leave. I’ll stop talking but when you leave I’ll be talking again

Ell I Am ⚒
Ell I Am ⚒ ()

@Akademiks followers as a blogger goin up against 3M monthly listeners on ONE platform 💀

Jorge ()

Akademiks fr messin with the wrong one lol it might get ugly. you can mention a dudes son/family like that bruh

2006 Honda Civic LX in Galaxy Grey /w Alloys
2006 Honda Civic LX in Galaxy Grey /w Alloys ()

LMFAOOOOOO Akademiks probably fuming in his little box studio rn

L E G A C Y ()

Sound like you and Charlamagne the God been giving out neck 🤣🤣

Omar Amlani
Omar Amlani ()

@Akademiks Bruh u and your buddy took huge L’s just call it a day . @Akademiks u are Washed.

joe polluty
Joe polluty ()

@Akademiks you literally talk about grown ass men and how they live their lives for a living.😂😂

Off Brand Kevin Love
Off Brand Kevin Love ()

@kaycgxx @Akademiks Such a good album but my fav freddie project is the miseducation of Freddie Gibbs is my fav

Zach 🇸🇴
Zach 🇸🇴 ()

Akademiks a lame , but you just as lame my boy, you got hot off fake reaction to niggas music foh 😂😂

♓️♓️♓️ ()

BRO SHUT UP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nikki ()

@FreddieGibbs If you attack the physical appearance you already lost this Twitter battle to @Akademiks , you have no real arguments

ProphetZK ()

i don’t feel like dj akademiks should be able to say the n

Zero ()

Why tf akademiks act so tuff for bro. Someone please slap the teeth out his mouth already. Im tired of that nigga.


Akademiks did a whole yt video on uzi saying carti has a good album that’s when Ik bruh was wack

buddy love
Buddy love ()

what if he said fuck all that and pull up to fight you gon bitch up or you gonna stand on your words ?

YoungThundaCat ()

@Akademiks @FreddieGibbs Nigga shut the fuck why hasn’t a rapper slapped you yet ?

King Lal
King Lal ()

This guy chillin with rats asking mans for statements and taxes. Wow.

dorian +
Dorian + ()

i have a promise with a few of my friends that if we ever see dj akademiks in public we’re going to curb stomp him

DJ First Class™ 🏁
DJ First Class™ 🏁 ()

Sooooo @FreddieGibbs Ain’t Relevant & Only A “Few People” F*ck Wit Em Huh? 😂😂😂😂 How Did Y’all Let @Akademiks Get Famous Bro 😅😅😅

DJ Akademiks
DJ Akademiks ()

RIP xxxtentacion. Legend and one of the Greatest ever. Meaning in his music grows stronger by the day. Truly timeless.

☚ 聲の形 #CEOflow ☛
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