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Joachim Andersen’s game by numbers vs. Arsenal: 124 touches 91 passes completed 12/21 long passes completed 9 clearances 6/8 tackles won 4/4 aerial duels won 2 interceptions 1 key pass Absolute wand of a right foot. 💫💫💫.

Andersen Photo,Andersen Photo by Statman Dave,Statman Dave on twitter tweets Andersen Photo

Joachim Andersen completed more long passes than any other player during the 2021/22 Premier League season and put on a distribution clinic in the 2022/23 opener. Ronald Koeman? Paul Scholes? Make your own comparison. 😅.

Fueling Valiant Shield. A @USMC Marine refuels a F-35B Lightning II during #ValiantShield22 at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam..

Andersen Photo,Andersen Photo by Department of Defense 🇺🇸,Department of Defense 🇺🇸 on twitter tweets Andersen Photo

◉ Most passes completed ◉ Most long passes completed ◉ Most final third entries Joachim Andersen is putting on a passing clinic. 🤤.

Andersen Photo,Andersen Photo by Squawka News,Squawka News on twitter tweets Andersen Photo

Remembering Hans Christian Andersen, who returned his borrowed stardust to the universe on this day in 1875, with a Nobel-winning poet on the legacy of his tales and the importance of being scared.

AAAAAAAAAAAAA MENOS DE UNA HORITA vamos a leer La sirenita de Hans Christian Andersen.

Andersen Photo,Andersen Photo by Akami Chiyo 🐟💥 AMAIDIRECT,Akami Chiyo 🐟💥 AMAIDIRECT on twitter tweets Andersen Photo

A lot of chat about Andersen last night, but William Saliba was the best player on the pitch. Man of the Match performance at a very difficult ground. Robust, reads the game well and is not shy of a tackle or two. Huge talent..

Andersen + Praet summer 2020 double swoop for £50m you simply had to be there mannn.

お祈りしてアンデルセンでモーニング 場所: 広島アンデルセン/andersen hiroshima(ベーカリー).

@Andersen_Lu1 你没事吧 你这可是编造国家谎言 台湾就是属于中国的 小心把你抓起来🤗🤗 你是没有学过历史吗 郑成功收复台湾你不会不知道吧 好久以前的历史了 是你家太穷上不去学还是你小脑受损了捏 有病去看病 我记得今天好像是你妈妈的头七诶 别看推了 去墓地看看你麻麻吧 怪可怜的 我记得好像是在路边被草si的吧.

@Jel_ntp_tw @Andersen_Lu1 原视频可以在墨西哥当地媒体《米莱尼奥》(Milenio)的YouTube频道上找到,上传于2021年3月31日。据主持人描述,事故发生于墨西哥著名旅游胜地坎昆,与中国毫无关联。.

@Blue_Footy @JacobSteinberg Andersen is better than Fofana. Fofana had only 3 progressive passes last season. He is overpriced too..

I think the partnership between Andersen & Guehi for Palace tonight is solid, very solid 👏🏾.

William Saliba received a lot of deserved praise for his performance However, I think Joachim Andersen was effective for Crystal Palace and managed Gabriel Jesus in 2H 📊 Match Stats (ranking) 91 completed passes (1st) 12/21 accurate long passes (1st) 12 duels (1st) @FotMob.

People finally seeing the light on Andersen, was easily Fulham’s best player when they got relegated.

@The_Andersen_ It’s the “you’re a black man walking towards a white woman” for me..

@Andersen_Lu1 那270多直转的都是没脑子的蠢货吗?傻贝儿也只有在这儿意淫了👎👎.

@leightjessica The authors have addressed all my concerns. I appreciate the care taken in this study and will use it in my classes..

@Andersen_Lu1 原视频可以在墨西哥当地媒体《米莱尼奥》(Milenio)的YouTube频道上找到,上传于2021年3月31日。据主持人描述,事故发生于墨西哥著名旅游胜地坎昆,与中国毫无关联。.

@Andersen_Lu1 聯電回應:曹興誠先生十數年前就已離開聯華電子(聯電),並且,目前並未在聯電擔任任何職務,曾任榮譽董事長已被公司撤銷,曹興誠先生未持有公司任何股份,近期有關媒體報道曹興誠先生個人行為,與公司無關,不代表公司觀點。請不要自作聰明當舔狗.

@Andersen_Lu1 你就是个大傻逼,造谣也先网上搜一下歼20长啥样😅果然军演很有用,把你这种傻逼台独都吓出癔症了😂.

@Andersen_Lu1 聰明人都用谷歌圖片搜索,結果顯示該圖為一段視頻的截圖。原視頻可以在墨西哥當地媒體《米萊尼奧》(Milenio)的YouTube頻道上找到,上傳於2021年3月31日。據主持人描述,事故發生於墨西哥著名旅遊勝地坎昆,與中國毫無關聯。👎👎👎.

@Andersen_Lu1 灣灣的造謡能力有待提升啊,謡言止於智者,始於智障。🌞🍐🐴.


@Andersen_Lu1 这是歼二十啊,湾湾现在看见个飞机就说是解放军的飞机是吧,还是直接投降吧,大陆人一人一口唾沫都能给你台独淹死.

@Andersen_Lu1 別再自欺欺人了好嗎?墨西哥的事情也能扯到j20來無語死了.

Andersen Photo,Andersen Photo by Jimmy,Jimmy on twitter tweets Andersen Photo

@Andersen_Lu1 台湾水土多傻逼,出骗子,民喜吹牛,无甚本领,皆死亦不足惜。.

Main takeaway from last night is that Andersen isn’t going to be here very long. What a player..

@Stokkeneux @TommyAlbertsen1 Veldig mye penger, men investeres for flere sesonger fremover. Snittalder på rett i overkant av 24 år på startelleveren i går..

@Jameso04 @PalaceBySea It would have been soft but you can bet Arteta would have wanted a pen if Andersen had done that…and at Anfield that’s a nailed on pen!.

@SebSB Seriously, this is incredibly spot on @Jon_Mackenzie - well done. Though his name is “Andersen” not “Anderson”. But very informative and spot on..

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