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This is our last stand, folks. And here’s your last defender. If they take him down, America is gone forever. Vote for @realDonaldTrump like your life depends on it.

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Puly del Valle
Puly del Valle ()

@realDonaldTrump Mr. Trump free us from the narcocommunist plague that is attacking Chile, you are the president of America🙏🇱🇷🇨🇱❤️

✡✝🇺🇸 🌺🌱Acts 5:29🌱🌺
✡✝🇺🇸 🌺🌱Acts 5:29🌱🌺 ()

@CassandraRules Americans paid for this land with blood & sweat. These pathetic kids in BLM & Antifa have no idea. They benefit from the hard work & sacrifice of many generations and spit in the face of America. They need to go to Communist countries or to Gitmo if they hate America so much.

Jok ()

@jessxjessNW When the lockdown started here everyone bought seeds and toilet paper in america you buy more guns

Dissolver67 ()

@realDonaldTrump do you realize that more water pressure will not only blast off your possum-skin toupee, but will make America suffer all the more once they realize they’ve been “led” all this time, not only by an obvious shitheel, but by a secretive cantaloupe? FAIL.

Bîrsă Alexandru
Bîrsă Alexandru ()

@FlegFungus @Trey_Explainer The reason they sold it was because they were at war with UK,they were scared that UK will just take Russian America so they sold it to US,if i lose land then at least you will not get it mentality btw in eastern Europe scorched earth policy was often used.

Nada ()

@23LailaEx A ver si y no, ella no se esperaba que le fueran hacer eso, seas fan de quien seas. Seguramente se metio en tik tok vio que ya estaba creado un tik tok con América y lo usó.

Pablo Monzalvo
Pablo Monzalvo ()

El Senado de Bolivia aprobó una ley que fija como fecha límite para las elecciones el 18 de octubre - Infobae

Tsarouchisattic ()

@drawandstrike Only in America could such a pathetic excuse for a man have such great financial success.

Tomthunkit™ ()

READ MY OP-ED: Trump Is Running A 3-Card Monte Con Game On America He uses unfulfilled, hyperbolic promises, to cover up other unfulfilled, hyperbolic promises. He is using lies, misinformation, disinformation & personal attacks to control the media. 05

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@HeelWillMahoney Have you not paid attention? The Capitalist States Of America has decided the pandemic is over. NBA, NHL, MLB are all back. ROH is back. Colleges & Secondary Schools are all starting back. As far as the business world goes there is no pandemic. Stupid but true.

jolanta blach
Jolanta blach ()

‘Abolish the United States of America’: Radical ‘Youth Liberation Front’ Active in Portland Encourages Violence, Explicitly Rejects Peaceful Protesting | The Stream Who raised this young monsters??? Where the heck are their parents???

Daniel ()

@_Chule_74 yo lo que veoes a unos chavales multiculturales jugando a stars wars para relajarse despues de una dura jornada laboral , ah perdon estaba en modo podemita, si cierto son la basura negra con habitos laborales y de estudio que llega de america y africa

Wear a Mask & Black Lives Matter
Wear a Mask & Black Lives Matter ()

@Savion @KamalaHarris When Trump wins 4 more years and continues to destroy America at least you’ll have your bullshit integrity.

MagLaw. ()

@CNNPolitics America must once again become a great nation. The whole world just shakes its head.

Secret Webcam GiRL😄
Secret Webcam GiRL😄 ()

all U twttr leftists Tht do nothing except larp ab th revolution & whose Entire Personality is hating america & liberalism R The most insufferable ppl i stg dont Speak 2 me fags 💚

Unfollow VP
Unfollow VP ()

Our promise to every Farmer and Rancher: We’re going to continue to stand firm with China until we level the playing field for American agriculture, for American manufacturing, and for American workers! President realDonaldTrump is always puts America FI…

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Nickola Kalla
Nickola Kalla ()

My daughter gave me a scare. She was rushed to the hospital and for a while didn’t know what was going on. She is suffering from malnutrition. In America we are going hungry

James Woods
James Woods ()

This is our last stand, folks. And here’s your last defender. If they take him down, America is gone forever. Vote for @realDonaldTrump like your life depends on it.

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