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I love that Michelle Obama just randomly shows up at the Grammys looking like Album of the Year..

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Just have everyone do all the work for you cuz you have no talent and do some outlandish things and boom you win album of the year.

She should have won album of the year, it was the best of the nominated by far..


Also this country album won album of the year. Maybe this is my ignorance but I’ve never heard of it before, not even one radio play..

Drake gets best rap song, while Last Call by Logic gets no recognition, and Cardi gets best album of the year, while we forget YSIV and Kamikaze ... yo screw the Grammys #grammys.

@Hodovai_ @meka_george Pharrell Produced Songs for Justin Timberlake’s 2003 album - Justified. It won him producer of the year. Pharrell is actually a genius. Kanye adores him, Jay-Z has stuck with him all these years..

@rosecolorswift jsjdjsjs look under the album of the year tag that’s trending on twitter.

Y’all really let the first woman To win rap album of the year be someone who don’t even write her own songs lmaooo throw the whole award show away.

I feel like only a rappers debut album should be nominated for Rap Album of The Year. They always tell their best story on their debut album.

pero en esta ocasión el album of the year lo ganó la preciosa Kacey Musgraves haciendo country. fue super atrevido de parte de la orquesta..

Y’all really mad Kacey Musgraves won album of the year ?!? She’s such a talented artist but y’all drag country so much y’all wouldn’t even know .....

I had this way of thinking all the way up until last year. His live shows are amazing and Astroworld is a great album. The energy is crazy. NoBystanders is a banger..

I love love love Kacey Musgraves. Her album is amazing. But Album of the year? Huh? #GRAMMYs.

Cardi won best album of the year and I’ve never been annoyed about an awards show i didn’t even watch.

@KaceyMusgraves YAAAS! Girl, your album speaks to us on a spiritual level. Congrats on your accomplishment of Album of the year! 😍.

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk was the last time Album of the Year went to someone that deserved it and that’s the tea. #GrammyAwards.

i literally predicted every aired grammy win with the exception of kacey musgraves winning album of the year like dang.

Well, if the #GRAMMYs are gonna give Album of the Year to country albums, they better be some damn good country albums. Fearless and Golden Hour are both in-fact damn good country albums..

I don’t want to live in a world where Cardi B wins rap album of the year over the masterpiece that is Astroworld.

Anyone who is complaining about Kacey Musgraves winning album of the year clearly hasn’t listened to Golden Hour and probably feels no emotional connection to music what so ever 🙃.

I love that Michelle Obama just randomly shows up at the Grammys looking like Album of the Year..

Please let a black rapper take home album of the year (and not post Malone) 🙏🏽 #fortheculture.

Tbh I enjoy „From the Fires“ and its way better than „Anthem of the peaceful army“, but it‘s not the best rock album of 2018. This is the same year that Jack White in which dropped one of the best experimental rock records of the decade.

I’m admittedly unaware of some of the specifics that define these Grammy categories, but why not give this to Last Man Standing, the far superior album of original songs he also released this year?.

Ariana: *obliterates/Reads/Drags the Grammys* Grammys: *gives her Best Pop Album of the Year* Ariana:.

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