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Amari Cooper is a better athlete than Zeke. Has more potential for big plays too. Feed coop, not Zeke.

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@ariaguiar O Amari Cooper ficou com O cooper feito? @CurtiAntony #NFLnaESPN Manda um abraço..

I love Talib and will never forget his contributions with the Patriots but damn dude, that was clearly a PI on you vs Amari Cooper. Come on now..

Talib is an idiot for forcing Amari Cooper out of bounds but then Amari sick shoved him too sooo wtf.

Amari cooper deserves everything he’s getting and more. I fucking love that guy. Gonna be a legendary cowboy and kudos to Jason Garrett on that trade.

@justinatkiii Bruh idk how he does it but he’s got a radio show to host and cover Amari Cooper man to man? Legendary.

The Raiders really had Kahlil Mack, Amari Cooper, and CJ Anderson on the roster this.

A friend of mine, who is a Cowboys fan, texted my colleagues & I, trash talking, right when Amari Cooper scored in the 1st quarter and then went MIA until now.

@KingDay__ If Amari Cooper got a first rounder then AB should get two plus a starter-quality player.

Pass interference on Talib? Hahaha Amari cooper didn’t shove Talib out of bounds? Hahah okay. Trash ass call. Way to make the game “competitive” refs..

Amari Cooper is a better athlete than Zeke. Has more potential for big plays too. Feed coop, not Zeke..

Sweetest Redskins 2019 for the Redskins (to me) Redskins do something like the Cardinals just did, go 3-13 but beat the same team twice (Cowboys) and then get the #1 pick in the draft, pick up Amari Cooper and then draft a QB.

@chiseledadonis where is Dak? Where is Zeke? Amari Cooper? Jason Witten On CoMmEnTaRy? Tony Romo On CoMmEnTaRy? Troy Aikmen On CoMmEnTaRy? Skip Bayless?.

real shit tho s/o Amari Cooper, been my guy since Bama. he rl single handily turned the Cowboys season around. he’s worth the pick so far this season, we’ll decide next season for sure.

The Raiders got a 1st for Amari Cooper. What are u talking about?.

Well we lose and Oakland gets a 1st round 27th pick for Amari Cooper. Not a bad trade at all for the Cowboys..

VIDEO: Amari Cooper and Marcus Peters Already Going at it in LA - 12up.

Jason Garrett needs to be fired @dallascowboys cannot win a game running or trying to run. Why did they pick Amari Cooper if he is to simply run by himself without the ball?.

Maybe they should put Amari Cooper at CB. And LB, S. The Defensive Line as well..

Amari Khalil CJ all the former #raiders goin HAM. #RaiderNation.

As much as I hate the Cowboys organization I’ll be honest enough to say that picking up Amari Cooper was a genius ass move.

@arikarikari @jordanlperkins The Cowboys don’t turn around their season and make the playoffs without Amari Cooper. We’ll see how productive he is next season, but this season he saved their season..

Dak Prescott QB Rating with Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott QB Rating without Amari Cooper,.

Amari cooper / Khalil Mack / Crabtree / Marquette / Latavius Murray / Marcel Reese all players I miss on the raiders smh 😪.

@raiderguy702 I never thought I could hate a ex Raider in this current day and age like Amari Cooper fuck him! 😂.

Dak Prescott touchdown pass to Amari Cooper at 6:03 1st Quarter. Dallas ... via @YouTube.