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Peyton Manning knowing the arcane rules of flag football and absolutely losing his damn mind when they’re violated is the most Peyton thing ever..

@SpookyStirfry When the DM is sick of your antics. DM: The dragon swoops down from the clouds wielding a massive great axe that crackles with arcane energy! Players: THE WHAT HAS A WHAT?!?!?!??!.

안녕하세요~ 케틀른 설문조사 나왔습니다 📝 케틀른 걸음마를 막 시작해서 여러분의 도움이 간절합니다 🥲 왜냐면 글을 써야하기 때문에ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 아무튼 케틀른에서 가장 좋은 순간은 케틀이 어떤거를 할 때인가요?.

@triketora @CityWestminster Super frustrating. None of this is helped by the fact that London/UK is decades behind on double-paned windows for arcane and misplaced historical preservation concerns..

@VALORANTde I have them both😅 Both are cool but for me Is Vetter Arcane because i love how člena Is it.

@VALORANTde Las dos son hermosas pero e de decir que me flipa la arcane aunque no tenga ningun tipo de remate que le hubiera quedado genial.

i love arcane but if the plot ever comes to ionia i just know the fight scenes are gonna be so mindblowing 😔💖.

Sinto que o arcane criou uma revolução de animação que agora todos estúdios de filmes estão adotando este estilo de animação, como dreamworks..

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