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Shocking and saddening to hear of Andrew Symonds passing. May his soul RIP and God give strength to his family in this difficult moment. 🙏🏻.

Shocked to hear about the sudden demise of Andrew Symonds. Gone too soon. Heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. Prayers for the departed soul 🙏 #RIPSymonds.

Former Australia allrounder Andrew Symonds has died in a car crash at the age of 46. RIP Roy 💔.

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Ben Horne
Ben Horne

Tragic news. Andrew Symonds has died in a car crash. Terrible year for Australia cricket. Thoughts with his family and friends. Another great character of the game @NewsCorpCricket.

RIP legend, Andrew Symonds. 5 for 18 in 2005, bowling off spin in England 🏏.

Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh had a difficult history, but they put it behind them to become friends at Mumbai Indians 💙.

🗣 I wanted to do it for mum and dad, not for the team, not for me From the archives, Andrew Symonds spoke about sharing the success of his first Test win with his family and more ⤵.

Andrew Symonds joined the Big Appeal in early 2020 to raise money for bushfire affected communities and delivered - smashing 29 off 13 balls in front of his son before retiring out 💥.

Another sad day for Australia and the cricket fraternity on the death of Andrew Symonds. An entertainer during his playing days and enjoyed life to the fullest. Condolences to his family..

‘Loyal to a fault’ What shattered Aussie teammates said about ‘bloody good bloke’ Symonds 👉 TRIBUTES >.

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The ugly moment cricket failed Andrew Symonds - and forever ‘changed’ the Aussie cult hero. STORY ✍ | @J_Polychronis.

Andrew Symonds Photo,Andrew Symonds Photo by Fox Cricket,Fox Cricket on twitter tweets Andrew Symonds Photo

एंड्रयू साइमंड्स की बहन लुईस साइमंड्स ने अपने भाई के असामयिक निधन के बाद एक इमोशनल पत्र लिखा है #AndrewSymonds.

✍️ Pick any two players & form a deadly finishing pair 🏏 MS Dhoni AB de Villiers Michael Bevan Andre Russell Hardik Pandya David Miller Brad Hodge Kieron Pollard Andrew Symonds Jos Buttler Shahid Afridi Michael Hussey #CricketTwitter.

Cricketing world mourns, express their condolences as ex-Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds tragically dies in car crash.


एंड्रयू साइमंड्स की मौत पर खड़े हुए सवाल #AndrewSymonds.

This was published yesterday, but because we were plunged into sadness over the death of Andrew Symonds, I did not share it here. But, this is something we must talk about: Thank you..

RIP Andrew Symonds, it was an honour to take him for a lap at Townsville in 2019, thinking of his family and friends 💔.

Andrew Symonds Sister place this letter On His Accident point 💔🙂.

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साइमंड्स के निधन के बाद क्रिकेट जगत और उनके फैंस में शोक की लहर है. लेकिन अब साइमंड्स की मौत पर उनकी बहन ने सवाल खड़े किए हैं. #AndrewSymonds.

Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds passed away in a tragic car accident. Om Shanti..

Woke up to the sad news of the sudden death of Andrew Symonds. My condolences to the family, friends, well-wishers and fans. Rest in peace, Symmo 🙏.

📢 Andrew Symonds was from the future 📼 📝.

If ever there was a story that summed up Andrew Symonds, asking for a pay cut so he could fish more probably does it best..

Former Australia cricketer Andrew Symonds has died aged 46 after being involved in a car crash..

“He was so real, that’s why this one hurts so much.” ❤️.

Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds dies in a car crash #news.

Michael Clarke recalls his ruined mateship with Andrew Symonds as he posts more tributes and anecdotes.

A heartbreaking note left at the site of Andrew Symonds’ car accident is another example of the grief being felt all over the world..

The Age
The Age

The tributes paid to Andrew Symonds illustrate the impact he had on those who watched him on the field, or shared their lives with him..

ابھی یہ اللّه کا شکر ہے اس نے ہمایوں اختر کا نام بتایا ہے، جو کہ ابھی حیات ہے۔۔۔ ورنہ جتنا سنسنی خیز یہ صحافی ہے اس سے کوئی بعید نہیں مرحوم Andrew Symonds کو لگوا دیتا نگران وزیر اعظم.

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