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When @alex_albon wants to be heard, but not He sends out his performance coach Patrick 😅 #CanadianGP #F1.

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Albon furious at Alonso for driving slowly on his final lap and then heading into the run-off area at Turn 15 when he really didn’t appear to need to. “He has to get penalised this guy … He braked so early and just went off the circuit” #F1 #AzerbaijanGP.

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Formula 1

ELIMINATED (Q2) Bottas Albon Perez Norris 📸 (No time) Leclerc (No time) #CanadianGP #F1.

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Formula 1

The twists and turns of Baku can bite 😬 As Alex Albon found out at Turn 17! #AzerbaijanGP #F1.

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Formula 1

A frustrating end to qualifying for Alex Albon The Williams driver and Fernando Alonso give their takes on the Q1 incident #AzerbaijanGP #F1.

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Formula 1

Alex Albon hits the wall in the kink at Turn 17 and has to visit the pits after picking up damage #AzerbaijanGP #F1.

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Formula 1

Albon slides off on the Intermediates, but gets going again #CanadianGP #F1.

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Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz et Alex Albon sous enquête pour avoir été inutilement lent en piste en Q1 ! #F1 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦.

Our best quali result of the year so far as @alex_albon starts P12 tomorrow. Good work, team 👊 #WeAreWilliams #CanadianGP.

Alonso, sobre las quejas de Albon: Tenía los frenos sobrecalentado y ruedas usadas. Sebastián se fue ahí al muro. Esto es Báku.

Fernando Alonso about Q1 and Albon complaining: I was overheating on the rear brakes, on used tires, Sebastian crashing at the wall, this is Baku. Reasonable, as always.

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Albon about Fernando Alonso: “He needs to get penalised, this guy, he has to! This is ridiculous. He was doing it the whole lap, he was driving slowly on purpose”.

Albon believes #F1 drivers who cause yellow flags during qualifying should have their best time deleted following his incident with Alonso at Baku..

Albon wants Alonso penalised 😅😅😅 Oh darling then what about your 16 blue flags??? #AzerbaijanGP.

Fernando Alonso: “Albon’un yaşadığı hayal kırıklığını anlıyorum. Ben de birçok kez aynı durumda bulundum.”.

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El mensaje de Fernando Alonso a Albon cuando el piloto de Williams pidió sanción para el asturiano 🎙.

Albon pidió sanción para Fernando Alonso tras el reinicio de la Q1 y el asturiano le respondió... 🎙.

“Albon deserved this for Monaco” mf what Alonslow did affected EVERY driver behind him he was holding up you are all so fucking annoying I swear.

Alfa Romeo ini asli di lurusan lambat banget. Nyalip Stroll aja gak keteteran. Bottas tadi juga butuh waktu lama untuk salip Albon..

Albon se queja de Alonso, pero la FIA no le investiga. #F1 #AzerbaijanGP.

Following a team radio outburst from Albon, Alonso has refuted claims that he was deliberately trying to hold up the Williams #F1 driver in #AzerbaijanGP qualifying..

não fizeram nada com o albon que ignorou sei lá quantas bandeiras azuis, cara não eh possível isso.

Respect the agenda i could never let my Vettel agenda consume me enough to unironically compare a multiple world champion with Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly.

La lección de Alonso a Albon: Si arranca un minuto antes está .

‘i’ve got an idea for a book…alex albon and lando norris’ sad canadaian grand prix stories’ ted 😭.

Piastri ma wejść za Latifiego już od GP Wielkiej Brytanii. Byłaby to pierwsza zmiana kierowcy w trakcie sezonu od Gasly-Albon 2019. Patrząc na to gdzie jest Williams nie wierzę, że taka decyzja miałaby mieć wyłącznie podłoże sportowe. #ElevenF1 #F1PL.

can i just say im so tired of fia? lewis is under investigation for “driving unnecessary slowly” which would be fair IF they had also penalized alonso for slowing down half of the grid just to slow lewis down or put alex albon under investigation for slowing lewis down too.

@fiagirly Good, unnecessary time wasted on this, especially, when Alonso was deliberately doing this to Albon earlier with no investigation at all afterwards.


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Hat er mit Absicht gemacht!: Albon wütet über Alonso-Spielchen #F1 #AzerbaijanGP.

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