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Our last meeting with @Everton at Anfield was settled by this special Outstanding, @curtisjr_10 🤩⚽️ #LIVEVE

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Risongose ()

Winning at Anfield is so difficult even Liverpool can’t win there

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FOX Sports Asia
FOX Sports Asia ()

🔵 @Everton have not won at Anfield since 1999 and the 2-0 victory over their Merseyside rivals have sent the reigning @premierleague champions into a full-blown crisis. 😔

Luke wilko
Luke wilko ()

Everton went to Anfield and lead from the 4th minute then casually added a 2nd in the 83rd and comfortably seen the game out ....that did happen didnt it ???

Darren Dunbar
Darren Dunbar ()

@TonyEvans92a Big step? They would have to overcome Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City also. A win against a disrupted Liverpool team at an empty Anfield. Nothing big about it.

jack jolley
Jack jolley ()

i’m half naked and everton have just won at anfield fucking yes the boys up the toffees all of you are shaggers ()

Everton Butuh 22 Tahun untuk Bisa Menang di Anfield

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««Kwame»» ()

It dosen’t actually get worse then everton at Anfield aside from relegation so I’m made of steel from here.

Kabilan ()

Live scenes at the Anfield, people queue up to obtain their 3 points.

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Ben🇻🇦 ()

Im 19 I was 8 when we last won a derby and never seen us win one at anfield. So yes I’ll celebrate as much as I want because I love my club.

Dominio Inglés.
Dominio Inglés. ()

Lo que fue la increíble fortaleza de Anfield, hoy sin la chispa y el calor humano que le da vida, ha dejado de infundir miedo en el rival. Klopp es un excelente entrenador y por eso confio en que después de caer, se levantará.

paige ™️
Paige ™️ ()

Update: didn’t make it to anfield but get round mine @richarlison97

Divzy ()

Liverpool haven’t scored an open play goal at home in 2021. Their next opponents at Anfield are Chelsea

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ً ()

Letting the team who almost ended Virgil’s career win at Anfield for the first time since 1999 lollll


If Everton hold onto this lead Liverpool fans will claim that they haven’t lost a Merseyside Derby at Anfield because there isn’t any fans there to see it 😂😂😂

Muntu Wakamina
Muntu Wakamina ()

Ungaone monga Liverpool ateya malabish aya Shocking scenes at Anfield that has now become a beating ground for Liverpool 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

Lauren ()

The amount of records we’re breaking this season is insane. The anfield unbeaten record, the most losses at home in a row, Evertons anfield record, cb partnerships record etc etc.

𝔹𝕊 ()

This is below rock bottom. Losing yo Everton at Anfield. Fvcking embarrassing from these cvnts

Tim Keleher
Tim Keleher ()

The amount of commentary time pundits are spending talking about teams winning at an empty Anfield is extraordinary. #LIVEVE

We Are Liverpool
We Are Liverpool ()

Lado ruim: vamos perder hoje. Lado bom: o Everton só vai voltar a vencer em Anfield daqui 22 anos

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson ()

The last time #EFC went 1-0 up at Anfield in the League was in February 2002 (Radzinski. Finished 1-1)

Hasaan Ali
Hasaan Ali ()

How has Anfield gone from being a fortress everyone was scared of to being a sandcastle your 4 year old could piss in? #LIVEVE

Dave Mawer
Dave Mawer ()

Can’t believe Bill Gates created a virus so he could conspire to allow Everton to win at Anfield. #plandemic

Jay 🇮🇪
Jay 🇮🇪 ()

And there it is the annual mention by Tyler that Anfield was once Evertons home stadium

Max B In My Top 5
Max B In My Top 5 ()

Can’t believe I’m saying this for the derby at Anfield but a draw would be a great result now. Mess

debate y debate
Debate y debate ()

E o Liverpool vai chegando a sua 4ª derrota seguida em Anfield Isso depois de perder a incrível sequência de 68 jogos de invencibilidade em sua casa

Ell Bretland
Ell Bretland ()

In James Rodriguez it makes a really nice change to see an Everton player with such ease and composure at Anfield. That calmness can really help as the games goes on. He doesn’t seem fazed like so many before him.

Gilberto Lima
Gilberto Lima ()

Anfield está pra o Liverpool assim como São Januário está pra o Vasco. #PremierLeagueNaESPN

CapPulisic ➐
CapPulisic ➐ ()

Liverpool have only scored 1 goal at anfield in 2021. Guess what Liverpool vs Chelsea in 2 weeks time. Charity fc is back to revive Liverpool’s season

Ciaran ()

Davies has previously been the worst player on the pitch every time at Anfield so if he keeps this up I’m fully accepting he’s good and embracing having a sound Toffee in the team.

Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC ()

Our last meeting with @Everton at Anfield was settled by this special Outstanding, @curtisjr_10 🤩⚽️ #LIVEVE

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