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✒ “Tre cose sono necessarie per un buon pianista: la testa, il cuore e le dita.” WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART #CondividiLaCultura 📚 #Musica

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Frank ()

So because Germany’s biggest party, the corruption and incompetence riddled CDU, has decided to make its weakest candidate @ArminLaschet their bet for next chancellor, the country may well end up with a green female chancellor in @ABaerbock Interesting. #NieMehrCDU

Elbee🌵 ()

Obviously Amadeus is the coolest choice, I’d go with The Artist because it is just a damn delightful mood lifter, and last, Birdman because I need something to grow on me

meha / semi hiatus
Meha / semi hiatus ()

If potential employers see this my answer is Parasite, The Shape of Water, and Amadeus I am a very serious intellectual

Erika Berlin
Erika Berlin ()

I’ve seen 75% of these (and at least half of those more than once), and I’ve watched Amadeus more than all of those viewing combined. Sooooo just give me that giddy cackle for life.

Pau ()

Amadeus Silence of the Lambs Shakespeare in Love These sum up my taste in film pretty decently.

Dara Lind
Dara Lind ()

Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus. (I assure you that an answer from me that named three different films on this list would actually be MORE unpopular.)

Bilge Ebiri
Bilge Ebiri ()

Titanic, The Last Emperor, Amadeus. (With apologies to runners-up Parasite and Unforgiven.)

アマデウスキー@健全化 ()

若林智香ちゃん支援。 #第10回シンデレラガール総選挙 #第2回ボイスアイドルオーディション

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Francisco Xavier
Francisco Xavier ()

@misteryman1980 “Amadeus” es una gran película, desde actuaciones, Direccion, dirección de arte, guion adaptado (la obra de teatro es genial).

Secretaría de Cultura
Secretaría de Cultura ()

#CulturaDesdeCasa 🏡🎶 Disfruta este concierto, dedicado a la obra de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a cargo de la @OSN_MX y bajo la batuta de David Greilsammer. Disponible en #ContigoEnLaDistancia 👉🏾

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Christian Vega
Christian Vega ()

Then, I think about what Kiki outlines here in publishing. (And I echo this: no ill will to those who do this, because they are important as well). When will hood kids exist beyond being pain or activism? When will they be in contemporary fantasy? sci-fi? horror?

Christian Vega
Christian Vega ()

I’ve been feeling weighed down all day just thinking about the news and A*am T*eledo and it finally struck me why it hurts so much. The way in which some people just take the humanity away from kids in the hood is way too much, and way too easily.

Canal do Rock Brasil🤘
Canal do Rock Brasil🤘 ()

Go Ahead and Die, banda de Max Cavalera com o filho Igor Amadeus, lança mais um som do futuro álbum de (lançamento previsto para 11/06) #Metal 🤘 YouTube: Spotify:

Amadeus Photo,Amadeus Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Amadeus ()

That said, I too sympathize with long URLs making the chat experience less than ideal, perhaps I will take stab at it at our next polish week, hearing people give feedback about things they find annoying is a great way to help prioritize things we should focus on!

Amadeus ()

I have actually worked quite a bit on how messages display and render in our desktop app (both from the engineering side and iterating with designers on how they should look), and the subject of long and ugly URLs is something we are well aware of.

Amadeus ()

Additionally, we as builders of our products, we are very tuned into what is great and what sucks. So reading a very detailed thread about how we are silly or arrogant in our decision making process, is something I was very surprised to hear from someone in our industry.

Amadeus ()

There are many parts of Discord that pain me; Discord is not perfect. But when it comes to fixing or improving these issues, we have to consider them against a wide array of other possibilities, and ultimately things with the greatest overall impact tend to win out.

Skyfall ()

دلم برات قد ماتحتِ یه پشه شده :(((( @Amadeus_Yasin . . . . . . . . . پ‌ن: خواستم یکم محترمانه بگمش🚶‍♀️

Bijou ()

@fraversion @GabrieleCrudele Oddio, all’Ariston mi faceva c**** in radio più volte, mi sono ritrovato a canticchiare beatamente pure quella. 😆🙈 Cmq si a distanza di tempo è stato un festival di belle canzoni, Amadeus ha un fiuto musicale che ben pochi televisivi hanno.

Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá
Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá ()

El mejor plan de sábado ¡Prográmate! 👋 Mañana podrás disfrutar de nuestro escenario desde donde estés ✨ Conéctate a las 4pm. por @youtube con los 230 años del fallecimiento de Wolfgang Amadeus #Mozart, y un repertorio interpretado por nuestra Orquesta Filarmónica Juvenil.

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BeBe MacAllen
BeBe MacAllen ()

@Lapsedcat Fell in love with Mozart’s Requiem after watching Amadeus five million if it’s on live somewhere, I’ll get a ticket! (The Requiem, not Amadeus. Although I’d probably buy a ticket to Amadeus as well. Would love to see that on the big screen again.)

Cheeto ()

Btw I’m not gonna bomb ppl I’m just gonna milk the benifita and become an occupational therapist which lets me help ppl

Cheeto ()

I told my doctor that they made a mistake about me having asthma so she took it off the records, I can join the air force now 😼 also I’m prolly gonna die during basic training but that’s ok

Riddlerized Accordion Tomato
Riddlerized Accordion Tomato ()

bedridden, asking my much less talented rival to type my posts for me like in amadeus

Cheeto ()

The price went up like 100 dollars since I bought the shoes 😳

John Welford
John Welford ()

What – or who – killed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Was he poisoned by a jealous Italian rival, or maybe it was something he ate?

mila fiordalisi
Mila fiordalisi ()

no ma alla fine vince. #amadeus: Ma come hai fatto? Non ci crede neanche lui :-D #isolitiignoti

Marica J Savino
Marica J Savino ()

Che professionista Amadeus, io gli avrei riso in faccia #isolitiignoti Ha visto la “figurazione del viso” ma non la cravatta con delle note musicali

Paolo Roversi
Paolo Roversi ()

Parlare bene ed eloquentemente è una gran bella arte, ma è parimenti grande quella di conoscere il momento giusto in cui smettere. (Cit. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) Il silenzio è un dono prezioso, fatene largo uso!

Raicultura ()

✒ “Tre cose sono necessarie per un buon pianista: la testa, il cuore e le dita.” WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART #CondividiLaCultura 📚 #Musica

Amadeus Photo,Amadeus Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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