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Anthony Taylor has been named as the referee for Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal. #CRYARS.

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Blue Jays deadline, barring sneaking one in late IN Anthony Bass Zach Pop Whit Merrifield Mitch White Alex De Jesus PBTNL OUT Jordan Groshans Max Castillo Samad Taylor Nick Frasso Moises Brito +Vasquez claimed, Banda DFAd.

Our substitutions were too late tonight. At a point we were up against it. And when Anthony Taylor grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck we struggled to live with him..

The Premier League kicked off today with Anthony Taylor 👍 Crystal Palace 0-2 Arsenal.

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Can’t believe how good Anthony Taylor has been refereeing #crystalpalacevsarsenal . Hopefully keep this trend going #welldone.

Arsenal ይጠፋል። Anthony Taylor ከእግር ኳስ በደህና ጡረታ ይውጡ እና በቤተሰብ ጊዜ ይደሰቱ ይህ ስፖርት ለእርስዎ ጓደኛ አይደለም። Thomas Partey ምዳህ ባክህ.

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Gårsdagenes stjerner: ⭐️ Gabriel Martinelli - Satte inn den viktige 1-0 scoringen ⭐️⭐️ Anthony Taylor - Setter høy linje, autoritær, ingen store feil, full kontroll og brukte ikke VAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️@HakonStmoe som ikke brukte ordspill i VGLive. Dagens mann. 10/10.

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@OohtoOohtobe Anthony Taylor 👌👌👌 and booked Xhaka pointing at Ezes first dove even though he told him to get up..

I thought Anthony Taylor was excellent tonight. Rightly booked Xhaka for a dive. I wonder if the Albanian Mafia invested heavily again?.

Premier league have started but when I remember there is a referee called Anthony Taylor I become sad as a Chelsea fan..

Anthony Taylor is always a Trash referee. Nice display to Crystal palace though they lost a game. #EPL.

@Rahmasiraj_ @afcstuff He got a yellow for “diving”. Never seen him get that before. Plenty of cards for late tackles or cynical fouls. Looked like Anthony Taylor didn’t know how to implement these new rules about “letting the game flow”. He let plenty of tackles go. Booked Xhaka but not Zaha or Eze..

Paul Murray: From Taylor Swift to Anthony Albanese, no one wants to take responsibility..

#CRYARS It looks like Anthony Taylor has set up the obligatory red card for Xhaka in the second half.

@FtbllTheo Bro technically shouldn’t of been on the pitch if we are going by Anthony Taylor’s logic.

Thought Anthony Taylor had a good game and I hope all games are officiated like that all season.

Arsenal really just got a rebound goal and a own goal to win that game and all of the help possible from Anthony Taylor to beat palace 😂.

I have to give it to Crystal Palace, their player had a blinding game and was unlucky to end up on the losing side. Please take a moment to appreciate how good Anthony Taylor, was for Palace tonight..

@Biarmonychol The referee was not with them, I think Anthony Taylor dodged preseason games he looks unfit to officiate the match. 😏.

Why is no one talking about Anthony Taylor blowing up for an attempted fowl by Partey , like WTF 🤷‍♂️.

Anthony Taylor was excellent, got near enough everything right.

Referees mostly get a rough time of it, but credit to Anthony Taylor tonight I thought he was brilliant. Breath of fresh air #CRYARS.

@antthnyy @moreno_desono André eu queria ter escutado Taylor mas o Anthony não deixou 😭.

Ayew made the fouls in the match and still didn’t got no card. Anthony Taylor tie TA.

@fightlounge_ Honestly the best road to Jake would have to be the Anthony Taylor fight. If he’s able to knock him out (Tommy Fury wasn’t able to), then maybe he can fight Tommy Fury in the UK, and then he can fight Jake..


Anthony Taylor missed at least 2 hand balls and a trip in the box lol… can’t say I’m surprised though.


Another year coming of poor refereeing coming. Anthony Taylor has been awful. The only thing was was @Carra23 comparing Anderson’s passing to koeman.

#PremierLeague Granit Xhaka showing why we are all talking about women’s football as he blatantly cheats to try to win a free kick. Well done Anthony Taylor..

Was a defo I actually think Anthony Taylor has been bang on this game.

Xhaka rightly booked , but how did Eze get away with it a few seconds before . Anthony Taylor the bald fuck.

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