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The Ghost Hunter’s Adventure Club and the Secret of the Grande Chateau audiobook is up on our channel now - you can listen to the whole thing, read by Dr. Cecil Mills himself. Arin told us we had to tweet this, and then he sighed. Check it out!.

Monday on #360Mentor I have Arthur Ronnie Arinaitwe AKA @Arthur_Arin of Task Managers. I want to understand the world of Data Analytics and why it is now even more important in our daily lives. Follow the chat on @_360Mentor with Tweets at 9 am & Spaces at 7pm.

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#BurnIndiaGang | PM Modi has transformed the nation after people chose him but there is a gang against everything he is trying to achieve for the nation: @TVMohandasPai, Chairman, Arin Capital Partner Tune in to watch here-.

personally i want arin hanson to get beat up cause that nigga sharted himself out of rage and kept playing like it was nothing dirty ass nigga.

I think arin hanson is legitimately hilarious but also watching him get the shit beat out of him is also really funny.

im really fucking proud of arin he took a lot of hits and still stood pretty strong the whole time #creatorclash.

Big props to Arin for holding his own up against Harley. Like Harley said, Arin was already a winner going up against him. #creatorclash.

Me yesterday: excited to see Arin’s fight and also AB’s fight too, they worked so hard in training these past few months Friend: ooh do you think they’ll both win their matches then Me: no.

Overweight fifteen year old who is extremely invested in game grumps criticizes Arin Hanson for fighting a 40lbs deficit despite never being hit in real life.

前撮りしてきました! スタジオのスタッフさん、めちゃくちゃ優しくて動物の話で盛り上がりました😊 写真は、また6/5以降にあげます また見つけたらぜひ♡をよろしくお願いします🙏💫✨.

#creatorclash Arin showed heart. Get him in there with his actual weight class next time. Harley is a beast though..

the people who still legitimately despise arin hanson for not liking sonic the hedgehog are still weird lmao.

الحين هم يهكرون حساباتي دايما خير مافي احد غيري.

@lovecsoob soobin probably contacted arin even before the comeback just to be on time.



@jjmiru PLS AKSKSKS im always like lol i hc that this ship would- and then im like holdup i made this is it still just an hc or is it canon do all hcs become canon but what if AND THEN I SPIRAL WKSKSKS.

not shipping them or anything but if soobin were to date anyone in the entertainment industry, i do hope it’s someone like arin because they have great chemistry and seems like they genuinely care about each other.

i know i am sooo late, txt did gbgb challenge with arin lea bahiyyih serim and jessi?! i mean finally bighit let them do collab more often with other groups outside hybe?! i love this.

Just watched the big beard dude from epic meal time beat the shit out of arin hanson. It was very funny.

@Zasne_II Big boxing tournament between content creators for charity. Great fucking fights. Just watched Harley from epic meal time sauce Arin Hanson.

That was such a great fight! Excellent job to both Harley and Arin! This is the best live event I’ve seen in a long time! #creatorclash.

Harley trying hard to revive EMT with his call out to Dr. Disrespect! Oh Arin, you tried my man! I still luv you. #creatorclash.

#creatorclash was anyone else stressed af for Arin during that fight? But such an amazing performance from both fighters! This event has been amazing..

@hanaiiro well at least he gave mad props to Arin at the end there, he’s right about people not being willing to get in the ring with someone bigger and taller than them and i guarantee anyone talking shit to or about Arin would not be willing to do what he did tonight.

@jamstation20 Yeah, epic meal time dude, fight went two rounds and Arin was mostly on defensive.

앤오 모에화 뉴짤과 덕질의 이름으로 막 이런 대사하실 것 같다고요.

@MajinYoru @LadybirdUke Bring in a new chick for Minx to fight and you basically got yourself a whole nother card with most the same people, hell even get Arin another redemption fight. I think everyone would love seeing the progress. Even watching Jake become a actually good fighter is cool..

리듬게임을 종류 별로 하고 막 하다 보니까 어느새 롱로트누르는 거만 보고 앙스타 유저를 알수 있게 되었다.....

Bir keresinde ben manitten ayrılıp bir şarkıyla ağlarken Arin de o şarkıyı dinleyip ağlamıştı ve yan yana bile değildik bosuna sevmedim bu kızı🥺🧡 neyse gitmesin işte allahim.

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