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NEW: Alex Jones will face a jury this week in his defamation trial, which will determine how much he’ll have to pay the parents of a child killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting massacre after he spent years peddling lies that it never happened..

Alex Jones spread lies for years about the Sandy Hook shooting and now juries will decide in three separate trials how much Jones must pay for the suffering he caused. Jones’s lawyers fear the awards could be potentially ruinous to his Infowars empire..

Sandy Hook Parents to Testify Against Alex Jones, and a Culture of Lies. Good..

Top story: Sandy Hook Parents to Testify Against Alex Jones, and a Culture of Lies , see more.

The lawsuits do not ask jurors to award a specific dollar amount against Jones. But in questioning the jury pool on Monday, attorneys for the families suggested they could seek $100 million or more in compensatory and punitive damages..

@LePapillonBlu2 Alex Jones and scum of Joe Rogan are friends and lets him spread his rhetoric on his podcast..

@MollyJongFast Alex Jones. More evidence that in America being batshit crazy can be very profitable..

As Sandy Hook defamation trial begins, Alex Jones might be absent.

@nytpolitics @gtconway3d We can only hope the awards will indeed be ruinous to Alex Jones for all the pain he has inflicted on grieving parents!.

Alex Jones is no less evil for lying about Sandy Hook than the shooter himself was. The grief and harassment he caused the families as well as refusing to admit responsibility and calling himself “persecuted” shows just how evil he is. He and his current wife belong together.

Sandy Hook parents expected to ask for at least $100 million in damages as Alex Jones trial begins in Texas.

@GwenieThinks It would be nicer if Alex Jones would live in a jail cell, but under a bridge would be ok too.

Why is Alex Jones being sued by families of children killed in Sandy Hook massacre?.

Alex Jones Facing Financial Ruin As Sandy Hook Parents Seek Over $100 Million In Damages Today .

@washingtonpost @pjmooney Call that Alex Jones medical issue, the guilt and shame complex..


I had no idea the Alex Jones defamation trial was this week and now I am unreasonably excited. It’s not too often you get to see bad things happen to people who deserve it..

It took 20 long years but finally, finally the horseshoe of grifters/grifted has become a complete circle (ouroboros). Alex Jones & Glenn Greenwald… I guess congrats are in order..

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