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Ancient replaces Train in active duty map pool in latest CS:GO update

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@BunnygirlMinji @katsunowa getting the german degree was a physical torturous experience if there was a degree for ancient greek i would dissolve on the spot

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@BunnygirlMinji @katsunowa we dont learn ancient greek as a language we learn them like maths, we do learn german in middle school (tho we could continue in hs too if there were enough students) and that boosts our degree

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The definitive textbook on the archaeology and history of Mexico and Central America, which was the winner of the 2005 Society for American Archaeology Book Award.

Gowhar Geelani
Gowhar Geelani ()

@archimags It is not about being a RaAy fan. I find her writings very average and do not have very high opinion of her articulation, speaking skill either. But it is not about her skill set. It is about summoning courage. Courage may not be a virtue in itself, as ancient Greeks held, but ..

Tom Holland
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The Zoroastrian burial ground in Brookwood Cemetery: a touch of Pasargadae in Woking. “I am Nowrosjee Nashirwanjee Wadia Of the ancient Aryan race of Persia A citizen of the loyal town of Bombay Who lie here peacefully under The far off sky of wide famed Britain” @aa51_ansari

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Myanmar Now
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The coup regime’s forces turned up and opened fire on this anti-junta rally in ancient city of Bagan today (May 4) but protesters were able to disperse quickly and avoided any arrests or injuries. Locals believe an informer alerted the troops. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

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Horstor 👔
Horstor 👔 ()

Was hab ich gesagt? War klar als ich dem release davon gesehen habe. Die werden euch Ancient reindrücken, ob die Map gut ist oder nicht. Genauso wie sies mit Overpass und Vertigo gemacht haben

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. #KanganaRanaut account suspended , just bcz She speak up for Hindus Is this India or Siriya??

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Endelig sker der noget nyt!Lidt synd det er train som får sparket, men det er altid spændende når et helt nyt map bliver smidt i poolen. Det er typisk @CSGO at være så utilregnelig😂 Godt man er så ancient at man ikke selv behøver spille det. Fanger i den!? Ej det er også tidligt

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@UnderThatStone1 Yes- the sick elites are going after little Boys - since ancient times !

Ricardo Prass
Ricardo Prass ()

Valeu pela live, amanhã tamo junto mais uma vez, pra quem perdeu tem video novo no canal jogando a Ancient com a galera da Tribo:

Rachel ()

i rly know nothing ab s&b but it’s 1am and i’m curious do all the people that hate darklina on the basis of him being ancient (or at least use this as a factor when arguing on the tl) also hate vampire shows or ?

AIC: African Art (Bot)
AIC: African Art (Bot) ()

Ancient Egyptian, Scaraboid: Duck with Head lying on its Side, -1550 #museumarchive #artinstituteofchicago

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Jeffrey MacAskill
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Once upon a time, C++ the experimental difficult language set sail for adventures. C++ found an ancient book and opened it. As C++ read, the book told a strange tale: Once upon a time, C the bug-fixing programming language went to seek her forture. C went home.

Greek Reporter
Greek Reporter ()

The Fascinating Ancient #History of Athens’ Monastiraki Square

CrystalChris ()

So does this mean we are getting Ancient Souvenirs from the next major? If so, Souvenir Panthera Onca 👀

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JNR ()

@leo_drunky Train >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ancient ancient pra mim é um cu de jogar, NGL

𝗦elena 🦋✨
𝗦elena 🦋✨ ()

Why did my boyfriend have to say my IPhone is ancient 😂😂☹️☹️ I really do need to get a new phone baddd

Reg Saddler
Reg Saddler ()

Medieval Cancer Rates Were Shockingly High, New Study Shows

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RJ 💙
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Ancient looks just so grey sad and depressing I wish all maps looked like the 2077 maps tbh

Ancient Origins
Ancient Origins ()

3,500-Year-Old Advanced Minoan Technology Was ‘Lost Art’ Not Seen Again Until 1950s

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hairy balkan man
Hairy balkan man ()

@krillyboyartist I believe it is the Ancient of Days depicted on that icon which we identify with Christ the Son.

Nick Radmer
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@ancient_ray Some of us had our entire evenings planned around this thread but OKAY😤

Daniel Saydosh
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@ValcoNNCSGO Train var fint men ancient er den største wtf for mig kunne langt hellere se anubis eller en cobble return for mig

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@BagualAnarcoC ancient e literal o mapa com a PIOR otimizacao do jogo , e pior q cache pqp

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@Aidy_CSGO Jajajaja. Yo voy a mirarme algún vídeo de Ancient que no lo he visto ni en fotos. Me cago en mi puta vida Valve.

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Ancient replaces Train in active duty map pool in latest CS:GO update

Legends of Runeterra
Legends of Runeterra ()

Navorian dance calls upon ancient magic and the Spirit of Ionia. In the hands of these allies, it’s as beautiful as it is lethal. Explore more spoiler season card reveals in the gallery ⬇️

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Racism is so pervasive in the modern world—again b/c of Euro colonization—that people have taken today’s racist logics & misapplied it to ancient societies. In other words, the modern society largely operates w/ a false historical memory

The New York Times
The New York Times ()

Although burials of pregnant women in ancient Egypt have been found before, this is the first known discovery of a mummified one.

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