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antigoni sitting in between Charlie and Jay while they call themselves ekin boys JSBSJBSJSNDIDJDJFBDJDBDJDBDJDBFJFB.

If it’s giving anything close to this then I am very very happy with that lmao.

Still can’t get over Antigoni promoting her song like we’re going to listen to it #TALKSWITHASH.

Antigoni Photo,Antigoni Photo by Ness,Ness on twitter tweets Antigoni Photo

antigoni’s face at coco and summer bitching at each other man 😂 funny.

Antigoni Photo,Antigoni Photo by Livvy Paige,Livvy Paige on twitter tweets Antigoni Photo

Was it necessary to have antigoni sing on the music video, like OK we get it #loveislandreunion.

why was ikenna roasted by darren for apparently meeting up with everyone (being a club rep) when antigoni has been meeting everyone and their dog since she stepped out the villa😭😭#loveisland #LoveIslandthereunion.

Antigoni Photo,Antigoni Photo by maya,maya on twitter tweets Antigoni Photo

This love island reunion is so awkward , no wonder the top 4 couples snubbed antigoni party 🙈@loveisland.

Idk about you lot but @antigoni cant sing beyond kareoke and her songs are giving year 7 music lessons. Shes only good at dressing up like Shakira 7 days a week 🥲🥲🗑 #loveisland #loveislandreunion.

This is who Antigoni reminds me of. Original Home and Away. #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH.

Antigoni Photo,Antigoni Photo by Adeola,Adeola on twitter tweets Antigoni Photo

people tweeting unnecessary shit about Antigoni leave the poor gal alone. Shes human just like the rest of us and don’t need to be seeing your petty shit all over the app. Grow up and act ya ages xx.

@oldfileles @poudl94 Σε πρόσφατη ανακοίνωση του ΠΑΣΟΚ για υποκλοπές υπάρχει η φράση κυβέρνηση των αρίστων ! Ο,τι δεν καταλαβαίναμε μας το είπαν επισήμως....

summer pulls off that y2k Shakira style dress better than antigoni #loveislandreunion.

the antigoni’s main gals gc has got her back always. y’all ain’t getting past us x.


Why does Antigoni look so sour being there not even clapping the couples 😶 #loveislandreunion.


Why are they lip synching One Direction? Not Antigoni doing an acoustic 😂 #loveislandreunion.

Imagine a song with Antigoni on vocals, remi rapping and indiyah playing the recorder #TALKSWITHASH.

@Margjacquieline @Onlythetruthyo1 Not even suprising. Antigoni thought she’d be the best contestant to come out of this season and she doesn’t like that she’s the furthest thing from it, so she’s fully driving round islanders having wet little parties and hanging onto other islanders coat tails for dear life😭😭.

@msflrxx @Onlythetruthyo1 Yep. Her mum is very loud and proud about all of it, Antigoni apparently was caught doing stuff during the height of the lockdown too. Just a bunch of extremely entitled people.

how are we feeling about the love island reunion…? — i’ll be honest i haven’t watched it yet!! i was too busy writing BUT from what i’ve seen on the tl antigoni needs to move on from the ekin and davide situation and ekin is iconi….

antigoni and coco are ABUSINGGGG their 5 minutes of fan at this point😭😭come off it ibsr #LoveIsland.

@bellestoev Can we keep the same energy for antigoni as we did for Ekin-Su when peopel joked about her name it was called out and said don’t joke about her name because it’s from a differnt culture fair enough if you don’t like her but she’s done nothing to be bullied for her name.

not the islanders recreating wmyb…it was going ok till antigoni sang over harry’s verse 💀.

I personally think Antigoni’s style is one of the best in the villa #loveislandreunion #LoveIsland.

i keep scrolling on the hashtag and seeing people being so horrible to antigoni (and other islanders). don’t y’all realise those people can see those tweets and the hate you’re spreading and it can really effect them. take coco for example. y’all need to be kinder. #loveisland.

Did a lion rip Antigoni’s cloth or she just doesn’t like wearing clothes #loveislandreunion.


Antigoni find a better style for your natural hair challenge and stop wearing shiny pink lipgloss challenge #loveisland.

Be serious do you think Antigoni was listening to one direction and them lot in 2012?? Just look at her #TALKSWITHASH.

@jxsephina Its so cute of her to assume that someone stole her man ,Davide was never your antigoni 😂.

@mullerscoyle @antigoni Lol never said she didn’t look good she is a stunning girl I jus said it’s the same type of dress every time 🤷🏾‍♀️.

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