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If Alex Jones really saved these children he deserves some praise!

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R C👀k ◇ #Resist 🇺🇸 #FBR #ComplicitCorruptGOP
R C👀k ◇ #Resist 🇺🇸 #FBR #ComplicitCorruptGOP ()

i thought Alex Jones was insolvent, after all the lawsuits 🤔 if not better sue him again 😀

Daire Carragher
Daire Carragher ()

Alabama’s 2017 Offensive Recruiting Class: • QB Tua Tagovailoa • QB Mac Jones • RB Najee Harris • WR Jerry Jeudy • WR Henry Ruggs III • WR Devonta Smith • OT Jedrick Wills • OT Alex Leatherwood

LLS ()

@Newsweek Black people been talking about this for decades. Alex Jones still a bat shit crazy fool.

TWICE Vaccinated elephantfalcon
TWICE Vaccinated elephantfalcon ()

@TimRunsHisMouth This is projection. Matt Gaetz is a pedophile and the right wing QAnon believers are not acknowledging it. So instead you say a staged Alex Jones video is real and that the left is not acknowledging migrant children being kidnapped. This tired shit doesn’t work anymore.

DevonshireDan2 ()

@0_politics2 Alex Jones was the first to be chucked off of big tech platforms. Not terrorists. Not criminals. Not paedophiles. Not stalkers. Not tyrants. Not violent people. Not Antifa. Now you see why.

JackieGotSober ()

You wanna know how I know the Alex Jones Video is fake? Nothing happens afterwards. There is no updates when police got involved. Looks like it was a typical mom going to the clinic with her kids and needing a ride.

Tension ()

Apparently liberals are surprised that someone filmed Alex Jones rescuing children but are also somehow influenced by an army of 12 y/o who stream daily in 4k.

Rambo Revenge
Rambo Revenge ()

This man was released out of jail and is allowed to fly while Chris Sky is forbidden. Alex Jones is spinning in his grave.

Global Currency
Global Currency ()

The left have made a career of protecting pedo’s . Zero surprised they are protecting the trafficking of children and discrediting the source Alex Jones at the border.

Socrates Cupping Hemlock
Socrates Cupping Hemlock ()

@boston_hoax They eat junk food. Where did you get high priced foodie out of Trump and Alex Jones?

Alex Jones Photo,Alex Jones Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Joseph Lipp
Joseph Lipp ()

@MSNBC @MaddowBlog So Alex Jones has been right all along . There is an elite pedophile ring .

BTS Army Asia
BTS Army Asia ()

Forget how you feel about Alex Jones for a sec, this deserves concern! WHAT HELL WAS THIS?!

JulieSpicenitup ()

Alex Jones Stands In Front Of Vehicle To Rescue Migrant Kids Put In Luggage Compartment via @thescoop_us

ElectronicBarta ()

5Pcs/Set Crayon Shin-chan Action Figure Toys Funny Sleeping Nohara Family Gifts Toys Birthday Present for Children Kids. Buy now : Alex Jones

Uncle Malcolm
Uncle Malcolm ()

So Alex Jones was just on a stroll with a full camera crew when he came across a child smuggling operation in broad

Jessimca ()

You can tell just how blurred the line is for reality in some people when Alex Jones is trending.

#GingaNation ()

@MnOjibwe @TimRunsHisMouth Lol. You believe Alex Jones. Lol. Thanks for the good laugh.

Ethan Ralph
Ethan Ralph ()

#Killstream: Wednesday Grab Bag, Only Fans Leak, + Alex Jones Goes Off LIVE NOW!!!

Teddy J. Morgan
Teddy J. Morgan ()

@TheRickWilson @Zenndragon307 When was Alex Jones ever wrong? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

KEEM 🍿 ()

If Alex Jones really saved these children he deserves some praise!

TheReelDolphinsGM🐬 ()

@CassandraRules This pilot episode is worthy only of RightBroTv, if such a channel exists 7:00 pm - Gorilla fighting(starring Alex Jones) 7:30 pm - Gorillas Talking(feat. Alex Jones) 8:00 pm - Gorilla Mating(yyyep) 8:02:01 pm - Gorillas Napping(uh huh, him) 12:00 am - Gorillas Gorillaing Again

If facts are food to the mind, watch what you eat
If facts are food to the mind, watch what you eat ()

@JWeber988 Alex Jones just happens to have a camera crew with him? Alex Jones is a nuisance to society.

Blake Dobyns
Blake Dobyns ()

There are THOUSANDS of people who now believe Alex Jones physically stopped a caravan of smuggled migrant children today. Sit with that one for a bit, America.

Andz_Landz ()

@Bubblebathgirl Why is alex jones injecting himself into Catholic Charities work for publicity?

Michael Carter
Michael Carter ()

@CassandraRules Fucking ass clown. Staged and full of shit. Alex Jones and his ilk are a disease that need to be eradicated.

Devon Graham
Devon Graham ()

Alex Jones is down there stopping vehicles full of kids and AOC is on Tik Tok and pretending to give a shit.

Carolyn from Maryland
Carolyn from Maryland ()

@CassandraRules The honesty and integrity of the Gateway Pundit and Alex Jones, ladies and

Alex Jones Photo,Alex Jones Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
SUPER PATRIOT Alison Boxxer 🌊🇺🇸
SUPER PATRIOT Alison Boxxer 🌊🇺🇸 ()

no sane person believes Alex Jones and if you do then there is something seriously wrong with your critical thinking abilities

Black Lives Matter 🇺🇸
Black Lives Matter 🇺🇸 ()

@CassandraRules Alex Jones is fat. Nothing in his non muscular body would’ve stopped a moving car. Not even the strongest man on the planet can stop a moving car. Also, this was staged. Anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot.

Brian Gaar
Brian Gaar ()

Greg Abbott lives in the same city where Alex Jones relentlessly broadcasts hate speech, conspiracy theories and encourages the harassment of Sandy Hook families. Our state government has done nothing about that but yeah, MLB supporting voting rights is the problem.

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